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Getting high off hydrocodone?

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  • Getting high off hydrocodone?

    Hello everyone, I am 23 years old and there’s my doctor who has prescribed me tablets of hydrocodone of 750 mg each. I have to mention that I have never experienced with any drugs and I’ve never done anything with them. the only methods I have used to get high has been weed and alcohol and that’s it so I am now pretty curious about what kind of high this medicine is going to give you and I would also need to know how many pills of 750 mg of hydrocodone should I take in order to feel the effects while taking the consideration that I am a 6 0 feet and 190 pound man? And please, don’t even bother trying to tell me that I should not do it because I am young and I want to experiment so my mind is already made up. I do know that you can do it off hydrocodone and I’ve seen people saying that they were doing it that’s why I would want to try it myself and don’t worry about me because I am being responsible enough to not let the feeling of getting high to mess up my priorities in my life. in fact, I only want to experiment and not to make a habit. I only want to know how you’re feeling when you’re high off hydrocodone. So once again, I have never taken any medications in this matter, I only drank alcohol and used weed, I am 23 years old male and I am 6 ft and 190 pounds and there’s a doctor who has prescribed me APAP 7.5 MG/ 750 mg tablets of hydrocodone. Never experienced anything else than those two and all I want to do is to experiment. That’s why I am here so you will be better helping me because I only want to take enough to get the feeling and not too much in order to overdose. That’s it. I really don’t want to get lectured because if I would I wouldn’t be here asking for your advices.

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    So well, since you have said that you haven’t used any drugs of this type then your body is not used to them and that’s why only one pill pretty much should do it, only if you’re a really strong guy then maybe 2 but you should know that you shouldn’t take 2 because this would not lead you to a good outcome out of it. I would try only one and if that’s not enough then I would take the other one but that’s it, no more because it can be pretty bad after that. good luck.


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      oh well, you need to know that the hydrocodone it is only a combination of 2 different drugs, a combination of codeine as well as an N said like for example Aspirin, Tylenol or ibuprofen or others. As you have most likely seen, there should be 2 numbers like for example 200/20 mg and this is very important. it is very much depending on the other drug as to how much you are able to take without to cause liver or kidney failure, if you would use too much of it then you might end up with a kidney or liver problem…


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        That’s not a really good choice I would say. Trust me you’re not having a good choice. I personally am finding hydrocone to be a pretty much useless drug in case we’re talking about recreational use and this is due to the fact that I have taken it approximately 11 to 13 different times and I have only gotten high from it only once and that’s not anything wow. I would suggest you to visit the erowid site as there you’re going to find some really useful information and you could read some experience reports that are quite a few on hydrocodone. Then come back here and tell us what you read. I doubt that you’re going to find anything that good. I wouldn’t look at it as like something serious.


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          It doesn’t matter what you believe in or what you think but you really need to know that this hydrocodone drug is very and very addictive. I have broken my ankle and so I have had a surgery because of that, I’ve had a surgery on it last year and so I have been given this thing but have ended up being addicted and I’ve been addicted to this thing until only not so long ago when I finally overcome the addiction. it is pretty much like every other drug if we are taking in consideration that it is affecting everybody a little bit differently which means that what worked for you might not work for other person or vice versa. And since you’ve never taken it you never know how exactly it would work on you and that’s why I would say that you need to take only one single pill initially. I would recommend you to break it in half because if you’re going to do so it would work faster. it does make me feel hazy, pretty much like some really good buzz or something, I am talking a lot either and when I am under its effects I really want to get up and I want to do everything what I can do. and even what I can’t. It does make me feel kinda high, but definitely much better. so well, these effects are lasting for… well, say about 2 hours or so and then after that, everything that I want to do is to sleep and nothing else, only to sleep, and that’s for like 3 hours or so. But that’s just me. it works very well for me. gets me rid of the pain, makes me funny and so on and then it relaxes me and makes me want to sleep.


          However as I said, it does not work exactly the same for everybody because like for example there’s my husband who cannot take it and he doesn’t want to take it because all that it does for him is only to make want to sleep. Nothing else, only to sleep and makes him feel sleepy and want to sleep for like 2 days. and there’s my father who has also taken it and it makes him go nuts. He has been on it after he has had a back surgery and he has convinced all of the nurses in there that there has been a dead lady in the ceiling of the hospital and he has said that there’s a gorilla who has escaped the zoo and now is coming after that lady to take here. so well, as much as you can see, to drink alcohol while you are taking hydrocodone is definitely not a good idea at all. and also it would be very and very good for you if you are not going to drive while taking this drug. I would strongly recommend you not to because it is impairing your thinking and your reactions and reflexes are by far not the same. But I would suggest that you really need to be careful in general while you are under the drug’s effects because it can mess you up some really big time and you might regret pretty much.


          and by the way, I am definitely not trying to tell you or anybody else that getting high is a good idea, it is, in fact, a really bad one and you really shouldn’t consider doing that but yeah… I do know that if you’ve got your mind set for doing this then there’s absolutely nothing that is going to stop you, especially taking in consideration that you already have them in your hands. I only suggest that if you do it then still be careful of the fact of what you can do while you’re under its effects as well as you should be very careful that it is, as I have already mentioned it – very addictive. But in the end – if you’re not very sure that you want to do it then better don’t do it. sometimes you might think that you’re in control but you are not. and maybe now you’re in control but as soon as you’re going to take your first “high” dose you might slowly start losing the control. Really wish this won’t happen to you. regards.


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            Hey there OP, I am really sorry but I have to tell you that you are an real idiot by doing that. and yeah, I do know this is not going to make to change your mind, but I still have to say this. pill addictions are very expensive and I am not talking about only money alone and it can eventually force you into doing something really stupid, some illegal choices in order to get enough of those pills (which means a lot of pills) in desperation of getting that feeling once again that you have got when you have firstly got high from a relatively low dosage and a relatively good high feeling and this is happening due to the fact that your body is going to build up a tolerance to the drug which means that you’re not going to get the same effects of the drug from the same dosage and this is going to make you need some higher doses in order to get that feeling once again. this is going to make you spend more money, more time and sometimes even spend your freedom. You really need to think about it, why you need it? you’re already making a dangerous choice by getting high off weed but this might be even more. this hydrocodone it is a synthetic opioid and it is having the exact same effects as has heroin, morphine as well as any other opiate. Besides this, it is also going to contain the analgesic acetaminophen and this is something on which you can very easily overdose on and to end up in fulminant liver failure which would lead to health issues that you’re not even realizing.


            I beg you not to do such a stupidity and I know what I am talking about because there’s my son who has been hospitalized this year in January for this exact reason and the doctors there told me that they are not very sure and they can’t guarantee that he is going to live, in fact, they said that there are bigger chances that he won’t and although I know this is harsh to say so, they were trying to prepare me as I do understand that indeed, his chances of not living were higher than living. Fortunately everything ended up well but that’s only a really big luck. My son has even been on the liver transplant list for a while due to the fact that the doctors really could not guarantee the fact that his liver is going to recover. They told me that he is under a really big risk.


            You said that your doctor has prescribed the medication to you which means that you are having some pains because it is obvious that your doctor prescribed it to you for this reason, but you’ve got to take it only for this reason. People your age are always thinking that they are in control of everything but in most cases they are not in control of anything, I am sure this is one of those cases. Do it and you have really big chances ending up addicted to medications!


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              I am sorry to tell you this but in fact… there is so much wrong with this post that I don’t even know where I should begin with… seriously, I think that you’ve got to do your homework first and then to write such posts. In the first place hydrocodone it is not only “a combination of 2 different drugs, a combination of codeine as well as an N said like for example Aspirin, Tylenol or ibuprofen or others” but it is, in fact a semi synthetic opioid. The next thing is that Tylenol (acetaminophen) as well as Aspirin are not NSAID’s, only the ibuprofen indeed is. hydrocodone it is made in those pills that are also containing the medications that you have listed such as Tylenol, APAP (paracetamol) etc. in combinations like for example 5/325, 5/500, 10/325 and so on and so forth whereas the first number only means the number of the milligrams of hydrocodone while the second number is the milligrams of the other ingredient which means that if for example we have 5/325 we have 5 milligrams of hydrocodone and 325 milligrams of per example Tylenol.


              Also, you always need to do a cold water extraction when you are using more than only a couple of those pills at a time in order to avoid liver damage because this medication is really very potent in damaging your liver – this part of the post has been correct, pretty much the only part… you are able to safely take up to approximately 4 grams of the acetaminophen, however if one is going to do that on a regular basis then he/ she is really searching for some very big health problems.


              As for the OP – that’s true, trying to get high off a medication is never a good idea, getting high off it and overdosing off it there’s only a very thin line separating them apart. And searching for getting addicted on something is searching, once again, some very big health problems.


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                So well, I have to say that I am a pretty heavy user of hydrocodone 10/325’s. liquid morphine and only not so long ago I have stopped to use hydromorphone because of the excessive sleeping that it has been causing me. all I wanted was to sleep. Yeah, there are a lot of you that said that it is a very addicting medicine and you are all right, I am currently very addicted to it so yes, OP has to be aware of this. If I am not having a set amount per day then my body is getting really sore, everything starts to hurt, my legs hurts and even it hurts when I am walking and so on.


                I have to say that personally for me this thing is giving a speedy yet a numb high or something in this matter, it is really very satisfying yet it is kind of annoying to some others in case you have done pretty  enough of it.


                most of what has been said here is right, however there is something wrong. And I am talking to those who has said that you really should be very careful about not taking more than 2 because it can kill you. yes it can make you addictive but you’re not going to die by taking 3 pills, 4 pill or whatever that’s because I personally have taken 30 pills of 5/500’s in only a 12 hours period of time in the past and as you can see, I am still alive and I am even writing this which means that it haven’t put me in a coma, in hospital or made me crazy or anything in this matter. yes it is true that most likely my liver is shot to hell and is going through a very hard period, however I am still walking and I am still talking, as much as you can see. I have to say that I am now getting 90 pills of 10/325’s hydros per month and they are not lasting for me for more than half of the month. However, in case you are going to do a higher milligram of the drug itself being 7.5 ‘s, 10 mg’s and so on then you’ve got to pick the lower amounts of acetaminophen, like for example 60/650 = higher and 10/325 = lower.


                There is a lot that a person has to learn about a drug and if the OP wants to start taking hydro then he has to do  a lot of research. Like I did, and I have lots of experience. and I am only 20 years old and I am already having more knowledge concerning pharmaceuticals and especially hydrocodone compared to a lot of you.


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                  Thank you very much for saving my time on writing that, you are very correct and if you wouldn’t have said that then I am sure that I would because somebody had to say it. very often I have used to wonder where/ how and why there seem to be so many posts like this one that has required almost everything except for possibly for conjunctions and 4 letter verbs to be edited for the content. And I am not only talking about the “fact” of being wrong, not occasional errors. How, I being obsessed, just how it is possible for there to be so many “facts” that were anything but, it has been a real need to fully understand how a post can be totally full of statements and absent, completely incorrect? I personally would find myself awed. It really cannot be very easy to write a reply to one single question or a list of them and to pass it off as an “answer” (implying that the words have been solutions as well as to realize that even items like for example conjunctions or nouns (proper nouns even!) contained some errors. How this is done? I think that it needs to be a much more effort than the traditional slip into the verifiable realm in which the statement is being confirmed as words that fail to mislead, to obfuscate as well as to prevaricate, to make it short to screw up so totally as to have failed to avoid that pitfall of the public internet sites, to even feel the same, to be forced to wear the scalert letter of the on topic, the sting of the dawning realization to have failed to have risen from the depths of those a lot of people who are living that dream of imperfect ineptitude, those fearful masses who are denying any rejection, who cowardly are refusing to go where every man has always retreated, to be that awful success who has got it all right.


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                    You really might have the knowledge, however in case the way that youa re using it has got anything to say about your view of life of your intelligence, instead of the reason you have started to use them (which, normally, of course, should be pain relief only) then, so well my dear friend, unfortunately you are going to find yourself to be in an entire lot of trouble sooner or later. and trust me that even though I don’t know you I am still feeling for you immensely when it starts to happen because that’s really painful even to watch. You’ve really need to try to get it all sorted at least a little bit man… that’s seriously not funny at all and I is very dangerous. I am really sorry for telling this, I really am having no intentions of talking down to/on you, however for your own well being you’ve got to do it.. please… you’ve got to do more research of what’s happening when such a thing takes place. You already seem to know that you’ve ruined your body, you want to ruin it even more?


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                      I honestly think that it varies a lot. I am having vicodin (10/325) for the condition I have of severe back pain and I am getting no real buzz at all but I still have to say that I am only using them as it is needed (I don’t use them on a daily basis) and maybe this is why. And of course I am not using a really big dosage. But I still do not get it at all. I do know very well what a buzz is feeling like (oh yeah… I’ve went through college as everybody else, lol) and I have to say that I am really getting some more of a buzz from only 2 cups of some strong coffee compared to my medication. I mean, if I take it and I am not getting absolutely nothing at all, how much I should take to feel at least anything? And what’s more important, how much I should take to feel something really serious? But to be honest I really wish that it did give me an euphoric high feeling, not a really strong one but at least something because if it would then it would help me when the nerve in my back is so painful that I am not even able to move.


                      However my wife doesn’t have the same effects as I do which really proves the idea that the medications are working completely different on different people. my wife does not like it at all because she took one of it. I gave her one pills once due to the fact that she had a real bad muscle pull and this thing is giving her a very disoriented feeling that she does not like at all (who would?). I mean, she’s feeling completely disoriented, nothing like she usually has. Or at least that’s what she told me. and another example that I have that medications are working differently for people (by saying this I mean that the OP might get high from this med, but he might not get high even by using a relatively big dose) is that my wife is feeling the exact same way for the Fiorinal that I am using for my migraines. I mean, of course the drug doesn’t work the exact same way as vicodin, but she doesn’t like this one either. for me personally, fiorinal is doing nothing more than simply helping me to numb the pain and that’s it. I have no euphoria and nothing at all, however she did has taken one once (whereas I am taking 2 pills at a time) for a bad headache she had one night and she has been simply buzzed out, a kind of buzz she explained that she doesn’t like.


                      So as a conclusion to this, OP: you should know that there’s nobody who can answer your question because it is highly varying for a person to other. but taking hydrocodone for getting high is, indeed, a really bad idea.


                      But I also wanted to add this to the 20 years old who is bragging about all the pill consumption up there: that post has really made me feel sad for him. In all my 50 years old I have lived enough to see more than my share of buddies doing a lot of drugs and you know what’s funny? Exactly as you, they were all been thinking that they are “special” or something, they were thinking that they are going to control it, they were always saying that I am different, that I am able to handle it and so on. yeah, that’s true that each of our bodies is different and one specific med can work differently, but the truth is that everybody’s body is more alike than different and you are currently heading for one extremely major physical issue. But of course, at your 20 years old you are not going to believe more than I did when I have been like you – 20 years old guy who is playing rock and roll, making as much tattoos as I can, drinking as much as I can, smoking as much as I can and generally doing all sorts of bad things thinking that I am invulnerable. I tell you this kid:  stop from doing whatever you are doing because if you won’t – you will regret, be sure about this!


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                        So well, I am being a former addict and I have went through rehab and talking from a former addict’s point of view I have to confess that this thread is truly scary. I have seen some other people mentioning that this drug is very addictive but I have tell this once again and to warn you that indeed, hydrocodone is extremely addictive and you WILL regret that you have ever started to play around with it. that’s because it is also very and very dangerous as well. yeah, I do know that now you might think that you are being responsible and strong enough to not let to get the high overtake your priorities in life but I tell you this – the previous poster is right, you are not special and you are not going to be able to control this. it will, eventually, override all your priorities, that’s unless you are superman which I highly doubt. Trust me that I have been thinking the exact same thing – that I would control it all, that I am special, that it is not that hard etc. it has been when I was in my 30’s. and now I truly regret that I was thinking how you’re thinking right now. you know what I have come from since then by now? I’ve got up to 60K bucks in debt later from purchasing pills off of the internet (and thanks god that now it is down to $ 30K and is steadily going down). I have lost two 6 figure jobs for acting a little bit spacey… I have finally then admitted that I have had a problem and so I have went into rehab. That’s good that I did at least then because I have not been even close to the worst addict there and I have been able to do outpatient. But I started later and I stopped sooner, but you’re 20 and you already started… pretty sure you’re going to be in a worse condition that I was if you would continue like this.


                        And now, with all of that being mentioned, the second number that I have seen is what really worries me here a lot and I am talking about 750?!?!?!? fffff, the highest that I have ever had has been 500 there and you’re talking about 750. I have taken 10/500s and there has been concern about long term damage. Trust me that you are going to do some really really seriously bad damage in case you are going to abuse these types of medications. long term bad damage to your health, your organs, some of which might be permanent. you are most likely going to get a buzz off of only one single pill when you are going to have your very first try, however since the tolerance is building up very quickly in only a couple of days you’re going to need 2 of them to have the same effect and so on until you would reach 10 and more.


                        Plus there’s another side effect that I have noticed with these things but it does not seem that there’s somebody who have ever mentioned here and it is the complete rage. Indeed the meds are working different and maybe not everybody has it, but I still think that a lot of people on these drugs have such things because it has happened to me and it has also happened to somebody else with whom I was dating back in the day (this person, by the way, has not been addicted but has been using it after have had a really major surgery). You’ve really got to be very careful on what you are doing because this buzz really can turn into you getting in some physical altercations for no reasons at all and I am sure this is nothing that you would wish to happen to you. extreme irritability it is not a fun buzz at all and I would really recommend you to stay away from it. as somebody else said this, I do know that there’s little for us to do to stop you, but at least when all of this is going to happen there is going to be nobody that you could blame but you.


                        And also, I would also like to leave one other note here. I do know that there are a lot of people (some people that I personally know) who has never ever gotten a buzz off of this medication and it does not matter how much they have been using of it. they could take a full bottle and of course they would overdose and have negative symptoms, but they wouldn’t get a high feeling. Of course they did not do the cold water extraction, however they took enough of it to wind up feeling really really bad thereafter. They explained to me what they are feeling and it pretty much seems like they are getting a type of sick feeling when your BP is dropping down a lot and your stomach is feeling truly awful. in short – very bad and still no high feeling.


                        All I want to say is that you need to be very careful because we’re thinking that we are having control over the drugs but in reality these drugs are some really big deals and they can and will mess you up if you wouldn’t be careful with it.


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                          most of what has been said here is right, however there is something wrong. And I am talking to those who has said that you really should be very careful about not taking more than 2 because it can kill you. yes it can make you addictive but you’re not going to die by taking 3 pills, 4 pill or whatever that’s because I personally have taken 30 pills of 5/500’s in only a 12 hours period of time in the past and as you can see, I am still alive and I am even writing this which means that it haven’t put me in a coma, in hospital or made me crazy or anything in this matter.


                          Oh yeah, I am also with this guy, I did have used a lot of the hydrocodone at one single time and yeah, I am also still here which means that taking more than 2 or even 5 pills at a time won’t kill you, that’s for sure (I guess, unless you are having some pre existing conditions). But a healthy person doubt would find a fatal outcome. Maybe only a bit of sickness and that’s it. I think that they key is to find your tolerance and to do so you’ve got to take 2 and wait an hour and see how you’re going to react on these pills and in case you are going to need to take more then take 2 more (depending on how you are feeling at this point). I have been used to swallow norcos like they have been tic tacs and obviously I am not encouraging this, however experimenting is not going to hurt you, you’ve just got to do it wisely and also to have somebody near you in case you are going to need some help. you’ve got to remember that these things are getting really addictive as soon as you are going to get your first and real high off them. also, you are most likely going to throw up, don’t even try to fight the urge, simply do it, throw up and you are going to feel a loooot much more better after that (at least that’s what happened to me).


                          And yeah, by the way, not sure how big of a change this is going to be but I have started when I have been around 24 years old and it is now more than 10 years I am still trying to kick the addiction…