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    hey again. I just want to say that I personally like to use as simple as just ibuprofen that can help me with the hot cold flashes that I get form the tramadol withdrawals, so I suggest you trying it out yourself, maybe it would help you too. plus to that, it is important that you drink a lot of water. and I mean a lot. firstly it is important that you do not get dehydrated from all the sweating which would intensify the withdrawals and plus to that, the more water you drink, the faster you detox. and please, do not forget that with each day it is getting easier. the more you resist, the better it gets.


    I'm currently also in my withdrawal period. I'm in my fifth day of withdrawals and I' nearly done with the sweats. although it still feels extremely bad, I can feel that I'm much better than second day, than 3 days ago, and even than yesterday!


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      hey there, thank you very much for your warnings and for showing concern, I really appreciate it a lot. and yeah, I do know that the bup it is a lot much more stronger drug than tramadol and I do know that it is a much more addictive one, this is the reason that I said that I should get off it quicker and why I take only a small dose. so yeah, I am already reducing it, I try to get away from the addiction and I surely do not want to simply switch addictions (especially to an even worse one). and maybe my doctor took it too serious, I am not sure, but at least it really helps as luckily, so far I have not yet had any bad withdrawals. I mean, I'm obviously not in my best but there's still nothing as bad or uncontrollable and unbearable. so thank you again.


      Lisssa, I wish you good luck as well. you're gonna do it. I really hope that you are getting through the withdrawals fine and hoping they would end as soon as possible. since you are on the day 5, shouldn't you go now through the worst? or it already started to get better? thank for the recommendation as well! we WILL do it!