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Vaseretic (enalapril/hydrochlorothiazide) Coupons, Discounts & Cost

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Vaseretic pharmacological effect

Vaseretic is an antihypertensive drug that includes an ACE inhibitor (enalapril) and a thiazide diuretic (hydrochlorothiazide). Such combination is much more effective than other drugs.

Enalapril is an ACE inhibitor that plays an important role in the regulation of blood pressure. Enalapril works even in patients with low renin levels. In addition, this substance improves renal blood flow and slows the progression of left ventricular dysfunction. Optimal BP reduction may occur after several weeks of therapy. The maximum decrease in blood pressure is observed 4-6 hours after taking the drug.

Hydrochlorothiazide has both diuretic and antihypertensive effect. This drug increases the excretion of potassium and magnesium and helps reduce high blood pressure.

Both enalapril and hydrochlorothiazide have a similar dosing regimen. Such combination is more effective for reducing blood pressure (in comparison with the regimens when these drugs are administered separately).

Indications for use

Vaseretic is effective for all stages of arterial hypertension (combined therapy), essential hypertension, secondary hypertension.

Vaseretic main contraindications

Vaseretic (enalapril/hydrochlorothiazide) is contraindicated in the following cases: anuria, primary aldosteronism, porphyria, angioedema, violations of the liver function, patients with severe renal dysfunction, patients after kidney transplantation, patients up to 14 years of age, pregnancy, lactation period, hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, hypersensitivity to other sulfonamide derivatives.

Do not use this drug in patients with aortic stenosis, cerebrovascular diseases (including cerebral circulatory insufficiency), chronic heart failure, severe autoimmune diseases (including systemic lupus erythematosus, scleroderma), diabetes mellitus, hyperkalemia, renal artery stenosis, renal or hepatic failure. Use with caution in elderly patients.

Vaseretic dosing regimen

Vaseretic tablets can be used regardless of food intake. Tablets should be taken whole. The dose of the drug is set individually depending on the severity of arterial hypertension and the dynamics during treatment.

Arterial hypertension: 1 tablet is prescribed 1 time per day (preferably in the morning). If necessary, the dose can be increased to 2 tablets once daily. Never double the dose.

Symptomatic arterial hypotension can occur at the beginning of therapy (in patients with impaired water metabolism due to previous treatment with diuretics). Therapy with diuretics should be discontinued 2-3 days before you start using Vaseretic tablets.

The recommended dose of enalapril taken separately is 5-10 mg (for patients with moderate renal failure).

As for patients who are on diuretic therapy, it is recommended to cancel or reduce the dose of diuretics at least 3 days before they start treatment.

It is recommended to add another drug or change the therapy if there is no therapeutic effect.

Vaseretic side effects

Adverse events are usually mild.

Cardiovascular system: arterial hypotension, syncope.

CNS: often - dizziness, fatigue, asthenia, headaches; rarely - insomnia, drowsiness, paresthesia, irritability.

Respiratory system: cough, shortness of breath.

Digestive system: nausea; rarely - diarrhea, vomiting, indigestion, abdominal pain, flatulence, constipation, dry mouth, pancreatitis.

Musculoskeletal system: muscle cramps; rarely - arthralgia.

Urinary system: kidney failure.

Reproductive system: impotence; rarely - loss of libido.

Allergic reactions: skin rash, itching; rarely - angioedema, swelling of the face, intestinal angioedema.

Dermatological reactions: rarely - Stevens-Johnson syndrome, excessive sweating, skin rash, itching.

Other: gout, fever, vasculitis, myalgia, myositis, arthralgia, eosinophilia, hyperglycemia, hyperuricemia, hyperkalemia.

The most pronounced symptoms of enalapril overdose include severe arterial hypotension, bradycardia or other heart rhythm disturbances, seizures, paresis, stupor. As for hydrochlorothiazide overdose, the most pronounced symptoms include hypokalemia, hyponatremia.

Vaseretic special instructions

Vaseretic should not be used with barbiturates, tricyclic antidepressants, phenothiazines, alcohol.

Glucocorticoids, potassium supplements, potassium-sparing diuretics or potassium salts can lead to a significant increase in potassium, especially in patients with renal insufficiency.

Diuretics and ACE inhibitors increase the risk of lithium intoxication. As a rule, lithium preparations are not prescribed simultaneously with diuretics or ACE inhibitors.

The hypotensive effect of the drug is lower if you take colestyramine, estrogens, analgesics.

Allopurinol, cytostatics, immunosuppressants, systemic corticosteroids may cause leukopenia, anemia, pancytopenia.

Cyclosporine therapy can lead to kidney failure.

Patients with diabetes may suffer from hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia.

Sulfonamides can cause allergic reactions.

Thiazide diuretics can increase the risk of arterial hypotension.

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