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L-Arginine Reviews

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My ed issues has started at 23 years old. not sure why but my age is surely not a proper age for getting ed, even so, I got it. started to search for solutions. Of course. I didn’t wanted to end up having ed at this age. Found about this medicine larginine and I never thought that this would actually work, I mean, I have been pretty skeptic. Besides, it was the first thing that I have tried and I didn’t thought that I’m going to hit from my first shot, however, wow I really did it. 3000 mg l arginine. 3000 mg MACA 100 mg of pine bark extract and it has done everything. I am using it every day and it works wonders. However, my effects haven’t come on an instant as other people are reporting. Again, not sure why but the first week when I started to use it I have got nothing, I mean, no effects at all and I’ve been thinking: oh well, that’s what I thought – it won’t work and I’ve been thinking that soon I’ll stop using it as it doesn’t work at all. however, then later after about 2 or 3 weeks that I’ve been using it, I have finally and suddenly for me, I got an erection and it was very easy and I could easily maintain it too. when I have got my second erection soon after my first one and it was easy to get and to maintain it too I finally realized that it is all thanks to this thing. this is the reason why I would recommend it so much for everyone. I’ve been thinking that I am going to need viagra but I am glad I don’t since I think that this product is so much safer since it is believed that it is all natural. I am getting no headache as a lot of people who are using viagra are complaining, it is working all the time regardless of what you do, not like viagra only 4 hours as people are reporting. Generally I am very happy that I started on this product as it really does help a lot for my condition. I guess that this is the best decision that I have ever made. I just regret that I did not started on this earlier so I can tell you: do not wait, go after it right now. besides, not so long ago I have ginseng and it is maximizing the effects. besides, that product is helping me to lose weight as it is a very good boost enhancement product and this does help a lot when you are struggling with ED. I would recommend to take all of it since it is all natural and it is very good for our health. I made a separate review about ginseng and I assume that you would want to read it too. I wish you good luck!
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I am a 39 years old male who has had increasing problems with getting an erection when I have been sexually aroused and this became a real problem. my girlfriend really wanted me to look into getting some help about this firstly because she wanted some good quality sex and secondly because she saw me suffering because of this. a few months I have been refusing to get any help because I have been thinking that I would be able to handle it all myself, but then I understood that I won’t and today I have started to use 2000 mg of nature bounty larginine. In less than 10 minutes my erection was like it never was before. I mean… I am hones and I am def not kidding… my totally flaccid penis has been ready to come to full attention. it seems like it is having a mind of its own and for me that is really amazing. I am able to keep an erection for several minutes without even trying too much while in the past it seemed near to impossible and each time it is going to become flaccid it is popping right back even harder than before if I want it. it is very easy to keep an erection now, I don’t have to try. In the past it was hard to get an erection but I don’t even have to mention about keeping it. now getting it up is like nothing and keeping it up is none of a problem anymore. I have been extremely happy to tell my girlfriend about the results that I have had and a few hours ago I even showed her what results I have got. I am pretty sure that I am going to be ready to go a few times tomorrow night. In the past I couldn’t do it that often. I really hope that she is going to be ready now because now using this product I know that I am. I forgot this feeling but now the power I am getting in the nerves of my penis are very and very strong. I am really feeling like I’m incredible hulk now while in the past I wasn’t even able to get it up. everything I’m trying to say now is that the difference is enormous and this product really does what it is supposed to do so I can recommend it to every man out there having similar problems to mine.
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This is really an amazing product. It is even better than those medicines designed to help people with ED such a Cialis, I’m not sure whether Viagra is better than Cialis because I have never tried Viagra, but I did tried Cialis and I did tried L arginine and I know that it is much more better. I am now 52 years old and I have started to have problems with ED since I have been about 40-41 years old which results that I am having ED issues for more than 10 years now. Besides using Cialis I have also been on testosterone therapy for a few years. for all those years I’ve seen nearly no improvement at all and although my erections were much better with Cialis, they were not perfect. But to me they really seemed to work fine. anyway, I have then came across to an article about the L arginine and the pine bark extract. It has been while I have been searching so information on internet and that’s how I decided that it might be worth if I would give it a try and I was not wrong. It was really worth it. lucky me that I accidentally found that article, otherwise I don’t know if I would ever use it. about this product: perfect. I gave it a try and I have had the hardest erection that I have ever had in a lot of years. I am using 3 g of it plus 150 mg of pine bark per day and they are doing magic with my ED. Besides this, this combo is also very helpful in the gym as I have started to notice that I am getting some very good pumps when I am lifting heavy weights. An extremely good product. Now, I am getting erections once again each time when I am thinking about sex, something that I did not had for a long time ago too. I am having no side effects at all except for a little bit of bloating, however I am able to deal with that very easily as it is nothing severe or scary. It is really doing an amazing job as now my girlfriend is barely able to handle me since I started it while in the past our sex was “OK”. But as we all know, sex shouldn’t be just “OK”. Now I am able to go until I decide that I want to stop or in case she asks me to stop (in the past she never asked me – as I said, she barely can handle with me). this product is truly amazing, I never thought that there could be something like that, that can work this way.
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I am using L arginine for nearly 2 years now for my small vessel spasms. I have observed that I am having a very severe balance issue. When I have stopped to take L arginine the issue problems has went away and when I started to use this L arginine the balance issue is coming right back. I have been tested for a lot of things that would show anything regarding this balance issue and all the docs that have checked it out are having no idea what this could be. I did started to notice the issue with balance as soon as I started to use L arginine, however I can’t change anything because I need to take this L arginine due to the fact that this is the only medication (or ANYTHING out there) that is able to keep my spasms under control. I have also tried in the past some beta blockers as well as a couple of other things but they are causing low blood pressure and I can’t take any of them since I am already having low blood pressure (hypo blood pressure can cause death). So I am thankful to this medication but I’m not that happy with the way it works.
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