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what is happening if you are swallowing too much naproxen?

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  • what is happening if you are swallowing too much naproxen?

    Hey everyone. is there somebody who is more familiar with anti inflammatories and can tell me what can happen to you if you are taking too much of naproxen? I’m asking this because I’m worried about my sister, she is 15 years old and she took 8 naproxen all at once. What should I do? what is going to happen to her? is there something I need to give her in order to counter act the effects of the overdosed naproxen or anything? Thanks.

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    Don’t worry, she’s going to be fine, nothing bad would happen because the toxic dose of naproxen is much beyond that, however, even so, it is still a terrible idea to take too many of those pills routinely because if you do so it is going to tear up the lining of your stomach and this is going to cause ulcers. Just make sure she won’t take any naproxen anytime soon and also she should eat something fatty because she’s young and such a dosage might create her some stomach upsets. You can ask a doctor about this. just call one. if you’re afraid that consequences might follow if you’re going to tell about this to somebody then you can call an ambulance and ask what might happen if you take so much naproxen in a way like nobody took it, just out of curiosity, however, I would still advise her a psychiatric evaluation… why she would take so many?


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      Yeah, that’s true, she should be fine, that dosage is not so much, however, I’m sorry but I need to ask you: is your sister suicidal? This question is really good, why she would drink that much anyway? you really need to watch after her because it is fine with naproxen and nothing bad would happen with this drug, but there are drugs that would surely kill her if taking 8 pills at once. A psychiatric evaluation might really be a good idea.


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        It is known that naproxen is a thinning agent and here including thinning of the tissue. Having this said, one 30 or so years old male has ended up with a brain hemorrhage because he took too much naproxen so he ended up in a comma for some months. that’s nothing to play around with and I would not be that calm about this as toxicity it is NOT the only negative side effect of the drug. why if she is allergic to naproxen? Taking one pill would cause her problems if she’s allergic, but 8 at once might kill her. also, that’s true – make sure she won’t take any naproxen anytime soon as prolonged exposure can even lead to GI lesions. But I assume that you best bet is to call ambulance and tell them what happened. However, I also agree with other people telling that the biggest question here is: why your sister would do such a stupid thing? I really doubt that you can take 8 pills “accidentally” that is why I think that it was mostly a suicide attempt, especially considering her age this is why you should really keep an eye on your sister and call people who can deal with such situation. Or I can also assume that she’s simply that young and she has no idea on drugs etc. and she’s in severe pain and she decided that a larger dosage would do the trick. Either way, somebody has to have a serious talk with her about drugs.


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          Yeah, I agree with Luis you shouldn’t be that calm if she took so many naproxens. While it is true that maybe for somebody out there it is not problem to take such a dose, for other people this might end up bad. Especially for your sister that she is only 15 years old. and I’m saying that this can end up from my own experience. but I do not agree with Luis  as I did took accidentally 6 of them in 4 hours due to the fact that I did not knew that ibuprofen was the same thing so then I woke up being in hospital. These things can be very dangerous, even if they are OTC drugs, they are still potent and should be taken with care.


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            Umm… I’m sorry mitcheLL20 but you mean that you have overdosed on Aleve? And you still would need to take more than 6 of them all at once in order to do that… I don’t know, but maybe you are just allergic to them so ill give you the benefit… and by the way, it is not the same stuff as ibuprofen but it is the same thing as aleve. It is called Aleve.


            Anyway, NewTrendy, you really need to tell about this to your parents. As somebody said, somebody really needs to have a serious talk with her as she really needs to know that she does not have to do such things like these ones and it is true about the fact that Holy Holly has said.. if there would be another drug more toxic, like for example if there would be oxy then it would have really killed her. trust me I know what I am talking about because a very long time ago, more than 15 years ago, I have learned in a very hard way that you should NEVER take anything that you do not know exactly what it is that or you do not know what it is going to do to you, even the smallest dose, because there are drugs that can do “miracles” on your body with a very small dose. Hope this will help.


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              Well, this is mostly depending on your sister’s health because it has been said here that while for some this dosage might give him/her absolutely no effects (but I assume you have to be really tough for this) there are other people who might end up in hospital in coma with an even smaller dose. We’re all different, so we react differently to drugs. It really depends very much if she is having a good renal function and hepatic function. Because if she is having some seriously compromised renal or/and hepatic system then it really can be a problem for her. in order to give you a better and solid answer then we really should know more info about your sister’s health besides the fact that she’s 15. Anyway, for a better answer and for being on the safe side then you should call in the ambulance. Call a doctor. Ask him. Especially your family doc. since he should know about your sister’s health.


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                So well, here is some information I have found on rx list about the over dosage of naproxen, hope this would help.


                A significant naproxen overdose can be distinguished by the following symptoms: drowsiness, heartburn, lethargy, nausea, epigastric pains, dizziness, renal dysfunction, abdominal discomfort, vomiting, hypoprothrombinemia, indigestion, transient alternations in liver function, apnea, metabolic acidosis and/or disorientation. Besides, there are also chances that gastrointestinal bleeding may occur. Other symptoms that may occur but they are pretty rare as the chances of their occurrence is pretty low: acute renal failure, hypertension, respiratory depression as well as coma. Moreover, there have also been reported some anaphylactic reactions with the therapeutic ingestions of NSAID’s so it is believed that it may also occur followed by an overdose of naproxen. Due to the fact that naproxen sodium can be quickly absorbed by the body, early and high blood levels need to be anticipated. It is reported that there are a few patients that have also experienced convulsions, however it has still not been established whether these are drug related effects or not. it has also not been established what is the dose of the drug for it to be life threatening.


                So well, as you can see it has not been said what amount it is being considered overdose. However, one sure thing is that 8 pills is surely a supra therapeutic dose, however, as it is being said, mostly it depends on your sister’s health condition to determine whether something might happen to her or no. I personally, have taken either 6 or 7 pills of naproxen of 200 mg each at one single time (stupid, I know) but the point is that I have had zero side effects! so, that is why I can presume that in case your sister is in a good health condition (especially if she is not having compromised kidney function) then she needs to be fine, except the fact that she might have a little bit of stomach discomfort that would disappear by itself with time and/or some heartburn.


                Anyway, some time has already passed, how is your sister feeling? What have you done to help her? is she alright?


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                  “So well, as you can see it has not been said what amount it is being considered overdose.”


                  So well, from the NSAIDs dosage table, the maximum dose of the naproxen is 1375 mg a day. now, unfortunately OP has forgotten to indicate exactly what type of naproxen his/her sister took, but assuming that she has taken the smallest dosage type per pill which is 250 and swallowing 8 pills of that type at once and it would mean that she already is having a total dose of 2000 mg of naproxen in her system and as we can see, this is already way too much from the max daily dosage for this specific drug and that’s assuming that she has taken the smallest form of the pill dosage, but what if those were pills of 400 mg? that would mean that she really needs to have a medical supervision.


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                    That’s true that you should be very and very careful with Naproxen, I don’t know why there are so many responses saying that she should be fine and that there is nearly nothing that you should be worried about. You SHOULD be worried about it because overdosing naproxen can end very bad, like for example how my friend ended. She has got extremely sick from using too much naproxen because she was in pains. Good thing that her parents saw that she’s feeling so sick and they called the ambulance. They told us that she nearly died if they would wait a bit more. she has ended up being in hospital for about 2 days. I would really recommend you not to take anything more than it is prescribed or recommended to you.


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                      You need to take naproxen exactly as it is being written on the label or in case it has been given to you by your doc then you need to take as it has been prescribed by him/her. you should avoid using the med in any bigger amounts than written or recommended and you should also avoid to use it for any longer than how it is recommended.
                      Well, the EC Naprosyn is a slower acting type of the naproxen and this is a brand that needs to be used exclusively for treating ankylosing spondylitis and arthritis. You need to follow your doc’s directions.


                      You should NOT chew, break or crush the extended release or the enteric coated pill. you should swallow the pill entirely as it is in its normal form (unless it has been said to do so by your doc). the extended release tablet is a specially made to release the med slowly in your body after you swallow it. in case you are going to break, chew, crush that tablet it is going to cause too much of the drug to be released in your body at one time and this might lead to some damage to your intern organs. This enteric coated pill is having a special coat that is protecting your stomach from being damaged. Thereby, if you break the pill you are damaging the protective coat. Besides, you need to shake that oral suspension (in case it is the liquid form) very well right before you are measuring a dose.  In order to be sure that you are having the correct dosage then you need to measure the liquid with a marked measuring spoon or a special medicine cup, do not try to do it with a regular table spoon. In case you are not having a dose measuring gear then you can go and ask your local pharmacist to give you one.


                      In case you are using this drug naproxen for some of a prolonged period of time then your doc. may want to check you out on a regular basis in order to be sure that the med you are using it is not causing your body any damaging effects but you’re only benefiting from it. this is the reason why it is so important not to miss any planned visits to your doc. you never know when the drug might start having those harmful effects. visit your doc. each time he requires it.


                      Besides, it is being very and very important to store naproxen at a room temperate which is away from moisture as well as from heat. You should not use naproxen if it’s post exp date. Using a pill that is post exp date is dangerous.


                      Very important is to seek emergency medical attention in case you are thinking that you have used too much or larger doses that it is recommended of this drug. the symptoms of overdose are including those that has been mentioned by Scioneir. One other very important point is not to use any other over the counter drug without asking for your doc. approval. That’s because there are a lot of OTC drugs that are having similar ingredients as naproxen, having this said, you might overdose without even knowing it. I really hope that this information would help somebody out there who wanted to find out more about naproxen.