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What is Aralen (Chloroquine)?

Aralen is the brand name for the generic medication called Chloroquine and is a pretty old medication that has been used for treating and preventing malaria which is a mosquito-borne disease that is being caused by a parasite. The compound is also used for treating amebiasis, which is an infection of the intestines that is also being caused by a parasite. However, that’s not all because more recent research is suggesting that Chloroquine found in Aralen might be helpful for the novel Coronavirus.

The compound has been discovered many years ago in 1934 by Hans Andersag and is currently on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines taking in consideration that is one of the most safest and most effective medicines which is required in a health system. Chloroquine is also being available as a generic medication but in USA, the most famous and widely used brand name is Aralen.

The compound Chloroquine has been used for treating malaria since 1944 but taking in consideration that is being experimentally used for treating COVID-19 as of 2020 – Aralen may be in high demand soon.

Aralen is also known as Nivaquine-P and other brand names containing Chloroquine and this is actually an antimalarial medication but there are chances that soon it would be a medication in a high demand so logic says that the prices might go really high.

A dose of Aralen in developing countries is approximately 0.04 USD while in USA it is anywhere around 5.30 USD.

How Does Aralen Work? | What is Aralen Used For?

Aralen is used for Malaria treatment and prevention in most cases, malaria from Plasmodium vivax, P. malariae, as well as P. ovale but not including Plasmodium falciparum. Other than that, it has other uses such as amebiasis and chloroquine may be used in addition with other medicines in the event of failure of metronidazole as well as nitroimidazole. Another thing to mention is that Aralen was found it mildly suppress the immune system and therefore is being used in some autoimmune disorders as well like for example Lupus Erythematosus or Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Some rare conditions that it may be helpful include some skin conditions and sarcoidosis – the growth of inflammatory cells condition in the body.

Nonetheless, nowadays the compound is mostly being researched and studied for the new Coronavirus.

According to some studies, there are chances that this medication and/ or two other medications like Lopinavir/ Ritonavir and Remdesivir would be used for treating Covid-19.

There are not enough studies done in proving how exactly Aralen or Chloroquine is working and it does seem that the compounds working in different ways for different needs when is being administered. For example, for malaria it works in a way, for Rheumatoid Arthritis in another way (by inhibiting lymphocyte proliferation and many other factors such as phospholipase A2, antigen presentation in the dendritic cells as well as release of the enzymes from the lysosomes, release of reactive oxygen species from macrophages as well as the creation of IL-1).

When talking about its antiviral properties, it looks like Aralen which is containing Chloroquine is working by increasing the endosomal pH and this is going to result in impaired virus/ cells fusion that is requiring a low pH.

Other than that, Chloroquine does also seem to work as a zinc ionophore and with this being said, it allows extra cellular zinc to enter inside the cell and to inhibit the viral RNA dependent RNA polymerase. Is not absolutely clear how Aralen is helpful against SARS-CoV-2 virus but it does seem to be helpful.

Aralen For Coronavirus – Covid-19? | Can Chloroquine be Used Against Covid 19?

As is very well known – in the late January 2020 during the 2019 – 2020 novel coronavirus outbreak, the Chinese medical researchers have stated that the exploratory research made about Chloroquine as well as other 2 different drugs called Lopinavir/ Ritonavir and Remdesivir do seem to have pretty good effects about the inhibition of the new coronavirus COVID-19 that has caused huge problems all around the world in most countries.

The studies done on this compound Aralen containing Chloroquine has been proven that it can inhibit the SARS-CoV-2 virus and therefore the scientists suggest that it may be used against Covid-19. Currently, there are clinical tests and more research done on Chloroquine as well as other 2 medicines mentioned for the treatment of SARS-CoV-2 virus better known as COVID-19 or Corona virus.

On February 2020 the tests have proven that Aralen which contains Chloroquine is both effective and safe at treating Coronavirus associated pneumonia. The evidence and studies prove its efficiency in treating COVID-19 as various health institutes suggest that the compound is improving the success rate of treatment and shortening the length of the patient’s stay in the hospital due to Coronavirus.

This medication can be recommended for people diagnosed with all types of COVID-19 cases, be it mild, moderate or severe situations of pneumonia. There are contraindications and agencies proved that the compound shouldn’t be administered with people with diabetes or heart diseases. But in the end, Chloroquine found in Aralen is still considered effective and safe for the COVID-19 pneumonia and that’s because the drug is shortening the disease course overall by improving the lung imaging findings as well as is promoting the inhibition of the corona virus.

Nonetheless, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) still didn’t approved the compound against novel coronavirus suggesting that there’s still a lot to research before actually approving its use for this virus. Nonetheless, president Trump said that the compound could be very well used for such purposes and that despite the fact the drug doesn’t have the approve from FDA, there are still people in USA who are sickened by the novel coronavirus and they are getting Chloroquine.

Nowadays Aralean or any other generic names for the drug Chloroquine are studied but they do seem to be pretty helpful, despite the fact that malaria and COVID-19 doesn’t really have too much in common. Yet, Chloroquine – a decades old malaria drug which is cheap (as low as 30 cents up to about 6-7 USD per dose) could be really helpful against Coronavirus.

Aralen Side Effects | Side Effects of Chloroquine

Before actually using Aralen is very important to know its contraindications and be sure that using this compound is safe for you. Chloroquine does have some Warnings and that’s why is very important to talk to your doctor if you ever had or still have any of the following:

Liver or kidney disease, weakness in your knees and/ or ankles, seizures, stomach or intestinal issues; hearting problems; eye or vision issues; psoriasis; some blood disorders or allergies to some medicines. Side effects of Aralen are different for each person using the compound and that’s why is a very good idea to use the compound in proper doses and exactly as recommended by your doctor. Chloroquine side effects are of 2 different types – Mild and Serious and mild side effects are most common while serious side effects are rarely noticed.

Common and mild side effects of Aralen include:

  • Mild headache
  • Mild dizziness
  • Mild diarrhea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Nausea
  • Clumsiness
  • Loss of Appetite

But there are also serious side effects of Aralen which include:

  • Seizures
  • Hearing loss
  • Vision loss or blurred vision
  • Severe diarrhea
  • Weight loss or even anorexia
  • Hair loss
  • Sensitivity to sunlight
  • Unusual bleeding or bruising
  • Drowsiness
  • Unusual weakness
  • Uncontrolled movements
  • Uncontrolled or changed behavior
  • Vomiting
  • Heart issues
  • Unpleasant metallic taste
  • Chloroquine retinopathy

Remember that this is not the full list of potential side effects that you may get as a result of using Aralen. The compound should be used very carefully in order to avoid any possible side effects and in case they are noticed – the individual should tell the doctor immediately.

How to Use Generic Aralen?

Generic Aralen containing Chloroquine is coming in form of oral tablets and it should be used by orally by mouth with a full glass of water. Use the product exactly as recommended by your doctor or follow the directions written on your prescription label.

Usually, Aralen is used on the same day each week about 2 weeks before entering the endemic area and the treatment is continued for 8 weeks after you leave it for preventing malaria. The administration schedule of Chloroquine for novel Coronavirus is still not given.

In whatever the case, this product shouldn’t be taken more often than recommended and in it should be dosed at regular intervals. The compound should be administered only after a doctor is prescribing it for whatever the condition. There are various precautions that apply so don’t use the drug without a doctor recommending so.

Overdose of generic Aralen: In case you have used too much of this drug you need to contact your doctor as soon as possible. Depending on your condition, on the dosage that you have taken and other factors, the doctor would be the only appropriate person to know what you should do in such a case.

Where to Get Aralen (Chloroquine)?

Aralen can be purchased from the sources recommended on this website. With the outbreak of the Coronavirus Aralen containing Chloroquine is going to be in a high demand and the supplies might be short. If you’re a person who is afraid of novel Coronavirus then you may get yourself Chloroquine found in Aralen or any other brand name and stay calm as so far, this is one of the best medicines against this virus which plagued the whole world.

On the sources mentioned, you are going to find only high quality Chloroquine and remember that there might be other brand names than Aralen which offers same active substance but may be offered for better / cheaper prices. Especially because there’s a high chance that soon the prices for Chloroquine would get sky high.

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