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Chest discomofort with fatigue, help

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  • Chest discomofort with fatigue, help

    Hi everyone. Is there somebody who can shed a light on my problem please? I am only 32 years old and for the last 2 months or so I have been feeling very weird – I’m feeling extremely tired and I am also having some on and off chest discomfort and occasionally I am feeling like my heart is skipping a beat or something like this. I have done a lot of tests, and all kinds of tests and a lot of time has been spent but still nothing showed up. all my tests results came back normal so I am not sure about what I need to do…. maybe this is an important sign, I don’t know, but when I am waking up in the morning, I am much more tired than I am feeling the night before that. I guess all this wouldn’t be such a big problem, but I am complaining about it because I am having 2 children and it is very and very hard to keep up with them while having these things. I have been told by the doctor that I am suffering from anxiety and that’s what makes me feel it. I do agree with him, I don’t have any reasons why I wouldn’t agree that I have anxiety, maybe I really have, but I still think that I am having more than simply anxiety. this is the reason why I am here, I wanted to ask you people if you can tell me what this thing could be. Is there somebody who can help me please? With a suggestion or something? Please. Or maybe you can tell me whatever test I need to take in order to find out? Or you think that all of this really can be only because of anxiety and there’s nothing more than that?? please, anything.

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    Your post requires a lot of questions, some of the are if they did give you something (or at least anything) for the anxiety or not?? it is also important if you have ever had anxiety issues in the past? Think if there is something specific that could have brought this to you? do you sleep normally or you sleeping habits are not so good? have you ever tried some of relaxation techniques (because they really can help you out)? Maybe you’re suffering from insomnia? Maybe there are some chances that you are suffering from a sleeping disorder? The sleeping disorder and insomnia are much more serious then you might think. Also, you have not mentioned what kind of tests you have done so I need to ask you if they did do a thyroid test on you (TSH)? If yes then I assume that the results were normal too? if no, then I suggest doing it. plus, if you have complained about all these things I assume that your doctor has done some tests on your heart yeah? If not, then you also need to do it. something like an EKG where you are wearing a heart monitor for like a day (24 hrs). moreover, besides the symptoms you have described, are you having some other symptoms such as dizziness?? Pain somewhere (like in the chest)? Shortness of breath? Or maybe you are having headaches or nausea or anything else?? Or maybe you’re a woman and it is possible that you are pregnant? Haven’t you thought about it? you’ve done a test or something to rule it out??


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      Hey there, thank you a lot for this reply, I appreciate a lot. so, for the anxiety they did give me something. I am now using 5 HTP. I was given in the past an anti depressant, however, I have had some bad side effects from it and that is why I have decided that I would want to have something that is not giving me as much as and as bad side effects as the other one. Besides, I am also using clonazepam (I take 5 mg) before I’m going to sleep. It does help me pretty well and that’s why I can say that I have no problems at all with sleeping disorder because of this drug.


      Then. I have done thyroid test, I have done blood work too, I have done 3 EKGs as well as a stress echo plus a holter and all of them came back to be normal. I have mentioned that I have done a lot of tests… this is the exact reason why I am clueless of what else I should do about it. everything is coming back normal, but I am still having this discomfort. And trust me I am trying a lot to forget it, however this is pretty difficult because this feeling of discomfort in my chest is always persisting and it doesn’t go away. So it’s hard to concentrate on what I need to do.


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        Are your pills making this feeling to go away? Are there some times when this discomfort feeling is gone by its own or it is literally always there without disappearing for nothing?? Have you noticed if there is something that is making this feeling to be better or worse?? In my opinion one of the most problematic thing it is that you are waking up in the morning even more tired than you have been before (which, as you understand, should be vice versa). I assume that you have enough sleep?? Or no? maybe your job is stressful?? Also, have you noticed if the clonazepam is helping you with this or it is making all this even worse? I assume that there were nights were you haven’t taken it and you can compare??


        In case the stress is exactly what it is causing your chest discomfort feeling then I think that relaxation techniques are most likely your best solution for a long period (due to the fact that usually anti anxiety drugs are making you groggy). When you are feeling it I suggest you to try and take a deep breath, I mean as long as you can. you need to feel yourself relaxed, all over, try doing it the best way. Try to focus in the best way on that feeling that you have on your chest and as you are breathing try to feel it that it is fading away. In case this would be something that you can feel then I guess that this would be something that you can start to take the control over it. this is like biofeedback the only difference is that it is without the equipment. I suggest you to give this a try.


        I wish you a lot of good luck and in case your constant tiredness does not get any better than I personally would try to search and find a diagnosis or a treatment for this. until then, take vitamins. They do help a lot with tiredness. Make it would help you a little. Really hope that at least something that I have mentioned would help you a little. Wish you best of luck.