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  • the best generic manufacturer of adderall

    hello there everyone. I have to say that now I am using adderall and I take the generic version of it since the brand it is too pricey for me. however, despite the fact that I have been thinking that all of them should be quite the same in terms of effectiveness since all of them have adderall in them - I still have found that different manufacturers of this medication are acting completely different for my body and on how I feel, therefore it is one obvious thing that the quality of the medication depends on the manufacturer and this  is why I decided to make this thread where I could ask you what it is the best manufacturer of generic adderall.


    also, from as much as I know, Actavis, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries as well as Barr Pharmaceuticals are currently manufacturing the generic adderall from as much as I know. I did have tried Teva as well as Barr versions (so far no Actavis but obviously the next one that I would give a try would be Actavis) and here's when I have understood that there are differences in how they work depending on the manufacturer. I have found that the Teva version just seems to work better for me compared to Barr. that's because from my experience I have found out that I am having a much better feeling on it and besides - it is also lasting longer in my system than Barr. so, having all of this said - is there anybody who can help me in choosing the best manufacturer of generic adderall out there? personal experiences are even more appreciated… generally, what are your experiences at all? or in fact, I guess that I should ask you… am I just the only one who is having different experiences on different manufacturers? thanks in advance guys for everything!

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    oh well, from as much as I know the Activis from the UK also seem to be the top draw for pain and benzos, or at least that's from my own experience. I really doubt that there are many that are better generic firm out there than this for a range of drugs. not trying to say that it is the best (though it really might be) but it is certainly one of the best out there. unfortunately, I can't say anything more than this. good luck to you! 


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      hi Searry. you are most likely not even going to be imagining this one but at some point in their history (sometime back), Barr pharmaceutical company has got into pretty much trouble with the FDA for testing their drugs into compliance with their release standards. well, to say this in some other words - this company just kept on testing pills into they got data that would therefore allow them to sell those pills to the pharmacies. I can't be sure here but from as much as I can remember, the CEO or maybe the head of their analytical group (I am not very sure which one) went to jail. or maybe there were only rumors I am not sure. and I am also not sure if this information is on wikipedia or anywhere else because even if it did happened them I am quite sure those people made it so nobody would post anything regarding this. but anyway, what I do know is that the FDA has basically made that company to fire and to rehire once again their (almost) entire staff again, and the FDA has approved every batch of pills that they have manufactured. I guess there is no need to say that now and since then, their quality it is awesome. after getting in trouble with FDA it is obvious that you start making it all awesome again. what I am trying to say is that maybe it might be worth to give a try to Barr's generic adderall (not sure if there are still the old pills around, but if there are make sure to buy the newest ones). if you still won't like it or in case you already used the newest ones then I do agree with you on the fact that you should search for something else.


      regarding the Teva and the Actavis I should say that I personally have found both of them to be good and I guess that this is due to the fact that both of them are some very big players in the generic market and therefore it is obvious that they wouldn't want to lose their position. but besides these I have also tried, (if I remember it right) a manufacturer called Watson. gotta search on this one. what I remember is that it was good as well so might be worth it.


      there's something that I would like to warn you about… for any drug that it is an extended release version of the drug, I am never going to take a generic form of it and I am never going to let anyone from my family to do so, that is why I can recommend you not ever to do this as well. I guess you would ask me why… well, this technology that it is required in order to develop an extended release formulation it is really difficult. the original manufacturer of the drug has put way much more time and effort in specifically this technology and hence the quality it is much better. I am not trying to be snooty here, however I am a firm believer in quality and safety and these are what I am following. for some drugs out there like for example those blood thinners, it is quite imperative that the dosage it is consistent from pill to pill. a person could die is that is not the case. there are some really good articles online that I suggest you to find and to read them. If I would find something that might be of an interest to you I would share them to you.


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        Raul C. Devine, thank you very much for your response, I really appreciate it very much. regarding the Barr, it has been just a recent experience with it and quite sure with the newer of their drugs so it is just not good for me (and if that's good then I imagine what was the older version of them…)


        the most major pharmacies that I am going to are all only using Teva and Barr products unfortunately, I thought that getting Actavis would be much easier. I have to say that unlike the brand names, we are never having a choice in picking up our manufacturer, and I honestly think that this is a big problem. the big pharmacies are choosing the winners and the losers and it is usually for their benefit and not for ours which is sad because in the end - we are the ones who need help and not their pockets. anyway, does shire still producing the Adderall or not? from as much I heard they are now only making the Adderall XR and that's it. it is true or it is just a myth? thanks again for answering my post guys!


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          hey there Searry, no, it is not a myth and yeah, it is true as Shire indeed does only make the XL version only and they are not producing Adderall anymore. and yeah, I do agree with you on the fact that these big chains are negotiating where a generic is coming from and this is the reason why I totally refuse on using the CVS! instead, I am going to our mom and pop grocery store pharmacy so in this way I am able to choose what I want to choose not what they tell me to. I already have had enough of bad experiences with inconsistent dosing to learn my lesson and to avoid it. no thanks. 


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            so well, hi there. regarding some other manufacturers that are good on producing good quality of adderall - to my understand and from personal experience I can tell you that the Sandoz really seem to be the most effective as well as popular of the generics for the D, L amphetamines, it is the ""holy grail"" if you will. I really like it and as I said, when talking about amphetamines I would go for the Sandoz and in case you haven't used it yet then it is surely worth it. however, even so you should remember that efficacy it is very highly subjective and different to each person and it is very much depending on how your body is reacting to differences in the ""inactive ingredients"" as well that are different in pill from different manufacturers. IMO this makes the difference between them. Sandoz it is the best one to me, however I have also heard that there's the worst one as well. I never tried it so I can't say anything from experience, however I only have heard that there is a Mallinckrodt adderall IR version out there and from rumors those pills are purely horrible, people rumor to be the worst version of adderall so I just wanted to recommend you to stay away from it. I just thought that since you're now searching for more and different generic manufacturers of adderall then you might find this one as well and would want to try it too. just don't. save your time and your time in case you were ever to come across it.


            as I have already mentioned this multiple times - sandoz it is best IMO for amphetamines, however when it is coming to methylphenidate/ dex- methylphenidate then my personal preference it is Teva and I've heard some people agreeing with me. maybe you or someone else would have some other preferences, not sure, however for me it is really getting the job done and I am happy with it and hence I recommend it, at least trying it out! good luck man!


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              oh yeah, I totally do agree with the previous poster on the best generic manufacturer of adderall. I personally have found from experience that Sandoz company it is manufacturing BY FAR the best generic version for adderall and I definitely recommend you to try Sandoz's adderall when you are looking for the best generic manufacturer. indeed it is true the fact that different people react differently to the same drug, however since there are so many of us who prefer Sandoz and consider it to be the best company for producing generic adderall then this must mean something. trust me I do know what I am talking about because I have been diagnosed with ADHD approximately 7 years ago or so (even a bit more) and in all this time I have already tried literally every single brand out there that I only could find. when I got the diagnose I started to research on these medications. on the manufacturers. active and inactive ingredients and so on and so forth. more than a year I was experimenting with different drugs and so on and so forth. in the end of it all I got the easy conclusion that Sandoz has been overall the very best one as well as the most consistent drug. with no doubts I suggest you to give a try to this one as I am feeling that you will be very happy with it!


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                hey everyone, I just have picked up my very first adderall script earlier this day and I am having a question. I've been thinking that since I have another question I should make a new thread but since it is also a question about adderall I didn't wanted to flood the forum so I simply decided to ask it here (besides, I see other people who posted here and maybe they would help me too).


                now the thing is that I have went to CVS due to the fact that my usual pharmacy is closing at only 6 PM and it has been after that (it was just 6:30 or so PM but still). it is obvious that I am not sure if they would have it in their stock or not, they do not have a drive through and my morning tomorrow it is going to be quite rushed! the CVS has substituted Activis generic for Adderall XR 15 mg… I am now wondering if here I could find somebody who has had them and can answer me if they are even somewhat close to the brand name or not even near? can you help me please a bit?


                also, do different pharmacies are carrying different generics for this medications or all of them only have the exact same ones? one side tells me that it is so but something else tells me that it is not… what I am trying to know is that the next time when I am going to my regular pharmacy (which by the way is going to be the next month only) then do you think that they might have a different generic or they have the same one? do some of them not even stock the generics of adderall xr?! and yeah… I do realize that these might be some dumb questions and I am sorry if that's so and if I bother you guys with them, but answering them would be very helpful for me. the thing is that I have never really paid any attention to any of it (I am now wondering why I've done it, lol, but anyway) to whether I have been getting the generic anything before reading this forum. I have only been thinking that they had to be exactly as good as the brand as well, not sure why I haven't thought that there's no way on the earth that they could be this way… dumb I know… but anyway, I still do need your help and I would very much appreciate if I would get some!


                any other input on some different generics in particular Actavis please?? I would appreciate any information at all! I did have read what was here, however it is not a whole lot! also, I want to ask you, do you guys are finding out firstly what it is the generic manufacturer that a pharmacy has in its stock before you are filling your script? if you do find it out then how you do it? if you don't then how you do to find the best manufacturer?? as you can see I am a complete newbie in this… I have never even used adderall in my life so I am having absolutely nothing to compare it to so that's why I would really need at least some of your help on this. is there anybody who has any thoughts at all on this? OP (Searry), from reading your posts I understood that you have never had the generic for XR yes? only the IR, is that correct? if so, is there anybody who have had? as you can understand - I need to search for the XR version. thank you a lot in advance!


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                  well, I might be wrong, but from as much as I think, actually the Teva is currently holding the original formulation that was previously owned by Shire for the instant release version of adderall which in my opinion (as in most people's opinions taking adderall) was the best one and since it has the original formulation or at least the closest one then IMO it is the best. I did have also tried the XR version once and I can tell you for sure that it did not work well at all! very quick metabolism… but I am splitting my doses as small as it is possible and this way I am making my IR version to be my extended release and to keep its effectiveness as well! good luck to ya


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                    hello there Garofalo, I am going to try to answer some of your questions (if I would be able all of them) and I hope this is going to be at least somewhat helpful to you, but anyway.


                    so well, not specific to the adderall: the generics are very often quite less close of a match on the extended release formulations than they are on the instant release formulations and this is happening due to the fact that XR version it is much more difficult (much complex) to manufacture it and when they do try to do it - there might be errors and hence the lower quality. and besides this, I really think that the exact method of doing so often that it is remaining protected even when the drug itself isn't anymore produced, but this is only my opinion and nothing more than this.


                    regarding the pharmacies and what they have in their stocks… well, different pharmacies be sure that they definitely are carrying different generics in a lot of cases and in fact, sometimes even the exact same pharmacy is going to periodically switch which they are carrying when one of them is becoming cheaper than the other one. for them, obviously, it is a matter of profit and nothing more. in case there are some any other versions that are available through their distributor and they had simply decided on their own to order one over another one then they are able (and if they are willing ) to special order the version that you are preferring with an sufficient advance notice (which is obvious since, as I said, it is a matter of profit for them ONLY). yes I did found out which manufacturer a pharmacy has in their stock before filling and I've done that very simple: calling them. I have called pharmacies on some several occasions in the past in order to ask them if they are carrying or if they are able to get a specific manufacturer's version of a drug and I was also asking them at what price either. it is obvious that some of them might be quite less willing to answer such kind of a question because my questions were about controlled substance, obviously. I even found an pharmacy that told me this way: we're not giving such kind of information about controlled substances. that is why I suggest you to be careful on how you are phrasing your question. sometimes you might even need to ask all of this in person so they could see that you are not a junkie and that you have a prescription for that and you only want to know which one would be the best solution for you. try to search for your best one.


                    and yeah, one last note here… you need to be aware of the fact that Adderall it is a subject to government imposed quotas that is limiting production and therefore this is trickling down to distributors as well because this is limiting how much each of the pharmacy is able to receive in a certain timeframe and therefore this can result in some of the pharmacies periodically running out of something that they would otherwise have in their stock. this is something that happened to me on a several occasions and what the pharmacist told me. and also, I did have read those other posts where the people are describing that they are running around town to half a dozen pharmacies before they are finding one that are able to fill their CS prescription on the day that they do need it. so well, I would recommend you that in case your ""usual"" pharmacy is able to get what you need and you are going to have it reliable available each time at the time that you are going to need it then I would honestly recommend you to try to focus on building up or maintaining a good relationship with those working there and then, to do whatever it is taking to get to them during their working hours (since you said that they work up until 6 PM they you need to try to be there 5:30 PM). this is only my speculation on this but I do know that this very often helps. this really may help you in having at least some priority with them when a shortage might happen in case they do know when to expect you every single month for your monthly refill, rather than somebody else who is bouncing around to some other pharmacies a lot. somebody who they don't have any ideas who is he and whether or not he is going to come back the next month or not. there might be some other privileges that you would discover with time. my final point being that you might want to build this relationship as it may be helpful. good luck!


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                      hi there Odell and thank you so so much for spending your time to answer my questions. I am going to ask my regular pharmacy if they are carrying it at all. as I have said, today it is my very first day on this medicine and my doctor and I are really hoping that it is going to work on me well. I do have already a relationship with them now. the only medication that I have ever got anywhere else than their pharmacy it is Concerta. and that's not because I didn't wanted it but the pharmacist has told me that he has sent it back due to the fact that he didn't sell it so I had no other option than to go to Wal greens for that for the half a year or so while I have been taking it. they are in store (not wal mart) that I really do go to a lot on my days off. on my work day it is just pretty much of impossible to reach them since I am working until 6 PM, right the time when they are closing already. but plus the time getting there it is around 6:30 PM so I can't reach them. however if I am going to stay on this medication then I am going talk to them ahead of the time then and I am going to tell them that the doctor gave me the prescription and I am intending to stay on their medication from now on and that I am going to visit them on days off on a regular basis. thank you very much for all of your recommendations and as I have said for taking your time responding to my questions. I appreciate it a lot!


                      PS. they are really very good to me and this is why I like them so much and the reason why I have not switched to anyone else with late months. but in the past it was easier for me to reach them since they have been used to be open until 7 PM, however, as of late (for approximately a bit less than a year now), not sure why, they changed it and it is now until 6 PM. I guess that in the last hour they haven't really had any customers. but those people have been really nice to me as of general. when they did not had concerta they did knew that I need it (prescribed by doctor as well) and so they have called around for me in order to find out for me who have had it and where I should go. really nice people who have my respect for doing whatever they do. and most of my other medications are just on auto refill so I am just showing up within a week of getting a text that it is filled so it is convenient for me enough. but thanks to you I just know that I am going to need to have a plan ahead and I do know that I will have it. thank you once again for everything Odell! best regards!


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                        hi Odell once again. I just wanted to ask you or anybody else who is interested and can help me which I do know that might be no body, however I still thought that I should update anyway here. I am not sure if it's too early or not but my doctor has already prescribed me a bigger dosage, he raised it up to 20 mg now. I did have had a pretty good luck with the 15 mg as well. to be honest, I really cannot say that I have been taking anything, however I did have started to notice a bit of improvement in my depression (I mean, getting it lower) and in my concentration (making it better). however I guess that since I have noticed only an very slight improvement she has taken the decision to raise it up a bit and put me on the 20 mg thinking that this way I would see more of a difference. today it is my first day on 20 mg of this medication and the problem is that it seems that I am having more anxiety today than in the past and this is why I am not very sure right now if I am going to continue with it or I am going to go back to 15 mg because this dosage did not caused me any extra anxiety that I really do not want. in fact, I would say that I had even less anxiety than I had without it. but I am not sure if I should rush things because I was thinking that maybe this is only an adjustment period and soon my body and mind would get used to the 20 mg and the anxiety would disappear. if not, I am quite sure I would go back to my old dosage. my ADD condition is causing me more anxiety so this really does make sense to me… in case it is getting improved then I am going to have less anxiety even though it is a stimulant it is not stimulating me. and yeah, I am sorry if I start going off topic as I do know and I do realize that this is not the proper thread for this part of my post and so I am going to stop here. I am just going to search for a new thread (proper thread) for some future posts regarding this, however I am just trying to explain why I have filled a new script as it is interconnected between.


                        either way, sorry for everything if I've said something wrong… but the point of my post it is to announce Odell that I have taken my new script to my regular pharmacy. they did have had in their stock and they are also using the exact same generic as CVS has in their stock. I also should mention that I have asked my doctor what she thinks about tolerance and if she thinks that I can build a tolerance to this medication in general so she said that I might and so she said that it might be a really good idea if I am going to take some ""holidays"" off of this medication in those days when I am going to be able to do without it or when I won't need to take it (like days when I don't work and don't have to do anything). I did knew this (or at least theoretically, because I have read it up online and I've seen people saying that they develop tolerance to it) and I am still now searching for a good vendor that has modalert in order to check if this thing is going to help me on those days when I am going to be on break of this medication. it is obvious that I don't know (since never tried it) if this medication is going to be in agreement with me and my medication intake or will it ever help me at all in the time that I am using a stimulant, however I still would like to try at least a small amount of it in order to check this out and that's why I am now still searching for it. just in case my ADD is still going to continue to improve then I think that I may not need it, however I would really like to give it at least a try and that's since my ADD has already became pretty severe and it seems that it just continues on getting worse and worse. no need to say that it has already affected my life a lot and I would like to fix it! I am also thinking that it could be the depression and the anxiety that it is causing the symptoms, however I would really be more apt to take the breaks with a back up at this point now. thanks for letting me writing this as I had a feeling that I need to do it.


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                          hey there, I've seen that somebody out there has mentioned the fact that a while back Barr co has got into trouble with the FDA and so I assume that it must be true. too tired now to search for this online but I since there are so many people who have heard of it I guess it must be true. but whatever the case. I am shocked to see that nobody mentioned one thing here and it is the fact that Teva it is now owning Barr. this is why now their pills it is Teva/Barr. I mean, there is no Teva OR Barr. they are one company now and if they make generic Adderall (because I am not sure in this) then it is just one pill. how well it is made I am not sure. There's a friend of mine who takes Sandoz as well (saw someone mentioning it) saying that it is good. 


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                            Odell, I am sorry for mentioning you again but as you can see you were the only one who responded to me and there's nobody else with whom I can talk about this so hope you'll accept it. the thing is that I thought that I have been going down now for the last week or so due to the fact that I have changed antidepressants. I have been on the activas (which is the generic Adderall XR) on a 15 mg dosage for a few days and I have been feeling better than I was usually feeling. quite good but in searching for more and searching for feeling even better I have started to take 20 mg of activas generic adderall and then tapered off viibryd at the same time and then I have started to take Brintellix medication after that. I have been honestly thinking that Brintellix has been the culprit. so I have started to search for information and I have spend many hours being online today while doing it and I have found out that in fact it is the 20 mg of activas that I have been taking. that blue capsule of the generic adderall made it and there's no doubt in this! no question and I am absolutely sure. the thing is that while I was searching for information I have seen that approximately 95% of those who posted anything said that they had some awful reaction to the 20 mg of this generic Adderall that is Activas. oh my god… I am just so so upset right now and just livid! I really had no idea what's going on with me then but now I understand. the thing is that I have had some extremely terrible mood swings and inexplicable and very big rage (road especially flipping people off, been yelling out my window at them for cutting me off) just been feeling that I am much more crazier than I usually am with my anger and with some even worse ADD symptoms that I have had for all this time now. I have almost called the nurse approximately 4 or 5 times in order to check if I need to discontinue on using brintellix anymore. I have taken it at night due to the fact that I was really scared on using it during the day because of the symptoms that I have or might have during the day. I have really been thinking that this brintellix or maybe some kind of a big tolerance has been making me not being able to feel any helpful effects from adderall generic (and since I was acting like that I thought that it is because my symptoms raged and got worse over the time).


                            thankfully, I am finally going to visit my doctor tomorrow morning so I have been waiting for this instead of just calling the nurse like crazy. I do know that she is going to finally help me to figure this out! the next time I am going to get an generic adderal script that I would make sure to have written on it no activas otherwise I won't be taking anything at all!


                            in case there's somebody who doesn't know what I am talking about but wants to be sure to avoid them and not to take them you just need to google:  activas adderall blue pills. beware of them and never risk of taking them. trust me. I did and I am sorry. it is just a terrible excuse for some real adderall! if I could somehow ever calm down then I am going to bed to start my life back again tomorrow! I hate this… I have been completely out of the control and I have been so so damn angry at myself for going so down. and that's even though I do know that it has not been my fault, I still hate it! I am now just planning to take the remaining weeks pills and to follow whatever the plan it is necessary to follow in order to finallt get a new script earlier! I do know that I should not have to wait because this sh*tty pills are just poison and this is far from simply my opinion, I do know this as I have researched on it. I am sorry that I'm just ranting here but oh my… trust me I am so so sick of living like this now and I want to change it. been searching for solution and I have found out that there are some decent manufacturers (not like freaking activas) like for example Teva, Barr or Global which I have seem (or at least what I have understood) is that those are the shire generic products. really hope its so. I do know that I will try them, however I am going to ask for the brand only firstly! because of what it has done to me I do know that I am never going to swallow any other activas pill and that's even though it seemed that their 15 mg seemed to help me a bit. but the problem is that now I am never going to look at them the way I used to. I am simply not able to trust them anymore. in fact, I have seen one person even saying that she has been drug tested while been on them. she said that she applied for a new job and that she had a script for them. she went in there and told them that she takes these pills, showed the script but those people still wanted to drug test her and they did. she tested negative for amphetamines while taking them. how on earth I can trust these pills?  I am just really hoping that this is going to save somebody else from going through all of this… and I do know that people are reacting differently to drugs but it seems like it is a normal and usual thing for all people reacting this way on this pill. I'm just so mad because of this right now… but anyway.. thanks for letting me writing this down. I do feel better because of I've done it. ohh… inhale through the nose and exhale slowly through the mouth… again and again.. lol.


                            I've seen here the recommendations of sandoz so I would really like to try them out. since I've seen people recommending it here I've done a short research on sandoz and it does seem to be helpful for people out there. in case I'm not going to be able to get the brand I am going to search for as many pharmacies as it is going to be necessary to find those other brands. I am now not trying to chase the dragon but I'm searching for ""mentally healthy person"" what I wish so much to become! thanks for everything!