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My first shot of Xgeva was about 3 months and a couple of weeks ago. I started to feel better within 15-20 minutes after I had that shot. Sincerely, I didn’t expected that this drug would start working so quickly. I thought that I am going to notice some results after a couple of days. At least the next day after the shot, but not in 15 minutes or so. It is a miracle drug as I was improving every single day, I was feeling better and better as days passed by and it continued for about 2 months. I then moved to a new city and the doctors here told me that it would be better for me to be on Zometa. I had a pretty bad reaction to it so I required to be put back on Xgeva. I am now on it and I just had the third shot with Xgeva, 6 days ago and the same results as the previous time. In about 15-20 minutes after the shot I started to feel better and I am continuing feeling better with each day. I am very thankful to the first doctor who told me to take this drug and I am also very thankful to whoever created this drug! Oh yeah, I did had some side effects but they were very minor and very little to write about them. By the way, I take Xgeva along with the Tamoxifen for my breast cancer that has spread to my bones from the solid tumors. I really wish that nobody would ever suffer from this disease and nobody else would need a similar drug but in case you need it then Xgeva is exactly what you need! Have a long healthy life everybody!
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I have taken this drug for the past 4 months and the results are encouraging. The last bone and ct scan showed a market regeneration of my bone tissues and it inhibited the tumor growth very well. This medicine is really good and it’s really doing its job for what I’m so thankful right now. I do have some side effects but I am ready to tolerate them if the results continue. After each shot I’m having some nausea and I’m getting pretty bad headache. Even when these symptoms stop, they can return back throughout the month and this isn’t anything pleasant but I’ve asked my doc some medications for this and he gave me some. They are really helping for the nausea as it disappears completely and it never returns but those bad headaches are a real pain in the … they are so bad that docs seem unable to help me. However, they’re trying to find me something for me that would help and I’m having big hopes about that. Anyway, even with these bad headaches, I won’t stop the treatment with Xgeva because it really helps me with my condition. As soon as anything worse that the side effects I have now won’t happen I will continue taking this drug. I would recommend it to everybody else but I’m not sure if it’s recommended for those who’re already suffering from frequent headaches or even migraines. If you’re ready for the consequences then you should try this drug because it’s doing its job!
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