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Getting through xanax withdrawals tips

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    Thank you all very much for your very kind words and for supporting me and my thread. I really appreciate as it took me a lot of time to write that post. I truly appreciate all you’ve said.  also, I have to say that even though it is only my 15 years of experience, there is no medical expertise as I am not one nor an ashton manual so if you’re searching for one then you’ve came to the wrong place as it is all purely from personal experience.


    And yeah, also, Melina, the heart beating out of your chest yes, it is true, as well as constantly checking my jugular vein for pulse, how fast it is going or if there is arrhythmia or what, or about to go into a cardiac arrest, or if it is beating at all. I’ve been all scred. Besides, I do know that it sounds silly, however you really do not think rational during that time. logical part being missed then. When you are getting through the benzo WD terrible period then thinking rational is barely what you’re able to do.