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Acetaminoph-Caff-Dihydrocodein Coupons, Discounts & Cost

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Acetaminoph-Caff-Dihydrocodein - indications for use

Acetaminophen-Caffeine-Dihydrocodeine is a combination of three agents with analgesic, stimulant and anti-inflammatory effect. This medication is used to treat fever symptoms caused by infectious diseases, mild, moderate, and severe pain, arthralgia, myalgia, neuralgia, migraine, pain during menstruation, toothache and headache. It may be used in many other cases to treat or ease pain. The purpose of this treatment should be discussed with your doctor on individual basis.

Possible contraindications associated with the use of Acetaminoph-Caff-Dihydrocodein

Do not use this medication if you have hypersensitivity to any ingredient of the drug. It is also contraindicated during the neonatal period (up to 1 month). Use with caution in kidney and liver failure, Gilbert's syndrome, viral hepatitis, diabetes, alcohol-related liver disease. Do not take Acetaminoph-Caff-Dihydrocodein if you drink too much alcohol, as well as during pregnancy, lactation. The drug use may be harmful for infants and elderly patients.

How to use Acetaminoph-Caff-Dihydrocodein

Acetaminoph-Caff-Dihydrocodein can be taken orally, in 1-2 hours after a meal (taking the drug immediately after a meal may delay its absorption and onset). Do not forget to drink plenty of water for better effect.

Adults and adolescents over 12 years of age (with 40 kg body weight and more) should take a single dose of 500 mg, up to 4 times per day. The maximum daily dose is 4 g, the maximum duration of treatment - 5-7 days. Elderly patients and patients with impaired hepatic or renal function or Gilbert's syndrome should decrease the daily dose and increase the interval between doses.

The maximum daily dose for children up to 6 months is 350 mg, up to 1 year - 500 mg, up to 3 years - 750 mg, up to 6 years - 1 g, up to 9 years - 1.5 g, and up to 12 years - 2 g. The dose for children aged 1 to 3 months is determined individually by the doctor. The drug should be taken 4 times a day with an interval of at least 4 hours between each dose.

The maximum duration of treatment without consulting a doctor should not exceed 3 days (as antipyretic medicine) and 5 days (for analgesic effects).

Potential side effects referred to Acetaminoph-Caff-Dihydrocodein

Some patients may experience itching, rash on the skin, dizziness, agitation, disorientation, nausea, epigastric pain, pain in the heart. Prolonged use at high doses may cause aplastic anemia, agranulocytosis, neutropenia, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, renal colic.

When you take too much of Acetaminoph-Caff-Dihydrocodein

In acute overdose patients may experience disturbance of stomach functions (diarrhea, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, abdominal discomfort, stomach pain), increased sweating.

Symptoms of chronic overdose include fatigue, weakness, increased sweating, hepatotoxic effects, seizures, respiratory depression, arrhythmia, kidney failure.

During long-term treatment with Acetaminoph-Caff-Dihydrocodein patients should pay attention to regular liver function monitoring.

If you have fever symptoms that can last for a few days to several weeks during treatment with Acetaminoph-Caff-Dihydrocodein, consult your doctor.

Recommended storage conditions for Acetaminoph-Caff-Dihydrocodein

The drug product should be stored in a dry and well ventilated place, at room temperature. Store your medicine out of your child's reach. Do not use Acetaminoph-Caff-Dihydrocodein after the expiration date printed on the package.

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