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Non opiate but strong PK medicine?

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    Hey there OP, I do know that this could sound like a long shot, however kratom really does seem to work very well on the pain if it is used in the right mixture and used in the right way so I think that it could be a solution for your wife’s pains. It is working on the opiate receivers in the brain, however it is not an opiate. Kratom is getting more and more popular lately and it would be, honestly, a strange thing if you would tell me that you’ve never heard about it. I personally truly would recommend the stem and vein poweder to mix in specifically, as it does seem to have the best pain dulling properties per each gram. To be honest, I highly doubt that there is any other pain killing thing non opiate based than kratom and in case you wife have not tried it yet then I honestly think that it is the right time to give it a try. It is definitely worth to give ti a try. I could most likely ramble on this, however I am going to give you some more information in case this seems like a viable option then you might want to try it out. hope you’re going to be all fine.


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      Hey there Quiroz, have you ever considered to give her an antihistamine with her opiates? (promethazine expecially or cetrezine advised). As much as I could understand, you need a strong but non opiate based pain killing drug because opiates are making your wife feel bad and she has side effects from it, however from using an antihistamine with the opiates it may alleviate most of the side effects.


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        Oh well, firstly I would really like to thank you all for your replies. I truly appreciate all the time and the effort you’ve made for me. Every single of your response is truly precious for me and so I appreciate each one of you and each of your words.


        Secondly I would also like to say that I should have been more specific, I guess, as much as I can see. so well, I have to tell that my wife’s problem it is mainly during the ovulation. She indeed does have some pain during her period either, however the pains that are the worst are mainly during the ovulation period. and also I can tell you that the pains she is having are so intense that she is not able to move at all. the pain is usually coming in waves and it is usually more intense during the night as during the day they are also very bad, but not as during the night.


        Also, Bried: you said about the fact that if you wouldn’t use all of those then you would black out. I’ve to tell you that blacking out is really intense! I am very and very glad for you that you are better now and that you do not have to deal with that anymore. I am going to have to look into some of the things that you have suggested so that’s why I, firstly, want to sincerely thank you for tell me about them. regarding the birth control methods to deal with the pain, she is not willing to do that at this point due to the fact that she (in fact, both of us) think and believe that there are even some more potentially very dangerous long term side effects from the hormonal usage (and we think that this applies to any type) and because she had a really really bad reaction when she has taken it years ago (yeah, she did tried it in the past).


        Next, Anniand regarding the menstrual cramps in general and methods that might help… well, thanks for the answer but to be honest I am really not that sure whether it is menstrual cramps, that was only as close as I could describe it. yeah, it may be I can’t be sure, however we really don’t know if it’s so... regarding the yoga that might help her… well, she really cannot do yoga since she is not even able to move at all, which is kind of like a really slow yoga.


        Staub thank you for the answer and for asking the question regarding what’s the bad reaction. Well, look for example: using 2 halves of a 5 mg of percocet, one at midnight and the other one at 3 am – it has caused her to react with some extreme dizziness and throwing up until she has been dry heaving. And yeah, she did have tried out an anti nausea / motion sickness medication for that, however it have only postponed the reaction she has was about to have, and she still have had it. the medications have not stopped it.


        WasyMe2000 regarding that information: oh yeah, I am aware that she is exceeding the recommended daily dosage (which they have even considered to lower more) and that it is a very dangerous thing and yeah, my wife also knows it either, we did have tried to inform ourselves regarding this as much as we could. however the pains that she is getting is extremely intense and she has no other way to deal with it all that is why she feels trapped.


        WildKnight, as strange as it may sound to you and as popular as it might be… I have never heard about kratom before you mentioned it. if you said that this is a method that might help her out then I am sure that she is going to try it out since we left out with no other options, however I have to confess to you that I am pretty skeptical that it would work. No offend but not sure… I am having absolutely nothing against homeopathic treatments and I did have tried many of them myself (but never tried kratom though) for my own issues either, however I have only experienced and witnessed mildly helpful remedies that I am sure are barely enough to help my wife with her true very intense pains. However, she would still try it since you said that it is so good and so popular (indeed, a quick search showed that kratom is known world widely) and after that I am going to post back how it would work.


        And lately Julieta, thank you very much for the advice with the opiates, however, besides the anti nausea and the anti motion sickness, she did have tried out antihistamines but unfortunately, it was with no luck at all so it won’t work, we know as we already tried it out.


        But, either way, as I have already mentioned this, thank you all very much for your responses I truly appreciate a lot that you’ve tried to help me. if there is anybody else who has anything else I would be very glad to hear you all guys. so far, I deeply appreciate all that you have done for me.


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          Quiroz, I am one of those lucky ones who are having endometriosis just like your wife has (I guess you’ve got the sarcasm here..) and I also did have had surgeries, I have been on a lot of birth control pills as well and had a lot of injections and so on and so forth. Not so long ago, my ob gyn has given me some samples of Lysteda 650 mg (of tranexamic acid) and after battling with the cramps that I’ve been having, with some ER visits, with pain killers and so on and so forth, this medicine did actually finally helped me out, in the end I am very glad to report this information to somebody who is having the exact same problem that I have had and I really hope that it would be helpful for your wife either.


          I happen to have a little bit of leaflet that is coming with the medicine either. “Lysteda is a prescription medicine that it is used to treat your heavy monthly period when your bleeding are getting in the way of the social, leisure as well as physical activities that you daily have. Regarding the hormones that I’ve seen you and your wife are both concerned about: you should not be worried here as lysteda is not containing any hormones (as well as it is not an opiate or derivate from opiate drug) having this said, I’m pretty sure that it is a drug that your wife truly searches for. Not sure how about you, but I think that Lysteda falls under all of your criteria and I truly think that your wife should give it a try. At least what your wife is having now is what I was having in the past (or at least extremely similar) and it was helped me a lot. it goes on from there, however basically, in case you are able to reduce the bleeding, you are able to reduce the pain your wife has.


          Also, your wife would only have to take that medication during her period, it is not a drug that she would have to continue taking every day. she would take it when she would have her period and it would be that bad. It is not a pain killer medicine and it is also not a hormone or what other things are usually helping with those pain, however I think that it is truly a great alternative for your wife which, as I said, I think is falling under all of your criteria that you wrote earlier. and yeah, there is one other alternative medicine that it is often prescribed as well which is called Ponstel. I think that a doctor should decide which might be better for her. or she might try one and see how it works and then another one. it is up to your wife and her doctor. whatever the case I think that you’ve got to have her talk to her doctor about those 2 medicines whatever the case. I wish you good luck and I wish your wife to be free of pain because I know what’s that to have those pains. And yeah, do not forget to update how it goes.


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            “Staub thank you for the answer and for asking the question regarding what’s the bad reaction. Well, look for example: using 2 halves of a 5 mg of percocet, one at midnight and the other one at 3 am – it has caused her to react with some extreme dizziness and throwing up until she has been dry heaving. And yeah, she did have tried out an anti nausea / motion sickness medication for that, however it have only postponed the reaction she has was about to have, and she still have had it. the medications have not stopped it. “


            Oh wow. it truly seems to me that your wife is very sensitive to the opiates. I think that you’ve got to tell her to aim for warm and fuzzy? I guess… if too much of opiates are making her sick then the pain relief does not go up as fast the sick once you are getting to the point. It does sounds to me like she should not be using anything more than hydrocodone or codeine, like for example a hydro 5 at time and no more than that, but since you said that her pains are really that bad it might not be enough for her so… not very sure. Try Emma’s advice… so far it seems the best to me, though I’m not an expert by far.


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              Hello EmmaHarded and thank you extremely much for all of information that you have posted up there, I really appreciate it a lot. and it does seem a bit better, though I guess that I am becoming skeptical to everything it does seem to be the best thing so far. I am definitely going to look into the drugs that you have recommended me and pass on the information to my wife, for sure. It is the first time that we have ever heard about these things and maybe it is indeed something that would work. I am very glad that you have found something that does work for you. that’s amazing that you’re all fine now.


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                Hi, Quiroz. I have also had a very bad reaction to the birth controls so I do know what you are talking about. the pills that I have been taking were fine, however I really do not think that they have been that effective, however the shots which have been for fibroid which she may want to get checked for was truly awful, I have been told by a friend that the side effects would be very different every time, however that has been way too much, they are having a progesterone cream, whether it is going to help depends on what it is causing it. as much as I can see, your wife and I pretty much seem to be on the exact same path. In case I have been in her situation then I would have taken everything that I have written earlier and try it out. I just have ended up throwing everything at myself so just to be able to function. I’ve been taking everything I have been recommended, I was desperately trying to make it disappear. I think that the key it is to start on the on set. As for a yoga pose – it would be to lay on the ground or bed in a V shape. The power of the pyramid or something.


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                  Hey, as for the nausea and the illness that your wife is experiencing with the opiates: there are some people who are very sensitive to those. There are sometimes when it happens to me either. I am also having a condition in which is causing me to experience the nausea very often as well, and so I have become an expert at alleviating it or something in this matter.


                  The last thing that your wife wants to hear it is that it is in her head, I know it from myself, however the dread and fear of nausea sometimes is a self fulfilling prophecy. Very well, it is pretty much like to tell somebody not to think of an elephant and then they all of what they can think about it is that elephant. That’s how human brain works and that’s important to keep in your mind.


                  So well, first of all, she should tell her doctor the very exact symptoms of her nausea (you’ve got to know that there are several types, actually) the exact way it is coming on and so on. That doctor is able to prescribe a couple of the antiemetics. There are some antiemetics that are exclusively for the opiate nausea itself. I guess that you and your wife truly need to ask for those as they might be very helpful. and try at least a couple of them because there are many of different kinds.


                  And next, when she is taking her opiate, have her to lie down and to distract herself with some music or maybe a book or TV or something in this matter. it might distract her from the pain, side effects etc. sometimes placebo is very important. she needs something calming and engrossing. You should not wait for the nausea or it is going to surely arrive. Don’t expect it to come. Try to make your wife forget that something bad is about to happen because if she thinks so then in most cases it would happen.


                  Also, you’ve got to remember that you need ginger and peppermint. But mainly ginger. You’ve got to give your wife a lot of ginger as it truly helps. ginger it is full of 5HT3 antagonists and it does work very well. it can be fresh or candied! I am usually drinking Hansen’s ginger ale. (check the label of the ginger ale, most of them are not made with the actual ginger itself so that’s very important). or you’ve got to tell your wife to chew on a fresh piece of ginger. In case you are in a medical marijuana state then I have heard that a small amount of marijuana are also pretty good for the nausea as well as for the pain too. in case your wife have never tried it out then I guess she should, might be a good idea. I have not tried that, though, but I would… you’ve just got to know that after her system is getting used to the opiates and she is finally going to be able to manage to avoid the nausea a couple of times then it is actually going to stop to happen anymore to her.


                  I wish you good luck.