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got love letter without a missing parcel

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  • got love letter without a missing parcel

    hi everyone, I would really like to talk with someone else who is more experienced than me and explain what's going on. or also, I would appreciate if someone could say whether have had this happening to them too. so, as I said in the title, I got a very weird love letter and why it's weird is that I am not missing any orders. everything's fine with my parcels, but I still got my love letter. currently, of course, not waiting for any. I have received this dreaded Love Letter yesterday. posted today only because I was trying to rule it out myself but I just can't. the letter is dated one week ago but again, I find it quite funny (and a bit scary) that I am not missing any orders and I have not placed any orders. they have sent that letter to my old address and I have never even heard of the product confiscated. well, I just thought that maybe someone here on the forum would put a clarification for me? I know that there are much more experienced people than me who knows a lot much more in regards to this. as for the letter itself, of course I'm gonna pass it through the paper shredder. any help would be appreciated. thank you!

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    I never had this kind of an experience and I am not sure why it can happen, but I just know that it can happen, that's because there's someone else that had that happen a while ago too… not sure why… maybe somebody sent you a sample? or maybe they have some kind of troubles there and they send them to wrong addresses?


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      do you have new residents at your old addresses? if no ten I am idealess of what this means. if yes, any chances that the new resident at that address is placing orders under your name? find it out. there are people thinking even nowadays that the name must be the same as the address' name (as if someone checks it out, LOL).


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        Symone thanks for answering. currently, my old address it is vacant and it is up for sale right now and that's why I really do not think that it might have happened. I am not sure but I can guess that someone out there could try to use my address, but my mail it is supposed to be forwarded…


        CaitlynNn also thanks for answering. I have been kind of thinking that they call me enough… anyway, I'm very thankful to you guys.


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          well, did that LL come with a tracking number as well? you could try searching for that tracking number if there is one. like it is just first class mail or does it have any tracking number? do u sign for them too?


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            you know, I did have had a letter opened by customs here, checked and then it was released with yellow customs tape and posted on to me later. I also did have had the exact same product being opened and I have received a LL. lol… I do find it a bit funny.


            anyway, I just can say that I one think that the answer is that there is no answer in the end… and to try to find a pattern where one simply does not exist in my opinion it is just pointless…


            having all of this said, I personally have already given up on trying to attach any rhyme or any reason to this as I do think that there isn't one and searching for it is, again, pointless. sometimes I am thinking that they are just trying to mess up with our minds and nothing more. it's like they do know that you order something and that's enough to send you a love letter just to make you think, to scare you and stuff like this. I wouldn't be surprised if someone got a love letter while ordering legal/ normal things… kind of a 'preventative' method not to receive any illegal things even if you haven't


            all the best to you!


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              CaitlynNn hello, I just wanted to say something in regards to the second post you wrote up there:

              well, did that LL come with a tracking number as well? you could try searching for that tracking number if there is one. like it is just first class mail or does it have any tracking number? do u sign for them too?
              so… I just cannot remember unfortunately if there is a tracking number on the letters (because I did got a few, but the last was years ago), I do think so but I threw them all (3 of them) that I have ever gotten, of course without thinking too much about it. however, what I do remember very well is that you do not need to sign for them to receive the LL, they are just coming with the regular mail and that's it.


              now, I must say that for me, I have already figured one has been coming due to the length of the time an order had been taking, however then the parcel didn't make it either, and then finally one then I am getting 2 different LL's together on the same day, one of the LL was for the order and the other one for the reship.


              and so, having this said, whenever when you are getting one, you really do not need to worry about being there to sign for them… even if you are not being home, be sure that you are still going to get them, doubtless. I remember so well because I wasn't home when I've received them. too bad that the orders weren't as easy to get them, LOL.


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                Suffes… just look, the deal is that I am having a letter in customs for 4 days now, and I do know that it is not long BUT… all of a sudden then I am getting an email a few hours ago which is saying that I am having a package coming with a tracking and tracking number. I know that most of the time it is a free sample like a soap or band aids or something. given the fact that I am having a letter which is in the customs I am just getting nervous… I did kinda ordered at the low end of stockpile. oh… well, I just can guess that I am going to see it in the morning…


                and yeah, by the way, since I'm here talking to you Suffes I must say that I really do love your informative posts. thanks!


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                  CaitlynNn thanks again… unfortunately I just can't remember if it had a tracking number… generally, I barely looked at it, I just have seen that it is a love letter and I got rid of it. but surely I did not have to sign for anything, it just appeared and that's it.


                  Duryeal, also, thanks too. I just can say that nothing had been opened for sure. it was just a letter and that's it, unopened or anything. but I am sure that they did have opened that product/ parcel what ever it was as I don't even know what it was. exactly as I have already said it, I have never heard of the product and nor I was missing anything unless it has been something that I missed sometime last year. but I already forgot about those. I mean, I do have missing products, but that was many months ago and after those missing products I did have got others already. I mean, I doubt that I could have received a LL because of products that were confiscated many months ago and plus to that - I ordered others and they come. as said… that’s all weird to me.


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                    CaitlynNn, I'm sorry, I thought I did answered to that part that I already said something but I haven't really… I guess it is the fact that I'm losing my memory now… anyway, I wanted to say something else to the same part that you wrote that I already said: *well, did that LL come with a tracking number as well? you could try searching for that tracking number if there is one. like it is just first class mail or does it have any tracking number? do u sign for them too? *


                    well, I have been trying really hard to think if my LL's even had the tracking numbers of those orders written in somewhere but I just can't even remember that… as I said, it is my memory losing already…. but anyway… I suppose that they must have…


                    whatever the case I wanted to say that I do know that the letters themselves are looking like some cheap copies they are.. some letters that were just pulled off of a stack of the same, and after that they were just signed, dated and then mailed to you. nothing more. they try to save on this too, I guess. but even the snake it is just black and white now, it is not even in color any more, so not worth framing these late days.


                    and also… the contents, they really are not so much against your use of the prescription drugs because they are much more against you simply getting them from foreign countries and how doing so it is so dangerous. I honestly think that you are much less of a criminal if you use prescription drugs without one if those are US drugs than if you use a prescription drug WITH prescription but the drugs are from foreign countries. money… money are so powerful nowadays that you just can't even imagine. if I didn't know better, I would just feel that those Love Letters were more just a way to try and to coerce a person to use and to purchase only some local drugs and not to simply 'say no' to them. it doesn't really matter what, you must get the drugs from local sources. this way they make more money. so I do guess that they want to keep money in the country and it doesn’t matter what, LOL. and this does seem to be funny, but unfortunately I do realize that it is not funny at all.


                    whichever the case I must tell you that in fact, those letters are not actually scary at all, they are just really annoying and that's especially so since you are getting one letter instead of your pills that you were expecting and that you really need. but generally, that's nothing since they are pretty much only telling you the usual standard advice that you are already know it very well… such stuff like you should not order from any foreign lands again and so on and so forth… how dangerous to your health those medications might be bla bla bla…


                    and also there you just see that you just have one month (thirty days) in order to either contest that seizure and to claim it, or it is going to be disposed of (most likely down their own throats but whatever..) but in the end… who knows. maybe they just destroy them. I don't know. but if you do try to contest, it is never gonna end well for you since laws are all against you so… better just ignore that letter and know that you're never receive the package and live your life.


                    but what's really interesting is that they never do mention how bad it is for your health when you are not able to get yourself a prescription of those medications that you really need because of all the new laws out there… and especially when u used to get a prescription for those, but not anymore. anyway… well.. I have some really big doubts that if someone will actually have an LL to look back at, most of the people do get rid of them right after they are receiving them, at least I always have. or at least those that do know that what they are having in the parcel is illegal. if you somehow (which I doubt it can happen) get a LL and you're not receiving your package but you know that there's absolutely nothing illegal then you might contest it. but since you must contest it, they must know what package exactly, that is why I think that on the letter there must be a tracking number… though, as I said, I am not very sure.


                    one last thing… you probably and hopefully might never get one yourself anyway… this might but it also might not happen. however, either you get one or maybe 3 or 5, it doesn't really matter… the game still goes on. LOL. hope this will be helpful a bit.


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                      CaitlynNn hi. I also wanted to say something in regards to that part that Suffes quoted you.. so… no, they are not coming certified or registered nor do they have a return receipt thing on them either. they are being sent regular first class mail (which means no tracking or anything) and then return address for mine has been US customs and Border whatever there… but it is surely just a regular letter in a regular standard size #10 envelope. the most importantly is that you are not signing for it and because of all of this, there does not exist any proof that an LL was even received by the person that it is being addressed to and if you receive them and just get rid of them then there's no proof that you have ever read such a letter… well, with all of that kept in mind, this is generally why the consensus is not to be worried about receiving them and why it is said that it is not a scary thing to receive them.


                      also wanted to say… Suffes, my letter has been computer generated, and most likely a MSWord template with all my name, my address, file number as well as the item that has been confiscated typed right where it would belong to be, as opposed to handwritten or haphazardly put together. what I am trying to say is that to me, it is a formal letter, or at very least mine was formal and yes, it did include the page or maybe 2 about the dangers of ordering the medicine from foreign countries.


                      but also, on a different note, there's a friend of mine who did have received an LL for a little light up trinket toys… well, I did have seen that letter and my friend's letter has been nearly exactly the same as mine was (for medicines), however the confiscated item was, obviously different and also, that did not include the blurb about the steroids etc. and it did not have had those pages about the foregin medications. I mean, they added all the stuff about foreign medications from foreign countries only if the items confiscated were medications.


                      whatever the case, I still cay say that I one do think that they are just doing those from a template on a computer and that's it. nothing more. however, I also must say that the envelope has not been a computer generated stuff (I mean, the return address/ window envelope). that's because the ink color has been green and this leads me to believe that they were either pre printed or that they have a color computer to print those envelopes. whatever the case, in the end, this is all only my opinion and nothing more, there's no information that can back up my words, just my opinion based on my observations...


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                        umm… also same for the FDA one too. I did saved it… I am just keeping it under my sofa cushion just in case.. mostly for future reference if I would ever need it. your post made me get them and I just have looked at the 6 pager and I can say that the only difference is that there is a Case Number and that's it. also I can say that I just think that our beloved CaitlynNn only needs to get a double confirmation or something… or someone else has asked the same question… or maybe we are both nuts, not sure LOL. or maybe she just trusts Bedeencion1980 more, LOL.


                        anyway, CaitlynNn, I can tell you that not so long ago I did have had an express number like yours on my dashboard and still… nothing ever came. the only thing that comes into my mind is that it could be a mistake, not sure.