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Flovent HFA


Flovent (fluticasone) Coupons, Discounts & Cost

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Flovent (fluticasone) pharmacological action

Flovent (fluticasone) is an inhaled aerosol with anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory action. Fluticasone belongs to the group of glucocorticoids used in inhalation therapy.

Flovent helps to treat bronchial asthma (as basic anti-inflammatory therapy) in adults and children 4 years of age and older (including those with severe disorders and those on chronic systemic corticosteroid treatment). Flovent is also used in the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in adults (in combination therapy with long-acting bronchodilators).

Flovent (fluticasone) contraindications

Do not use this medication in people with status asthmaticus, acute bronchospasm, individual intolerance to Flovent ingreditens. Flovent should not be used in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis, liver cirrhosis, systemic infections (fungal, bacterial, parasitic or viral etiology), glaucoma, hypothyroidism, osteoporosis. It should be also avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding. This drug is not used in children under 4 years of age.

Flovent (fluticasone) dosage

Flovent is used on regular basis. The doses usually do not need to be adjusted in case of kidney or liver disorders, as well as in elderly patients.

Treatment of bronchial asthma: the therapeutic effect occurs within 4-7 days after the first inhalation (within 24 h in patients who use inhaled corticosteroids for the first time). If the effect is reduced, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Most patients need 2 inhalations per day. The starting dose for all age categories depends on the severity of the disease. The dose may be increased or reduced (if necessary).

The drug is most effective in the treatment of severe attacks of asthma. Treatment should be accompanied by regular medical examination. Flovent can be used in the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease only in combination therapy with long-acting bronchodilators. The best effect is achieved within 3-6 months.

Flovent (fluticasone) side effects

Infectious diseases: very often - symptoms of oral thrush; often - pneumonia (associated with COPD). Respiratory system: often - hoarseness; very rarely - paradoxical bronchospasm. Immune system: rarely - skin hypersensitivity reactions; very rarely - angioedema (mostly oropharyngeal edema and facial swelling), anaphylactic reactions, disorders of the respiratory system (bronchospasm and shortness of breath). Endocrine system: very rarely - Cushing's syndrome, growth retardation, suppression of adrenal cortex function, glaucoma, cataracts. CNS: very rarely - sleep disturbances, anxiety, behavioral disorders, hyperactivity, irritability (in children). Dermatological reactions: often - bruises. Metabolism: very rarely - hyperglycemia.

Flovent (fluticasone) special instructions

It is always recommended to avoid abrupt discontinuation of Flovent.

Use particular caution in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis (both active and inactive form).

Your doctor should tell you how to use the inhaler properly (this will ensure the best delivery of active substance in the lungs).

Children should be regularly monitored when using Flovent, especially in case of prolonged use of the drug. There is a risk of adrenal insufficiency, especially in chronic administration of high doses of corticosteroids.

Patients should rinse the mouth and throat with water after each inhalation (to reduce the risk of hoarseness and candidiasis of the mouth and throat). It is recommended to use antifungal drugs for the treatment of thrush or symptomatic therapy with antihistamines or topical medications in case of allergic pathologies. Flovent should not be used for relief of acute bronchospasm with severe dyspnoea after inhalation. In this case, immediately stop using Flovent and consult a doctor.

There are very rare reports of high blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes mellitus. Patients with COPD are at considerably higher risk of pneumonia.

Caution should be used when using Flovent in combination with ketoconazole.

Medical Conditions

Flovent HFA Reviews

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I am suffering from Allergic Asthma so I was given Flovent HFA inhaler for this and I was taking it for about half a year or something like that. It seemed that this drug was helpful because my allergies were somehow controlled by this inhaler, however, I was having too much and too severe side effects to continue using it. If there wouldn’t be any side effects I would definitely recommend this drug and I would have use it continuously, but I cannot do it. Here is what happened: I have had extreme joint pains, I gained about 15-17 pounds in the time I was taking it, my face was always getting puffy and my sex drive were almost completely destroyed by this Flovent HFA (even though I am a male!) I’ve told my doctor about these side effects numerous of times but he said that there are nearly no chances that this drug could be responsible for them. after a couple of months later I could not stand it anymore so I stopped to take this medicine myself. Shortly after that those side effects disappeared and I went back to how I was before. For about 3 months I wasn’t taking anything and I was feeling great, however, my allergies come back again so I am taking albuterol now. Flovent HFA inhaler seem to help me with my problem but the price is too high as it was giving me even more problems! I won’t take Flovent anymore!
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For about two years or so I am diagnosed with asthma out of nowhere. I used to be a healthy man without any major health issues but now I have to struggle with asthma and I’m very scared and confused about what should I do next. Doctor put me on Pro Air HFA and on Flovent HFA and they both are useless product. The Pro Air HFA is another story in another post, as for Flovent HFA it is even worse than Pro Air HFA. I got no benefit from this medication and I got only bad side effects and I had to stop it very soon after I started to take it. it caused me to suffer from unstoppable cough, it was completely uncontrollable. It woke me up during the nights extremely often. Besides that, I had rapid heartbeat, it caused me asthma attack as well as wheezing (Pro Air HFA also causes wheezing). Besides all those bad side effects I had leg cramps and I almost lost my voice along with sore throat. I could not take it longer than to times before I stopped to use it completely. I understand that people react differently for different medications but this one is the worst thing I have ever used. I would really want to find something that would work for my asthma. Or at least give my money back that I have spent on Flovent HFA and Pro Air HFA!
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I’m really sorry for the user who has posted that his (or her) son is having behavior side effects. I think that this inhaler doesn’t work for everybody as my son has also been taking it for nearly 4 years but we didn’t noticed any side effects. My son is 9 years old and he takes Flovent HFA since he was 5 for asthma maintenance. When he is taking this medicine correctly and consistently, he is experiencing very few to absolutely no asthma breakouts. Before he ever took this Flovent HFA, he was immediately hospitalized because of a very severe asthma attack. That time we didn’t know what going on because he wasn’t yet diagnosed with asthma but as soon as he was hospitalized he got the status of asthmatic. This is the only medication for his asthma that we gave him so we don’t really know how other inhalers would work but from this one he doesn’t have any side effects so we’re good for now. I know for sure that this medication works very well because whenever he misses it for a couple of days he is getting another severe attack that is requiring immediate treatment. This medicine is everything we’ve got for him. If the effectiveness won’t decrease and if the side effects won’t appear then we continue to give him Flovent HFA. I’m really sorry for those parents who has to look at their children suffering and being unable to help them. I do know how it feels like…
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My son who is 6 years old is taking this medication for the last month and it is helping him with his asthma attacks but it has behavior side effects. This month he has been a completely different child. Before he ever took this drug he was the calmest child from his group but now he is always ultra hyper active and this is the craziest month I ever had with him. Trust me I know what I’m talking about because everyone else also see the different. His father and I don’t know what to do. He is talking back about everything and he is getting upset very easily, for nothing at all. His behavior is completely changed, there’s nothing else left from my old calm son. Besides behavior side effects he also seem to have health side effects because he doesn’t look like he’s feeling good at all. He doesn’t want to eat normally and he is very pale and skinny. Moreover, he has dark circles under his eyes like he never sleeps. Oh well, he was always a thin child but he never had dark circles under his eyes and he is now really showing how skinny he is. I’ve showed him to the doctor who prescribed his drug but he says that he’s fine and he affirms that everything is good since he doesn’t have asthma attacks anymore. Yes, he doesn’t have, but I cannot recognize him anymore. I really want to stop giving him this medication but without it he is suffering from really bad asthma attacks and now I don’t know what should I do. I’m scared….
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I’m using flovent for only 4 days and I’m using it only 2 times a day and there’s no other thing I can say that perfect. The only thing that disturbs me is that flovent is quite expensive but I guess that a good product costs so there’s no other bad thing about this medicine. Flovent itself works just perfect. In such a short time I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my breathing and I wasn’t able to notice any side effects even though I was very aware of them. Compared to advair that I’ve taken before flovent. I was so aware of the side effects because advair provided me with respiratory tract infection and I was scared this time. Anyway, my asthma is first time of my life fully under control with the help of this medicine. No side effects or something else. I’m very satisfied and I can recommend it to everyone!
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