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    hey there guys. again, thanks for everything and for all your information and responses. I just came with an update here… I have decided to try out Champix and see how it works for me - if I notice something bad I just stop taking it and that's it. and that's why I have already placed the order for Champix and it is supposed to come in like 2 weeks or so and as soon as it comes I am going to give it a try. after that I am going to post some updates about my success and experience that I have had with it. thanks again.


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      hey there again. just wanted to say that I have purchased myself a new vaporizer due the fact that I have started to smoke once again and I've purchased this one so it can help me quit again. the old one has been quite fine, it helped me stop once and it was generally OK, however it won't charge anymore so is knackered, that's why I purchased a newer seemingly better version. in fact, I know that it is a better version because this new one is amazing, it shocked me by the way it works. I was thinking that it would be quite similar to the old one but it is not. this one is fully digital and the only thing that it seems that it cannot do it is to make phone calls. it feels like I have a phone that instead of calling - it smokes.


      I've got to tell you that the price for it was approximately $90 but from as much as I have seen it is a mid range product in terms of what is on offer but I honestly think that I don't need anymore or any better because the nicotine hit and the amount of the vapor that this stuff is producing it is just amazing! I doubt that those that are more expensive can do more than THAT! I mean… this stuff is so good that after just one single good puff, you nearly need to crawl along the floor in order to find an exist out of the room… I mean you can't see anything because there is just so much vapor in the air! and besides, I really like the smell of it too. this thing is making more of a smoke effect than the real cigarettes or a small scale fire.


      I can report on the thing that this new vaporizer is giving off much more of a kick than the real cigarettes and now… that it is combined with patches, I really do not feel the need to smoke any more and that's amazing. I just hope that this is going to continue like that further. when an urge is hitting home, it is very fast naturalizing it. if there is anybody else who is deciding to go down the exact same path as I did then the Innokin Cool Fire IV Plus it is an extremely good option for you, I tell you this frome xperience but it is also revered by the vaping community either!!


      also… I do know that it is not a good habit, everybody knows… however alongside patches, I really want very bad to get rid of this dependency I have on nicotine that has stuck around in my life for way too long now… and that is why now I think that this new beast that I have purchased must do the trick and then later, lowering the strength of the liquid at some defined periods it must help and soon get me completely rid of this addiction. I honestly do feel somewhat reassured now that the liquid is being made in the UK and not somewhere else, plus I can see that it has been certified as safe for consumption which means that I doubt that I am in some risks now…


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        hey guys… I have smoked myself for quite a short period of time. because of what I have done I could not smoke… at least it made it very and very difficult. I have then tried the electronic cigarette and this one really worked. now I have quit smoking, however I still do use the electronic cigarette from time to time. if I would be you OP then I honestly would not take the drug… in fact, I would not even try it out.. I do think that it is so dangerous that it is not worth it and I say this because I had a friend who has been a professional baseball player (yes, he was smoking) and he has used it… well, he has had a heart attack from using it. and that is why… no way that I would try this drug, it is too risky in my opinion so I rather stay away or try the electronic method.


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          RedHat, yes… Champix/ Chantix it is a really dangerous drug, it is a very nasty one and I tell you this from experience. I have been prescribed by a doctor this stuff and also, a close relative of mine has also been prescribed it. both of us has reluctantly went through the nausea symptoms that then, eventually, subsided, however it didn't stopped with that because it eventually has brought out a much darker side to our natures that was not there in the past, before taking this drug. as an example, if talking about that relative of mine, who by the way it is an incredibly successful professional, has vented his anger on some inanimate objects like for example doors and such stuff and when his wife understood that he's like that because of the drug, she has forced him to stop using it and he returned to his normal condition. as for myself… I am not having a wife who could stop me from all of this and I have been doing exactly the same as my relative been doing but since nobody stopped me… my anger was just growing and growing and it has reached a deeper level and I do realize now that if it wasn't for my mother then I would have seriously hurt someone out there, I do know it and I am ashamed of it.


          as I have said it in an earlier post, maybe that has been a contraindication with another antidepressant that I have been given during that time (but I then found out that they do have contraindication), I don't know… what I do know is that everything has been given the go ahead and prescribed by a doctor… anyway, I am really glad that I could 'escape' from that drug and now I do know that I am never ever going to touch that medication whatever the case as now I do know that this is just evil itself packed into that pill so no thanks. better cold turkey or better whatever else, but just not the Champix, not for me.