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  • more info on adderall needed

    Hey everyone, I am just really curious in finding out what kind of a feedback I am going to get about this stuff Adderall as I see that it is the most popular ADHD (or at least what it seems to me) medication. Well, I knew very well that I have had ADHD my entire life, however only inquired about it with a cognitive neurologist this last winter. I have passed/ or failed the exam with the flying colors, however you do want to look at it. I just kept on interrupting her in the time of her questioning so that has been pretty much sealed deal. Whatever the case, she has put me on the 10 mg of this thing one time a day. I did have taken some until I have finally got used to it, however it did has worked very well for me. well, after a few weeks of being on it, I have started to double up the dosage. Must mention here that I am grinding all my day with financial analysis and I am working in an extremely busy environment and that is why I am getting very easily distracted.  The thing is that even though I have doubled the dose which means I take 20 mg, this dose is not really doing the good job for me anymore, although it used to do in the past. and yeah, I do know, since it is obvious, that I could be keep on going further taking 30 mg or even 40 mg etc. a day, however, to be honest, I do not feel as if this is the solution that I need because I know that in the end, I will reach a dosage that will not help me but it is going to be the maximum admissible dose. I am not sure but I am thinking that maybe a time released alternative is going to work instead of it? what do you think and what’s your opinion on it at all? feedback etc. with the 20 mg, I am somewhere in the zone of approximately 6 hours or so for this thing to work, but considering the fact that I am starting at 7 AM in the morning, this really does not take me very far as there are still hours left for me to work and so I think that I need to somehow fulfill this gap. Thank you for everything in advance.

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    Hello there, if you are asking for my honest opinion I must say that I am not very sure if the Adderall would be the best option for you to your condition, at least, again, in my honest opinion. The reason I think this way is that it could very easily lead you to some awful withdrawal symptoms. Trust me I know what I am talking about because the withdrawals from Adderall are as horrible as you can imagine, I did have seen people with my eyes who were addicted to it and I wouldn’t wish such a painful experience not even to my enemies. If you are on it better try everything that you can to be safe and you are right that keep on upping the dosage isn’t the solution you need, that’s for sure. And if you don’t want to switch and if you do truly need to keep on taking it (but of course, it is always better not to take anything in case you are able to) then very carefully follow the recommendations of your practitioner and make sure that you won’t ever over prescribe. I would say that you shouldn’t take even one extra pill that you don’t need and in fact, if you are not working on weekends (Sat – Sun) and you don’t need the focusing, better don’t take those days pills. Take as little as possible. Hoping you will be safe.


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      Hey there, thank you very much for sharing your opinion and for your concerns, I really appreciate that. I have to say that these days I have changed from the instant release Adderall (IR) to the extended release (ER) version of it and to be honest, I really like the ER version much more than the IR as it is much better, IMO, working for my needs. As you said, I am trying to take as little as possible as I am using anywhere between 20 mg and 30 mg a day. I don’t ever take more than 30 mg a day but I also don’t take less than 20 mg as it would be ineffective. Usually I take 20 mg a day only, I am taking them just before I am starting my day, however there are some occasions sometimes when I need to use the other 10 mg extra at noon, in case I know that I am going to have a long day which would require me to be focused. I add those extra 10 mg at noon from time to time in order not to lose the effectiveness and as I said, to fulfill that gap.


      This is the reason why I must mention this and brig to your knowledge (to everyone else who is also on Adderall) that in case your dose is starting to wear off but you still need it then I think that you need to check it with your doctor and see if they are willing to change your IR Adderall to the extended release as it lasts much longer. Another thing that I really love about the extended release ones is that these pills are also keeping the drug from causing that spike of energy/ focus, however then it is being followed by a crash which I was unaware of how to deal with it and I absolutely hated it. but that’s the point in the ER version and with this one, the dose is steadily released in your system which makes it all sort of steady, without getting too much in the beginning and then too little in the end.


      And yeah, in regards to the Adderall withdrawals… yeah, I do know very well and that’s absolutely true that Adderall does have horrible withdrawals in case you are going to stop from using it immediately. I was warned about this and I, of course, knew it. this is why, for other people to know.. you would want to taper back slowly and to stop from using this stuff only under the supervision of your prescribing physician in order to have a safe and less painful withdrawal. But that’s only my opinion. All the best to you.


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        Well, it does seems to me as if you have found a solution to your problem OP, however you have asked for opinions and feedback in your first post and so I thought I would chime in… just in case it would be helpful for anyone out there. I am not absolutely sure but I do think that it is quite a common thing to have Adderall being prescribed as twice per day, of course, only in case it is the immediate release version of Adderall as I have not ever heard of twice a day dosage with the extended release because there’s no point in doing this since it is… EXTENDED release… your doc. has started you at 10 mg as you said and I do think that she has most likely started with this dose since doctors, usually, like to start with the lowest possible dose and see if effective and then to work it up as it is necessary IF it is necessary to work up which does sounds logical as there’s no point to start you at, say 30 mg a day, when 10 mg a day could have been perfectly enough for you and your needs. I’ve gotta say that I personally do not actually think that 20 mg b.i.d. would be such a big deal. Of course everyone has their own opinions, but if I were you then I’d honestly just tell the doctor about it at the next appointment. You just can tell them that you are really seeing a slight improvement, not very much, and that you would really like to try the higher dosage for like a month or maybe 2. In case you have always been a ‘good patient’ which has always listened to their directions such as refills/ appointments so far, then I do not think that there is going to arise a problem. That’s for multiple reasons and one of them is that you are not even close to the maximum allowed dose for the adults and although I do understand your concerns, so far, there’s actually nothing that you should be concerned about. I wish you good luck and all the best, hope you’re going to deal with it ASAP.


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          Oh yeah, that’s one sure thing out there that in case you are having the instant release type then one dosage a day definitely won’t last all day long, especially if you start, as you said, at 7 AM and you need the effects to last until, say 6 PM. One IR version definitely isn’t enough all working day unless you work 4 hours per day. I thought that maybe you should inquire about an extended release version to complement it? another thing I thought is that maybe you need to consider to take a medication break for a little while in order to lower the tolerance? Maybe you are not going to be at your best at your work for that while, but at least you keep your health safe. Good luck and take care!


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            Well, indeed Adderall is very popular among ADHD drugs out there, and there’s another one, a newer version of ADHD drug called Vyvanse. I personally, since suffering from ADHD my entire life, have used to have prescriptions for both this Adderall as well as Vyvanse and I would just take Adderall on my days of where I would just wake up super late and I did not want to potentiate the cycle of staying up later and later. Over a while of being on them, I have found out that Adderall does not last exactly as long and it has been pretty much easier for me to lay down at a reasonable hour and to go to sleep normally, even if I have had taken it at like around 10:00 or 11:00 AM. But indeed the tolerance is getting higher and higher on these things and that’s not a secret, I can feel it on myself because nowadays, I do not really have a problem with sleeping anymore and that’s with either one of them, even though I am rarely using Adderall anymore (I guess this is the reason why). If you keep on trying Adderall with little to no success then I suggest you to try talking with your doctor about Vyvanse. GL.


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              I did have been on Adderall myself so I know what you are talking about. I’ve bene on 10 mg IR up to 3 times per day for some years! However I must admit that I am not using it as it is being scripted to me here… I saw someone recommending that method so I second it saying that the recommendation is valid as I try it myself. What I am talking about is not to take it at all on the days that you don’t need or you don’t need it as much. There are many days when if I do not need to focus so much I do not take any at all and there are some other days when I know that I have to do only a bit of a job so I take only one or maybe 2 and they will do.


              I know many people do not actually want to apply this method in fear of having horrible withdrawals… well, I personally have never experienced any kind of withdrawals from doing it and that’s even after some really prolonged periods of taking 3 of them per day, every single day (and in fact, I should admit here that there were some days in which I have upped it to 4 times a day, but never more than that) and I’ve been taken that much because of some work projects that I had in which I have been working every single day (7/7) for weeks or months. On those extremely busy and crazy scheduled days I could take 4 a day as I was afraid that I couldn’t do it all. so after the project has been finished after many weeks or some months of taking no less than 3 a day and occasionally 4 a day, daily, I have actually abruptly stopped a few days, as I said, when I didn’t needed to be focused. But I do realize that this can be individual so if I didn’t got the wds it doesn’t mean other people don’t so better be careful if doing that. Whichever the case, I heard that those horrid wds are starting if taking for a prolonged period (not only a few weeks) and at higher doses (not at 3 pills a day), but anyway, being careful of what are you doing is always welcome. Whichever the case, I did stopped abruptly and I have never got a crash feeling from it wearing off, nor does it disturb my sleep or affected my appetite or anything. In those days I just felt that I didn’t taken any pills – 0 focus etc.


              That is why, I can say here that IMO, the worst thing that I have ever experienced in my life has been the feeling that I was overly tired maybe one day or 2 a few times and I know that this is bcuz I didn’t used the Adderall. But then again, we are all wired in various ways.


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                You peeps are all talking here about this Adderall, but I cannot even get my doctor prescribe me Adderall… I have not come right out and asked of course because I know what that would mean, however another doctor did say that it has been highly unusual to give adderall to adult people??? What kind of stupidity is that? I did heard of Adderall being given to kids, but he said that ONLY to kids and that to adults it is given, but as said, that’s highly (I repeat, HIGHLY) unusual! I just couldn’t believe what I heard but you know… you can’t argue with a doctor… so I went home and tried to get it myself but I am not so rich and went I went to at least 10 sites or so, online pharmacies, that are selling Adderall and I have seen that… oh my god… $300 per 30 pills, that is absolutely craziness!! $ 10 for a pill would kill my budget! I’m going to be 51 years old in this upcoming November and as I said, according to this doctor at the office, they are not tending to give this stuff to adults. I have no idea though, why…


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                  You know… what I have noticed (agree, that’s strange, but whatever), is that I am doing best on a cocktail of the extended release AND instant release as well medications, and that’s especially applying with the Adderall thing. I mean, this is working for me with nearly all the drugs that I need to take instant release and extended release but with Adderall it works even better. But sadly for me that’s hard for me to get this amazingly working cocktail because I am having a really nutty doc. that is absolutely against and completely refuses to script to me the instant release ones and that’s even though I am having a lot of years of records with both him and this medication (and absolutely never a history of any drug abuse). He thinks that with the extended release it is much harder to get hooked on and he is telling me that it is way too easy for the people to abuse the instant release Adderall, so the Adderall that he scripts to every one of his patients is only extended release… as if there are not patients who require instant release instead. I often hear about the war on drugs but to my opinion, this is actually a war on the patients that actually really need those drugs… to be honest, I am afraid to think of what awaits us in the future.