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I got diagnosed with high blood pressure, more than 200 in numbers. It was about a year and a half ago so since then the doc started the treatment with amlodipine 20 mg. I’ve started to take it and I have very little improvement so the doc added lisinopril also 20 mg. my high blood pressure was still high. It was ranging in 140-160 which isn’t near a good result. The doc thought that if adding 2.5 mg of bendroflumethiazide would help me but it didn’t. in fact it was about to ruin my life because it made me impotent during the time I was taking it. I am very happy that this side effect isn’t permanent. In addition, it made me feel dizzy, I was unable to concentrate and I was going to toilette every few minutes and the biggest failure is that it did absolutely nothing to my high blood pressure. In other words it gave me only severe and horrible side effects. Immediately stopped this hell medication and then the doc decided to raise up the lisinopril dosage to 40 mg along with the remaining 20 mg of amlodipine. Finally, this mix is pretty convenient for me. I have absolutely no side effects from this and my blood pressure is now below than 130. Doctor said he could raise the dosage up with 10 more mg but it’s too risky because even on 40 mg I have to check for kidney damage annually. Anyway, so far, so good, lisinopril works for me, no side effects, no kidney damage and no negative results. I take it for a little more than a year and I can recommend it to high blood pressure patients. But you also have to keep an eye to your kidney damage and to make sure you’re dosage isn’t too high!

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When I was a kid my parents took me to a doctor where they diagnosed me to have a type of heart failure (unfortunately it was a long time ago and I cannot remember what I had). Doctor said I should take 50 mg per day of this Prinivil. My problem disappeared and I don’t remember to have any side effects. Took it for about 2 and half years. We moved out to another city. Few months here and new doctor said I should stop taking then. As soon as I stopped, I began to have troubles breathing especially during the night. Went to this new doctor immediately and he said that I’m having sleep apnea and told me to take some kind of medication. No use, I was still getting breathing problems and it disturbed my sleep during the nights. After only some weeks of suffering this doctor said that it’s a good idea to try out this Prinivil in the same dose (50 mg per day). Less than a month later he said my sleep apnea is completely gone! 2 different diseases with the same solution! Impressive calming effect! Good product!

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Had very high blood pressure for a long time. Lately this problem has become even worse than before. Doctor decided to give me 10 mg of Lisinopril for my condition and it seemed to work fine. I have never had a headache for that period I was taking it. It did a good job lowering the blood pressure and helped me feel back to normal. It was great and I loved it but later I developed side effects so the doctor took me off it. I was coughing very badly, so bad that it disturbed my sleep very often and it could lead to bladder control problems. Moreover, I had muscle pains. I stopped the treatment even though my blood pressure was normal. Side effects stopped as I stopped taking this medication but my blood pressure is high back again so my headaches came back too. I’m currently trying to search for another medication to treat this problem but these days I thought that maybe I was taking a too high dose and I should lower it? Or maybe I should take other medications to counter act the side effects of this drug? It’s a good thing, too bad it has so many side effects.

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I have been taking Lisinopril for two years now and have found this medication to be very effective. At the beginning of the therapy I was taking Lisinopril twice a day but I have found that taking the 20mg of Lisinopril just once a day before bed is very effective with minimal side-effects. For me this has been a very effective medicine and I would recommend to buy Lisinopril to anyone, who suffer from high blood pressure.

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