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Oxycodone versus Suboxone

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  • Oxycodone versus Suboxone

    Hi all, can you help me a bit please? I am only curious due to the fact that I have seen that there are some people on suboxone for nearly one year now. what I am trying to understand now is the following: I do not know what a suboxone does feel like. However are you obtaining the same euphoria that you are receiving as when you are using an oxycodone or the difference is enormous? In case that’s so and you have pretty much the same effects then what it is the mg comparison equivalency to reach that “high” feeling. Thank you all in advance for responses, I am just trying to help a friend or 2 of mine. I would appreciate very much.

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    You’ve got to remember that buprenorphine is much more stronger than oxycodone, if comparing milligram for milligram, however it is having less activity at the mu opioid receptor than the “full” agonists like for example oxycodone and morphine. In the equivalent dosages they are providing the exact same analgesia, or at least that’s how it is believed to be. I am not aware about the “high” feeling, I am afraid, so I doubt that I would be able to help you with anything about that. I have only been prescribed those 2 drugs for some legit pains, for pain relief and so I have never really felt any “real” euphoria from either one of them, I was not taking any more than needed, only some much needed analgesia.


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      Hey there OP, to answer your question I’ve got to tell you that the feeling you are getting from using suboxone is nothing like you are using a pain killer at all. I did have noticed a little bit of an feeling of well being for the first hour or so after using a small dosage of suboxone. The first week of using that medication you do get a little bit of a high feeling I guess because you are not used to the drug. however, the real positive results that I am getting is no desire to seek any pain medication. the other plus it is that in case you going to take any opiate pain killer then the euphoric feeling is going to get blocked. Suboxone it is a pretty strong medication that you need to take it only in case you and your doctor are feeling both fine to take suboxone and that you have a feeling that pros would outweigh the cons. There are some people who are feeling it just as another crutch, however for me after I have had a serious car accident more than 2 years ago it is still a better alternative than 6 or even 8 hydros taken every day. I do know that they are doing some research on the opiate relief and cases of extreme depression. there are other countries where it is being used as a painkiller. I am thinking that for many chronic pain suffers using the opiate medication in moderation it is a better alternative than to use suboxone. It is only depending on what you as well as your doctor are feeling that it is the best way to manage your pains.


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        OP, you should remember that you are not going to get very much of a high feeling from the suboxone. It is a great medication and it is controlling withdrawals very nicely and it is not that bad in order to stop taking as well. in fact, you need to know that nobody should ever use any drug of this kind (or oxycodone or whatever else drug) for recreational use. Either it is for you or for your friends, all of you need to know that you shouldn’t use for such a purpose. Oxycodone and suboxone are both used only for some legit pain and in case you don’t have any of the legit pain – you should stay away from both of the drugs!


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          Hey. In case you are going to have a very high tolerance to the oxycodone then you are not going to receive any euphoria from using suboxones at all. but you also should not. that is kinda the point of them, they are intended in the most cases in order to get people off other opoids like for example oxy, heroin or hydro as well. the benefit it is that you are able to get them from a doctor that it is certified in order to prescribe them which can be very hard in some areas to find it plus every doctor is able to only treat one hundred patients at a time for the suboxone treatment in case I am not mistaken and this is the correct information I’ve got. And also, they are having a ceiling effect of 32 mg and the naloxone in suboxone is going to make you to go into the withdrawal in case you are trying to shoot it out, subutex on the other hand is having the exact same active ingredient called buorenorphine, just without the naloxone that is the reason why doctor are preferring to prescribe suboxone instead of subutex, besides no generic for the suboxone.


          I can tell you from my personal experience that suboxone pills have worked very and very well for me. I one have started to take 24 mg of it every single day when I have been coming off a 300 to 400 mg every day of oxycodone usage, I’ve been having oxycodone addiction. the downside it is that the sub doctors are pretty much very hard to find them and the initial visit is usually costing approximately 400 bucks or so, I guess it pretty much depends on the state. Or at least that’s how it was a couple of years ago, not sure how the prices have changed over the years. and also, I know that the medication itself was costing me approximately 400 bucks per month, every month. However relatively speaking though, I can tell you that it has been a cheap price compared to the money that I have been spending on the pills and on dope. So I am happy that I did, which I recommend you to do either.


          I can only guess that in order to answer your question though, somebody with little or with no tolerance at all to the opoids are able to catch a pretty good and strong “high” feeling with suboxone, however you are most likely not going to get the exact same rush as it is with the oxy and so on. however, I am only telling you all of this from my personal experience and this is my opinion which is definitely not a professional or a medical one. guess it was important to mention this. I am really hoping a lot that this has been at least a little bit helpful for you.


          And yeah, I have also forgot to mention one very important thing, the sub withdrawals are extremely bad, they are even worse than the oxy ones. though this is my personal opinion only, again. maybe this would be at least somehow helpful.