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Unstoppable stomach pains

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  • Unstoppable stomach pains

    Hey people, can anybody help me? I think I have a serious problem with my stomach because some weeks ago I noticed that every time when I walk my stomach hurts. I spoke about this with my mother and she said that this is because of my diet, because I don’t normally eat and my stomach is damaged. After this, I got very scared and started to think about all the strange things like stomach cancer and other stuff. Nowadays I’m trying to eat well and just healthy food but this pain didn’t disappeared and I’m even more scared. I would be happy to know if there is somebody that had the same problem and got rid of it? I don’t know if I have to consult a doctor. Maybe there is much more that my mother thinks. I just hope that I have no cancer and no other serious disease. I’m  freaking out each time when I’m thinking something about this. Hope somebody can help me. Thank you a lot.

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    Hey fly bird, you O.K.? Nothing to scare you but it sounds like you could have hernia, better go and check at a doctor's lab. Even if you don't play sports, don't exercise and so on you could be born with an umbilical which can be responsible for your pains. It is getting bigger with time so therefore it will continue to be painful and even to get more painful if you don't do something about that. Again, nothing to scare you but it could be something life threatening so you better go and check what's wrong. I am not a doc and I doubt that I can help you somehow.


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      Yes I have a similar situation but I don't think that cancer is responsible for this... At least I hope so... It just hurts a little bit creating some discomofort, sometimes worse than the other times but in general nothing that would lead to such a fatal disease, I guess... Emily, do you really think that it is possible to have what have you described about? I was just seraching some information about these uncomfortable pains but I found you guys and you're really scaring the ***t out of me!! I guess I'll go and visit my family doctor tomorrow morning...