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Strange lower abdomen pain!

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  • Strange lower abdomen pain!

    I decided to write here because I’m not so sure about where it has to go. Usually people decide where to write because they know what it is or what it could be. I woke up 5 days ago with a strange pain in my lower left abdomen and I really don’t know how to deal with it. The first day that I noticed this I thought that there is nothing to worry about and the first thing that I thought is that this pain appeared because I slept in a bad position. I usually sleep very badly and really when I woke up I couldn’t believe that this is possible and that the position that I have is a real factor for what I have, but... In fact when it happened the second day I realized that there is something else and that I have to do something because the pain started to increase. From my first pain experience passed 5 days and I still feel this strange pain and even ibuprofen can’t help me. I started to think about my symptoms that could explain to me what it really is but I found nothing and I can’t classify my disease. Besides all of the facts I remembered that some days before I have had some strange feelings that I can’t explain. I felt some stomach pain and headaches, I don’t know If they are linked with the abdominal pain that I have now but I really hope that there exist an answer for my situation. I will try to describe better my symptoms and feelings to you; maybe somebody knows what it could be. I would like to have at least one idea about what is it…


    The first morning when I woke up I felt the very first pain inside my left hip bone and the pain was similar to a muscle pain that’s why I didn’t thought that this is something very serious. From that day the pain didn’t change the position, I can feel it sometimes near my left hip bone but generally I can say that it’s the same place. The second thing that I noticed on the 2 and the 3 day is that if I don’t walk enough and if I sit for a very long time at my desk the pain become worse, insupportable and incontrollable. I can’t even drive for more than 1 hour because I feel how my left side starts to hurt. Walking is better but it’s not the same for running or when I get up the stairs, I know this is strange for me 2. I can’t understand what this is, and I’m very mad. I accept the fact that I’m a very stressed person and that I get mad, angry all the time and for things that aren’t worth it but now, since I feel this terrible pain I can’t feel free and relaxed, every time the pain starts to get more intense I start to feel nervous and stressed and I hate this thing. In order to feel better, to eliminate the pain and to eliminate the nervous situation and stressful mind I have to sleep, I noticed that every time I go to sleep It’s like becoming a new person. Another thing that is curious is that it doesn’t hurt’s when I press on the area, so this make me believe that this isn’t a broken bone or something like this. I can move normally, but I know that if I’ll move more intensively, soon I’ll feel that terrible pain again. Hey, I really hope that someone will answer to me and will be able to help me. Please, I really what to know what this is… Waiting for you answer!

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    Actually you mentioned something about muscle pain, and I consider that it could be some muscle dysfunction that make you feel so bad.  You can wait some days in order to see what will happen but I consider that you can call your doctor in order to ask him to prescribe to you some pain killer. I consider that there is something wrong with your muscles. Usually when I feel that there is something wrong with me and I don’t know what it could be I check out myself and I assure myself that I’m okay, this is what you should do now in order to feel better.


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      yes, I also consider that, it could be a pulled muscle or something like that but you have to remember that there is another option that you have to take under consideration and this is the ovarian cyst. I carefully read the symptoms that you described and I remembered that some years ago when I was diagnosed with ovarian cyst I have had similar things. I woke up the same way with some strange pain in my lower abdomen and after some weeks with intense pain I decided to contact my doctor which later, after a couple of tests told me that I have this cyst. It could be something else, not necessarily cyst problems but I consider that the right thing is to call your doctor as soon as possible, to do some exams and to be sure that there is nothing serious because if it’s not then you can be relaxed but if there is something serious then it would be better to treat it on an earlier stage, no? I really wish you good luck and that everything is going to be fine .