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  • Dexedrine is useless

    hello people, I am looking for your help. the problem is that I have already developed an very and very big tolerance due to the fact that approximately half a year ago (plus or minus) my doctor has prescribed me and put me on Prozac 10 mg daily and this has turned me into a walking dead as I have not been a human being anymore… I tell you this because I've lost absolutely all my motivation, I have had no ambition at all and generally this prozac medication has sucked all the energy out of me. I wasn't the person that I used to be once anymore when I started to take this medication. and so, instead of my prescribed 15 mg of Dex ER 2 times per day (30 mg a day) I have started to take a double dose, I mean the dose was the same (15 mg) but I was taking it 4 times per day (60 mg a day) and still… nothing helped, it was for no avail at all. that is very terrible and makes me feel really frustrating over this.


    anyway, then later I have got off from this prozac after I have been falling asleep during my work and I have only then realized that I have been wasting 3 months of my life all in feeling 'high' and sleeping all the time, or at least really wanting to sleep (I guess I could sleep 24/7 if I could) and what's even more important is that I was feeling very stupid all the time, unmotivated and with a big lack of energy. this is a drug (for me and in my opinion) that can very easily ruin your life because generally it has been very and very strange for me as everything that I really wanted to do was only to eat and to sleep or when I was not sleeping then to listen to music. and that's it. I mean, I was having no other desire like to get out or to do stuff.


    so either way…. I've got to say that because of some recent events that occurred in my life (which by the way, they could have been very easily predicted, however being stupid that I was - I've chosen to ignore it), I have started to be very negative about everything at all and so I have asked my GP to put me on Celexa (maybe some of you does know what's it, but I've done a bit of research on this and I have thought that it is a better drug that Prozac). so the doctor did listened to me and gave it to me however it seems that I was wrong as Celexa wasn't any better than Prozac as this stupid SSRI is making me once again, exactly as Prozac, being unmotivated, tired, sleepy and completely lazy and the Dex is not working.


    I guess I wrote this down because I can't take it anymore… in fact, I can feel that I can't, I am at my wits end. I'm pretty sure that the reason behind why I wrote this is that this is a scream of pain deep from my soul. but I also wanted to ask you guys… do you think that I am right if I tell that it does seems to me that the only way that I can get my tolerance back down and reverse its effects it is to take a month off the Dexedrine….?? I did have tried to do it, but I could take it only for a few days as I have been feeling very and very depressed, extremely irritable and generally an unwell feeling. besides this I need to add something else. I did have tried to take wellbutrin as an alternative, however I am allergic to this one and I can't take it as each time that I've tried - I've always got red rash all over my face and has made my allergies worse. doctor said that I'm allergic to wellbutrin and I can't take it.


    and so, now, having all of this said and after you know my story, is somebody who can help me with anything? please… with anything at all! I really need help and I would appreciate any type of information, any advice or recommendation. thank you in advance a lot!

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    I really do not want to discourage you, but unfortunately, there are many (if not most) of the antidepressants that are interfering with amphetamine effects… maybe only except for the one that you have mentioned (Wellbutrin) which is itself an amphetamine congener. this is the reason why lots of doctors and patients are resorting to wellbutrin when nothing else helps - it is an antidepressant which works the other way around compared to the other antidepressants out there. that's so sad that you're allergic to it… either way, I think that you need to ask your doctor for methylphenidate, this one might be helpful either. good luck!


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      oh yeah, I totally do agree with Turitch about that. on the fact that wellbutrin is also an antidepressant but it works differently than most antidepressants out there. and yeah, if you are allergic to this one then I also think and agree with Turitch that you've got to try another medication out there like methylphenidate (brand name for this is Ritalin). the reason is that this medication is working pretty much in a very similar way to the Dex but without any of the cross tolerance. having that said - your tolerance shouldn't touch the effectiveness of methylphenidate (Ritalin). and yeah, if you do think to seriously try it out then I just tell you (my opinion btw) that the immediate release tablets are working so much more better than the time released ones so if you do think to try it out, take this in consideration.


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        hey there, to be honest, I personally would recommend much more the focalin (dextromethyphenidate) over the plain Ritalin any time and I do think that it is much better due to the fact that it is going to have a much less peripheral nervous system side effects, which by the way, Ritalin is very famous for. reading about Ritalin a bit would make you understand what I am talking about and I am especially talking about the anxiety, the irritability and shakiness that it has. besides this, could you possible search into tapering down the SSRIs and to use something that it is much better for your depression. I've really got to ask you.. have you ever tried the d- amph on its own for your depression?? I only want to say that I've noticed that it is taking care of most of that for me so I just thought that it might take care for most of yours either. besides, I really do not want you to get in any legal issues, but I tell you - I am also using cannabis in order to fight back the depression and it does help. but I'm now in a state where it is allowed so take care because I don’t want you to come back saying that you've got troubles with policemen because of me. but about the SSRIs - I do know that there are plenty of people who thinks differently, but I personally have absolutely nothing good to say about them. I wish you good luck and it doesn't matter what is actually going to work for you, I just wish that something would finally work for you!


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          hey… what it is the chemical composition of this medication you talk about focalin? is it an amphetamine? I've got to say that I am also searching for a CNS to go with my nuvigil med, which by the way, is being really helpful however it is still limited for my ADD. and yeah, for those who haven't got it yet - ADD and not ADHD which is a big difference. I'm now in my 40s, however like 10 years or so ago it has been a limited research online in order to get adderall generic that was really amazing. nubie now, what big of a pain the ass… but anyway, there are always sites like this that do help, at least did helped me out…


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            hey there, the focalin (dexmethylphenidate) it is pretty much the left hands to the right hand of Ritalin (methylphenidate). I should say that I personally have been taking it for the last 7 -8 years and honestly, I've found it to be pretty much effective. I wish you good luck and I hope you'll be fine.


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              hello OP, only a short note here - the whole dextroamphetamine market in the USA has gotten turned upside down during the year 2009 and 2010 and the reason for that is the following: the founder of dexedrine sulfate, waaay back in 1937, Smith Kline, Phil PA as well as in 1952, also the founder and the patent holder of the dexedrine spansules (the ER version) has been sold in the entire world to various and different pharma firms. the first one, in mid 2009, Dexedrine 5 mg E 19 orange hearts, have been discontinued. the Orange Book rating, an extremely rare AA. and after that, later, the completely unforgivable thing has occured - Smith Kline, who has been merged 2 times (one time anywhere in the mid of 1980s with beecham Pharma and the other time once again, after 2003, with the Glaxo as the "Glaxo Smith Kline" with the USA division, has moved to the North Carolina, Int'l headquarters in UK. and so they have discontinued Dexedrine Spansules, in all of the sizes - 5 mg, 10 mg and 15 mg.


              I can't say anything for sure, however in my personal opinion - they have been the industry standard, or maybe gold standard, the troubled stimulant market, looked up to… (over some years later, Smith Kline has dropped benzedrine tablets as well as Benzedrine Spansule they have extended with a deal on the DEA ban on combination uppers as well as downers back in 1973 with their very and very popular Dexamyl in the IR version green heart pills which came in 5 mg as well as the Dexamyl Spansules which were in the 10 mg and 15 mg containing the C II Barb Sodium Amobarbital, until about 1982! all of the other combo, the uppers and downers, like for example the Biphetamine T (black beauties with the methaqualone), by the RJS, later Pennwalt as well as the smoothest rocket fuel the world has ever seen - Abbott Labs, Desbutal, which has made one time in 5 mg tablets, in 10 mg tablets and 15 mg tablets, sustained release tablets with the 'methamphetamine, the instant release of the Sodium Pentobarbital (Abbott Nembutal), The DEA has banned all production of the combination uppers and downers on 1st July 1973, once again the one survivor Dexamyl until 1982.


              well… what has happened to the dextroamphetamine sulfate IR version and the Sustained Release versions in its pure form?! the GSK has sold the patent to a USA pharma firm that has been called Amedra, to have a license, to manufacture and the use of the Dexedrine name. and so, this has been agreed only upon the late 2010 and since then, this Amedra Pharma has licensed out the controversial Core Pharma, in order to actually make those Dexedrine Extended Release capsules which are in 15 mg and 15 mg.


              I've got to say that I personally have used this medication. I've taken it starting from 1998 until 2009  so I do perfectly know how it works and I also can tell that it has been less than about one dollar per 15 mg of Dex Spansule, until the year 2007. but that's how it used to be as it is not more like that, in fact, I can say that it does seems to me that this is like an orphan drug. I can tell you that it is an daunting challenge to find out a USA pharmacy that it is stocking it out. I am not sure, maybe other people have diferent information, but I personally don't know of any USA insurance that would have this patented drug on their formularies.


              this company GSK went even further with their selling out of the stimulant market, and they have sold the rights for all of the dexendrine in the Canada, also back in 2010, where the 5 mg Dex I/R and Dexedrine Spansuels are manufactured, however, there have been critical shortages during the transition of the years 2010 to 2013. besides that, GSK has also sold out their production rights as well as licensed another firm either in the UK or in Ireland in order to take over production of Dexedrine and they have been formerly licensed out from GSK by Flynn Pharma. and this is not all as GSK has been also licensed out this Dexedrine, in the remaining country, 'Australia' where it is a highly restricted orphan drug. and in the end, what is the left for the USA users (and in just my opinion) it is this, the generic dextroamphetamine instant release - it has been turned over to a small handful of manufacturers in here and now.


              anyhow, there is a lot much more information that I can share here but I guess I should stop here because I already think that I have made a too big and maybe for some people too bothersome post. that is why, if there is anybody else who wants anymore information you can always write me in Pm and I am going to share with you everything else that I have got. I really hope that this is going to be helpful for some.


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                or also you could take a break and that's it, those medications do need to be treated with respect and that's can be easily understood by the way they act and by how they make you feel. and so, if I just can recommend you to take a day (at the very least) but maybe even more, eat like an elephant (and I mean A LOT) and sleep even more, sleep up they take their toll and I think that this is one sure thing.


                besides this, there is also tyrosine that can help you very much, as well as a good diet too and lots of fluids and stuff like that. The stuff that I am talking about Tyrosine it is an amino acid that when it is being consumed it is turning into dopamine and so, in this way, your medications are having more than enough fuel in order to work properly.


                however, I guess there is no need to explain why upping your dosage is only a downward spiral and the more you up your dosage the lower you are getting, just the symptoms of the cold hands and feet are a worry too. The clonidine which is also being known as the catapress it is being useful when you are trying to cut out some of the adrenaline excess.


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                  HiShope, you shouldn't have stopped, the more information here the better for us all so thank you a lot for taking your time so you posted all of that information. you said that you have more, please share it, that's really really interesting. in fact, to be honest, some of that information has been just a little bit over my head… LOL. I guess, after all of that, there is no wonder that it is so so hard to find any stimulants right now. to be honest, I would really love to just find, even some tenuates for some long days now or when I really need to focus. I have lost my last source when the AMCs have disappeared and I am not very sure what to do. I am currently still searching through the forums and through the entire internet, however it does seems to be just a lot of fakes out there now and that's why, to be honest, I am scared to purchase anything because most of what I am seeing there are all only fakes. I hope that I'm going to find something good soon. thanks again for everything.


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                    hey Yolanda, I am going to share a bit more information with you hoping, again that it would be helpful. the Tenuate you have mentioned (Diethylpropion HCL) has still been made in the USA years ago (back in 2011) as a orphan drug and it has been made by the Watson Laboratories, who has then later merged with Actavis company in 2013. It has been made in tablets of 25 mg as well as in tablet of extended release in 75 mg tablet version, which is pretty much like the original Brand Tenuate 25 mg which the holder of patent was The William S. Merrill Company a division of Richardson - Merrill Inc. Cincinnati in Ohio. and regarding the extended release versions - Merrill company has offered the tradename of Tenuate dospan 75 mg ER. they were considering the 25 mg a sympathamimetric agent 25 mg while the 75 mg has been combined with a 2nd special hydrochloride agent + under PDR actions and uses and in the clinic uses it has one single use of reduction of the appetite. Yolanda has embossed Watson 783 for the 25 mg C IV white and round tablets as well as Watson 782 for 75 mg ER capsule shaped tablets.


                    but here's one note here: in my opinion, Physicians Desk Reference since 10 years now (year 2007), has gone through some management changes, formerly been published by Medical Economics, Inc later in 1998, by Thompson Healthcare Inc later, four years later in 2011 by the PDR Network LLC. anyway, Yolanda, I want to tell you that I personally did have tried both of these medications, I am talking about the Tepanil 25 mg as well as Tenuate 25 mg and both of them from a free handout from a student at University of GA Athens GA and to be honest I can tell you that I really really liked the results that I have got. to be honest, it has heleft an indelible positive impression on me then. but once again, I have been handed some professional samples, that have been a year years aged, and it was many years ago, been given them by a semi retired RN. thanks to god for this. as history is a lesson, the once extremely popular stimulant on the market of the years 1960s to 2 laws that has dramatically reduced their sales, have been the BNDD rescheduling of the amphetamines as well as considered very strong non amphetamines from a lifetime prescription, which means only like a once per year visit to your PCP/ family doctor for a PRN refill, again, if I can remember it well, for one full year, from the date of the inception. and then, years later the DEA has banned the production of combination stimulants with the tranquilizers, with barbiturates and/ or methaqualone. and in fact, this methaqualone that I am talking about, which is a non barbiturate sedative, has been re scheduled once again by the DEA (again, if my memory is correct here), from a unscheduled medication, there are sometimes when it is being referred to as a schedule VI (old school), with PRN refills, to a very and very tight of schedule II, with absolutely no refills, with no phone in prescriptions and obviously, with quantity limits (as well as with a tighter control of who is being given this medication).


                    from as much as I can remember, years later, the Nixon BNDD, has placed all of the amphetamines as well as all non amphetamine stimulants, under the Controlled Substances Act, as well as the stimulants have been placed as either a schedule II like for example the Dexedrine, Obetrol, Desoxyn, Biphetamine, Preludin, Benzedrine and many others in the time that only a few went schedule III, which is a much softer class that it is allowing up to 5 refills within a 6 month time frame (which is a lot, compared to C II).


                    again,  I still have a lot to say but I won't make it a too big or bothersome post and I am going to stop here. for those who are interested you can PM me and I will try to help with whatever I can. as for now, I wish you good luck


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                      oh wow… that really sucks a lot… One sure thing is that SSRIs are definitely not the right thing for everybody. I know that for some people they can be their saviors, however for others they can be a hellish drug. for example, for me, Prozac is enhancing the effects of stimulants and of the opiates, and it makes it so much to the point of causing addictive behavior that are vanishing when the Prozac is being discontinued from being used. in fact, I find it crazy how we are all reacting so so different to the exact same medication but that's a fact, there are just way too many people experiencing way too different effects from the same medications to think otherwise. it just proves how different we are although we all 'look' the same.


                      whatever the case, in my opinion, anything at all that's out there and makes you be too tired or too foggy to function properly it is not a good thing for you. in fact, anything that makes you feel anyhow which stands between you and your tasks isn't a good fit for you. but then again, for someone that 'something' might be good, while for somebody else it might not. but the problem here is that trying to stop taking antidepressants is able to cause rebound anxiety/ depression which is even worse than the original symptoms that you were having and why you've started to take that medication at all. from as much as I have learned, this is typically going away after approximately one month or so and if you go through that month then you're usually fine or at least much more better, however that's still something to wonder about because sometimes it can be even dangerous and especially if your mood is falling down way too far in that one single month so god knows what's going to happen… but then again, the exact same thing goes for the stimulants as well… when you try to stop taking them it is going to cause you rebound fatigue/ irritability and sometimes even depression too for a while (and other times until you do something about that yourself). anyway, just remember that too much of that push and pull it can be very detrimental to your stability and you've got to be careful about this as well.


                      I am not very sure but I can suppose that the only solution (and pretty much my only recommendation here) it is only to keep on experimenting. it doesn't matter what other people tell you because as I said, we are all being different, that is why just keep in testing and experimenting, trying different medications and different dosages but what's very important is that you do all of this only with your doctor's supervision, otherwise it can be really dangerous and unworthy to do so! you've got to remember that finding a long term fit medication really can take a while and require effort, and especially when more than only one medication is being involved. I know it all because I have been there - I have done that! you've got to hang in there tightly! just be sure that it does get much more better when you are finally going to find whatever you need to get yourself. that's gonna save you a lot!