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    Hi everybody, as you can see, I would like to talk about the dosages that you people take of Modafinil, I have been wondering what dosages people here are taking and so I decided to make a thread about it hoping that this might help me out a bit to understand which is better for me and which is not. so well, do you start at the recommended of 200 mg of it? or you say that it would be better to start at 100 mg only? Do you think I should split the dose? Generally, what you can recommend about the Modafinil dosages? In case you are feeling that you’re getting used to the effects, what do you do then? Are you upping the dose to 400 mg? if not then what do you do then?

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    hi there, well, so far I have experimented with different dosages (dosages anywhere between 50 mg and 200 mg per day, however I have never taken more than that as I was afraid that it would be too much and never less because as much as you can understand, most likely, it is going to be useless and worthless). Well, from as much as I have noticed I can tell you that Modafinil does seems to work very well for me for the first couple of hours after I am taking it, however then later it is being followed by a crash period where I am feeling dizzy/ drowsy and then later, after a while, it suddenly is getting back to its waking effect again. I find it really strange to be honest. I guess it is obvious that if you want to check what’s the best method and best dosage for you, then the best chance it is to start low and slowly and from there to increase the dose and not the other way around. You up the dosage up until you feel that it is perfect or until you feel that it is too much and get it down a little bit. Hoping this will help you a little bit.


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      Umm, well, to be honest, I have been wondering about this question as you too and I have started to research a bit myself. Here’s why I have found… the advisory site drugs dot com is suggesting to use one single dose of 200 mg of it in the morning and it is also recommending that there has been not found absolutely any therapeutic advantage in using it repeatedly or increasing the dosages throughout your day. However, to be honest, I find this hard to be true and that’s why I MUST ask you people… has anybody here ever tried this? if anybody of you ever did then could you please tell us whether do you agree or disagree with this statement? Plus to that, I have heard that the efficacy of the Modafinil is drastically decreasing in case you are using it on successive days due to the tolerance, therefore, this thing which is called ‘cycling’ which means that giving it a miss on one or maybe more days in order to avoid getting the tolerance built up – it has been recommended. With this statement I do agree, however I still want to ask you people, those more experienced – do you agree or disagree with this statement? Thanks for everything.


      Also must mention that I think a sensible thing to do here (as with all of the drugs/ medication out there) it is to start off with quite a small dosage only to make sure that there are no adverse/ allergic reactions to it and, obviously, to check how the drug is working specifically for you as we all know that drugs can affect 2 people in completely different ways although they both take same drug. Whichever the case, as a recommendation on how to start it… for example in my own case, even though the recommended starting dosage of the modafinil it is 200 mg as you OP mentioned, I still split the pill into 2 and take only a half (100 mg). and by the way, for whatever this might be worth it… I am doing similar way with the Armodafinil either. The recommended dosage is 150 mg of it and so it comes in 150 mg, however I split it up into 2 halves and initially I am taking only 75 mg of it. however take note that I am not an expert nor a doctor so I only tell you the way that I decided to do as it seemed to me to be the safest way of starting it out.


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        Well, I did had planned on splitting the 200 mg into 2 of 100 mg doses, but still taking 200 mg per day as I am taking first dosage early in the morning and the second dose of 100 mg during the lunch time. to be honest here, I really find it really strange here to hear of people crashing so early as it is having a half life of roughly 12 hours. that’s really long and crushing so early is just unbelievable. Prolly why they are recommending taking the full dosage in the morning only, that’s in order to combat the sleeplessness during the night.


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          Oh well, I would recommend you to start out at 50 mg or maybe even 25 mg only as a very cautious start if you’re worried that something might go wrong, however if you are not being as super cautious as others, you only got to start on 100 mg as most people is doing. as for the entire dose of 200 mg I would recommend to only use it only when the effects of the 100 mg start to lessen.


          I personally did have used more than 200 mg of it on some occasions, however in case your bodily resources are being depleted, then the modafinil is not going to help you anymore so taking it further poses no benefits anymore. Plus to that, you need to pay attention to the fact that this medication is not actually giving you any kind of energy, all that it does is only to keep you away, so thinking that you get energy is wrong and I think that it is important to know this. having this said, you need to know that your body will still need to present its own energy sources. I hope this information would help and I really hope that your modafinil would help you the way you need it.


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            Well, from as much as I have read about this drug, it really very and very much depends on your reaction to the modafinil, and I guess you do know that we’re all reacting different to drugs. Like for example, there are some type of people out there (for example, like me) that are very and very sensitive to absolutely any kind or form of stimulant and getting to sleep. And so, I am waking up as early as it is possible (maybe like at 5 AM or so), and I am taking only half of a pill (which means 100 mg of it), and after that I am going back to sleep. I am getting some sleep but then modafinil is waking me up and usually that’s anywhere around 7 AM or 8 AM and I am all good to work anywhere until about 6 PM or so, before I can feel that the effects it has are wearing off me. and you know, even with that relatively small amount that use, it can still keep me up like until 2 or 3 AM. What I am trying to say with all of this is that IMO, you need to be very and very careful with the dosages and you need to work your way up with it until you find what’s actually good for you. really hoping that this is going to be helpful for you.


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              Hi there everyone, I have popped 2 x 200 mg pills the first time ever and you know, I did have felt some very positive effects about it. and then later, I have found out that it is a really really dosage to start with (I didn’t know about it when I’ve done this), I didn’t like that and so, I cut back to 300 mg (cut 100 mg out) and I am thinking that it has felt pretty much the same as I felt with the 400 mg of it which is strange IMO.


              I do know that I most likely should really cut it down to maybe anywhere like 200 mg or maybe even less than this… however the problem is that I really do want to really feel it… to be honest, I hate to use something and not even having it work due to the fact that the dosage has been too low. I understand that the tolerance is minimal….


              It is stating some excessive amounts do not have any added benefits anymore… is there anybody out there who might be having some experience with the dosages? Is too good to try out and to find a minimum and not to take more than this anymore, or simply to use that hefty dosage or your body simply isn’t going to respond..


              Also, I should say that I am a completely newbie to Provigil and that’s why I would really appreciate if someone could give me some answers about it. if this makes a difference… I am a 160 lbs and I’m a man, I would really like to know if a minimal dosage it is the best route and what it is the best way to find that minimal dosage? I would really like to find it out. lately I have been dosing anywhere between 300 and 400 mg (5 times per week) and would like to know if this is a high dose to start? Btw, it has been my first 2 weeks with it. would appreciate your help a lot.


              Is there anybody out there who could comment on a lower dosage compared to a higher dosage and how does it feels for you personally? I honestly think that this information could be really helpful for me. 


              Also, can you be this kind to recommend me whether should I lower my dosage or not without losing benefits? thanks a lot for everything!


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                Well… for whatever this might be helpful for you but the very first time, I have taken maybe anywhere like 5 mg in order to test whether do I have some allergies on it or maybe some adverse side effect reactions from it. after I saw that everything is fine (at least so far) and that I’m all good, I upped my dosage to 50 mg and then I saw the dosage being too small and so I upped it again and settled on 100 mg after some multiple trials – the 200 mg of a dosage was making me feel too anxious and jittery and in addition to that I was getting a wicked headache as well.


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                  Umm.. I’m sorry but I’m a newbie in all of this so this question might sound a bit stupid for you and your knowledge but I would rather ask and know information than stay quiet and die stupid.. so what are these things supposed to do? I mean, how do they work? From as much as I have read online about them, all that they are being supposed to do it is just to keep you awake, is this true or not? I mean, maybe there are some other effects that I haven’t read about, aren’t there? would also like to find out how can you compare a modalert with a cup of coffee or an energy drink? Is the difference that big?


                  And plus would like to find out how long does a 100 mg dosage is going to last before you’re going to crash? If it depends on your weight then I’m a 170 lbs male so how good might it work for me and how long might its effects last for me? and one more last question if this won’t bother you too much… does it increase the symptoms of the anxiety like some other stimulants do or not? I would really like to know more. Thank you in advance.


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                    Hi there, I am going to try to help you with what I know so I can just answer the second part of your post which I hope it will be helpful for you:


                    And plus would like to find out how long does a 100 mg dosage is going to last before you’re going to crash? If it depends on your weight then I’m a 170 lbs male so how good might it work for me and how long might its effects last for me? and one more last question if this won’t bother you too much… does it increase the symptoms of the anxiety like some other stimulants do or not? I would really like to know more. Thank you in advance.


                    I personally am finding that the dosage is not actually having any impact on the duration that it works. the 100 mg of this thing is going to last just as long as the 200 mg would, however it is obvious that a higher dosage is going to have an more pronounced effect which means that if I take the 200 mg it would keep me more alert compared to when I take the 100 mg. but for me, both of the dosages are lasting anywhere between 12 to 15 hours or so. I personally am taking my dosage right after I am waking up, that’s the first thing I do in the morning, I take it so early so I can be able to fall asleep in the evening, if you take it later during the day then you might and most likely will find it hard to fall asleep. And if you want to find out more information specifically about modafinil then I can tell you that it is a very clean stuff which I do like and it doesn’t have a crash like some other stimulants are having. So it fine to take it compared to others.


                    By the way, there’s also my wife that was also prescribed modafinil too. She is having issues with anxiety and this is the reason why she has had to stop using the modafinil after the first week. having this said, I tried to answer the question whether does it affects/ intensifies the anxiety problems so yeah, it does. Any stimulant at all affects/ intensifies the anxiety, even coffee does. But since it is not so strong then you don’t actually feel it.


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                      Oh yeah, you can be all 100% sure that the anxiety is a factor in higher doses and if you do have pre existing anxiety issues then most likely any stimulant is going to be contra indicated for you. as for the question of how long does it work… well, I personally am crashing a little bit later than the lunchtime and so then I redoes with it. the half life, you can be sure, is really long, however that does not mean that it is going to be in the zone for that long! Plus it very much depends on you personally.
                      The most significant for me it is that using more than a couple of days straight it starts to negate the positive effects and the negative ones starts to increase. The tolerance with them (at least for me, but I’m quite sure for everybody out there is the same) is getting high very quickly which means that you shouldn’t be taking it for a long period of time straight without cycling out (stopping to take it), otherwise you’re going to find the same thing: negate the positive effects and an increase in the negative ones. Hopefully this will help you.


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                        For whatever this is going to be worth but I can tell you that I am going with the 50 mg of sublingual dose in the morning and sometimes I add another 50 mg also sublingual in the afternoon. However I am not doing this on an every day basis so I think that the tolerance should stay away from me. in fact, I can say that over the years my dose has actually gone down. to be honest, I personally really do like the sublingual ones as for me there is less stomach tightening and it is acting really quickly, therefore they are the best for me. if you find yourself being in same situation then you could be trying it out as well. I am having modalerts that are not too bitter, they are dissolving pretty quickly and they are very easy to and split in quarters. For these reasons I like them the most. But I’ve got to say that with the modafinil you categorically should start low and to see how the results would be for you and not to risk. as there is a very little euphoric effect at any dosage, smaller it is going to be better.