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How many ibuprofens I need to take in order to fatally overdose?

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  • How many ibuprofens I need to take in order to fatally overdose?

    Hi people. in the first place I need to mention that I am not searching for ways to kill myself, don’t worry. I also don’t want to kill nobody. I am happy, everything is alright and trust me I’m not going to take not even a near dosage that might kill me or somebody else. I just want to know this because my friends and I are having some pretty strange conversations lately and we are now wondering on how many ibuprofens of 400 mg pills should need to be taken in order to fatally overdose? I have been trying to search for some info online but everything I am finding is only some people moaning about their lives and that’s it. is there somebody who can help? I know this is strange, but I just want to know some information. Thanks in advance.

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    Well.. I’m not sure on how any ibuprofens should you eat in order to die, but I think that most likely this is going to be one very painful and slow death. Besides, I’m not sure that you are going to die from one single dose… but who knows? Everything I know is that it is going to eat a hole into your stomach. I have been taking 800 mg of it every day for one year and it made a hole now in my stomach that is why, now, I am not able to eat most foods out there until I am going to heal it back, but that’s a very slow route.


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      It seems that you we’re really searching that much information about it online because I found it pretty quickly on wiki page so I’m not going to start making stories here, I will just copy paste the paragraph from wiki page.


      “There is little correlation between severity of symptoms and measured ibuprofen plasma levels. Toxic effects are unlikely at doses below 100 mg/kg, but can be severe above 400 mg/kg (around 150 tablets of 200 mg units for an average man); [22] however, large doses do not indicate the clinical course is likely to be lethal. [23] It is not possible to determine a precise lethal dose, as this may vary with age, weight, and concomitant diseases of the individual patient.”


      Well, it seems to me that it is going to take you a looooot of pill to kill you, however, it seems that it does not require that many of them in order to get you very ill. In fact, I believe that the other user is right, killing yourself with ibuprofen is a very slow and painful death. Even if somebody would overdose it, I still think that you have lots of time to bring him or her to the hospital and to detox. I guess that firstly it does a hole onto your stomach and after that you slowly start dying. There are other pills that can do it quicker and with a much fewer dose, LOL.


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        Um… I’m not such a big expert here, but I know that after a certain dosage of ibuprofen, your body is stopping to process the majority of it and then you start to expel most of it through urine, I think. However, you still can overdose from a very and very large number of pills if taken at once. But, don’t forget that only because you are not overdosing and die, it does not mean that it won’t make you to have some extremely awful stomach pains as well as it is most likely going to give you some headaches right from the inner hell that you would rather choose to die than having those headaches, I think. Anyway, I guess that the worst of what can be is that you would constantly keep to use 7-9 pills, then wait for the duration of their activity, then after that to redose and so on and so on then this would lead to so very big health issues that can eventually lead to death. Having so much amount of this drug in your stomach for so much time it is going to wear out your stomach lining which, yeah – it can lead to death or at least to some extremely severe complications.


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          I personally, would be very and very careful on the dosages of the ibuprofen that I would take, be very careful. I am going to share with you one experience, but it is pretty embarrassing.


          I have been having some problems with pains when I returned back from a trip that have lasted a bit less than a month. I have been extremely exhausted because it was a month of very and very much driving, of parties, going to different events and different activities. And I was not even eating right. I was feeling like my throat was on fire. I visited a doctor and he said that I am having acid reflux. Never thought that I am going to have that. until this day and I still haven’t found out what I have had, however, I continue to take Prevacid every single day, only to be on the safe side because I know that acid reflux is able to kill you.
          During that time, I was not taking pain medicines, that is why the doc replied: fine, only take OTC meds, and that’s what I did. About 8 motrin pills a day. I was in a need of so much of them in order to ease the pains. I know that I was stupid… well, later after approximately half a month I have started to have some other problems I thought that I am doomed. I was thinking: what the heck is wrong now?? I was unable to digest what I was eating properly. To say it in a way… it was entering one door and coming out the other one. it started to become a very big problem in my life.


          Then, one day I have taken Tylenol instead of motrin and this issue disappeared. I have never realized that these 2 can have a relation… and currently I need to be very and very careful on how much of this motrin I use. 2 pills it is the maximum. And only later I realized that Tylenol, in fact, never worked for me at all and this is the reason why, now, I should take hydro for some pains I have. I have also tried tramadol in the past, however, the side effects were simply unbearable for me, that is I better not take them at all. they were horrible, totally awful!! I had dizziness, I was not able to sleep and a general feeling of sickness. I said that I will never take another one.


          That is why, I do agree with other members here. They are right. it does not really matter that much on how many of them you should use to die, your digestive track as well as your stomach are going to be ruined long before that.