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Taking zytiga for only half a year it provided me really good effects. Much better that i’ve expected, that’s because I’ve read some reviews prior to take it and I thought that it would be somehow worse, however, I’m FINE! Moreover, 6 months on this medicine and no side effects could be noticed! My PSA went down from 27 to 3 and I’m so much better now! this is the best medicine! I’m so happy that I was given zytiga! For the past 2 years I have never felt so good as I do now. I’m finally having energy to get out of bed and to work. In these 6 months I have lost some pounds and I’m slowly slowly losing more and more. Besides all those good effects I’ve mentioned up there (as if it wasn’t already enough), my blood sugar is going down too. I’m sure that no other drug could have better effects than this one!
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I’m suffering from metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer and I was prescribed Zytiga for this condition. I’m taking it for about one year now, one pill each day in the morning with some breakfast. The results are very good. Within 3 months my PSA level of 35.2 went down to 5.2 and this was unbelievable awesome results for me. I wasn’t feeling as good in the last few years as I am feeling with this medication. Initially I was taking 1000 mg of Zytiga but then I lowered it to 750 mg. After another 3 months my PSA was 3.0 and since then it’s still 3.0. I’m continuing to monitor it and in half a year it didn’t change at all. I’ve done liver test too just in case and it also showed good results. In general, I’m feeling much better than I used to. I have energy, I can work, my blood sugar has slightly went down and I’m slowly slowly losing some weight. I have only positive results with it! My life has changed to better, my every day activities are not a pain anymore and there’s nothing I can complain about! The only side effect I have it is a little fatigue that goes away quickly. Other than that everything is just perfect. I hope that in time it won’t stop working as good as it does now. I can recommend it since I’m very satisfied with everything. Good day and have good results every one of you!
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