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    searching information about toradol. that's because I have seen my doctor yesterday since my pain has become even worse this last month and I can't understand why. so anyway, after the visit my doc has had the nurse to give me a shot of Toradol. I have been driving, (even went to my doctor driving) and that is why a narcotic was out of the question for me. but either way, the reason why I am here is that today I have had a really deep ache in my back and in my leg along with some tingling in my toes as well… I have no idea why I am getting this and that is why I am now wondering maybe anybody else here has any experience with this particular medication called toradol and can tell me what kind of side effects you've got from it. or maybe there are some more knowledgeable people than me who knows either these side effects are from toradol or not and if they are normal at all. but in general, I would like to get as much info about it as it is possible as I want to be informed on the drugs that I take. thanks in advance guys!

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    hello. I dug up some information for you about Toradol and I hope that it is going to be helpful, I mostly searched for the side effects. I should start by saying that the generic name of this drug is ketorolac, ketorolac tromethamine. from as much as I could find about it, it does sound that the injection usually is having lesser reported side effects if compared to the other forms that it can be administered (such as nasal spray or oral tablet). since you said a 'shot' and you said that a nurse have had to be involved in, I can assume that you've been given it in injection form (since a nurse isn't needed for you to take a tablet or use it as nasal spray). I just hope that your symptoms that you are describing are going to subside in some time soon, however if you start noticing that they are not and they are continuing or maybe even getting worse then I would surely go back to the doctor and ask for another medication.


    these are some of the most common side effects that are reported by patients using Toradol, you've got to check them with your doctor if they are persistent or they are becoming worse and worse: headaches, diarrhea, mild stomach pain or upset, constipation, drowsiness, gas, dizziness, stomach fullness, indigestion, vomiting, nausea or pain at the injection site. again, these are only the most common side effects - there might be others as well. having that said, you really should search for immediate medical help in case any of the following severe side effects are appearing in the time you use Toradol: one or multiple allergic reactions (allergic reactions are: difficulty breathing, itching, rash, hives, tightness in chest, unusual hoarseness, swelling of the mouth, tongue, lips or/ and face), chest pains, fever, child or persistent sore throat, bloody or black, tarry stools, cloudy or bloody urine, some unusual change in the amount of the urine produced or some trouble urinating, dark urine, depression, hallucinations, confusion, fainting, mouth sores, ringing in the ears, severe headaches or severe dizziness, fast or irregular heartbeats, one sided weakness, mental or mood changed, either red, swollen, peeling or blistered skin, severe vomiting or diarrhea, shortness of breath, severe or persistent stomach pain or severe nausea, persistent flu like symptoms, severe vomiting or diarrhea, swelling of the hands, arms, legs or feet, numbness of an arm or an leg, seizures, sudden or unexplained weight gain, unusual tiredness or weakness, vomit that it is looking like coffee grounds, unusual bruising or unusual bleeding, vision or speech changes, yellowing of the skin or eyes or also unusual joint or muscle pains.


    all of the previous side effects that I have posted are covering MOST of the possible side effects, however this is still not the full list of side effects that can possible appear when using toradol. having that said, if you start noticing absolutely anything unusual/ different/ as it should not be etc. etc. while using the drug, you need to go to your doctor. if you have any other questions about side effects you should do the same.


    talking about each side effect in particular and what it can affect…


    Gastrointestinal: exactly as with any other non steroidal anti inflammatory substance, the gastrointestinal complaints are pretty common along patients that are on Toradol (ketorolac) therapy. even though, typically these side effects are mild in nature, some pretty serious gastrointestinal effects are still reported, even including colonic and peptic ulceration as well as gastrointestinal bleeding and perforation. the serious gastrointestinal bleeding may not be preceded by symptoms. even though the experience is being limited here, there are some clear indications that there are some risks of getting severe gastrointestinal effects which is increasing with a prolonged use of the toradol treatment. this is the reason why usually, toradol it is given for a short term management of pain, or that's what is the way it is being advised.


    Respiratory side effects. respiratory side effects are few and they are not often reported, but they still might appear, they include: asthma, pulmonary edema, wheezing as well as dyspnea.


    Dermatologic side effects are including rash, urticaria as well as pruritus. there are also some cases when exfoliative dermatitis have been reported too.


    Hematologic side effects are including: increased bleeding time, thrombocytopenia, eosinophilia, inhibition of platelet aggregation, purpura, leukopenia as well as epistaxis.


    Renal side effects. Renal side effects are being considered to be the most common/ severe and often experienced side effects with patients on toradol treatment. acute renal failure has been reported even with short term usage of the medication and even with moderate dosages. quite often, the hyperkalemia it is often accompanies with acute renal failure as well. a chronic and continous toradol therapy may end up in transient increases in BUN as well as creatinine in 2 % to about 3 % of patients taking it. there have been some animal studies done which has ended up in renal papillary necrosis after the animals have been exposed to chronic ketorolac use. it is considered that this might happen to humans as well.


    the renal failure that it associated with hemolytic uremic syndrome has been developed in a 58 years old woman who was treated for arthralgias with the oral toradol. after a total dosage of 30 mg, the patient has developed vomiting as well as bloody diarrhea. then, 3 days later, the patient again has developed vomiting, nausea, facial as well as peripheral edema, oliguria and hypertension. when has been done an laboratory evaluation, they have also noticed: elevated lactate dehydrogenase, renal failure, hemolytic anemia, decreased fibrinogen and thrombocytopenia too. the treatment has been consisted of furosemide as well as supportive care and one week later, all of the laboratory numbers have been back within the normal ranges and the patient has been feeling well.


    Those patients that are having pre existing renal diseases, hypovolemia, nephrotic syndrome, congestive heart failure, hepatic cirrhosis or hypoalbuminemia are under an increased risk of having acute renal failure during the toradol treatment and that's due to the fact that renal function in those conditions are depending upon renal prostaglandin synthesis. in such kind of situations, risk versus benefit really need to be very carefully weighed by a professional doctor!


    in addition to that, ketorolac also may have some renal metabolic effects like for example salt and water retention, hyperkalemia and also inhibition of diuretic action because of the suppression of the renin angiotensin - aldosterone system. these are the effects that are pretty similar to those that are reported with other non steroidal anti inflammatory agents as well and that's since they are all acting pretty much the same with some slight differences.


    also, there is a case control study who has suggested that those patients who has taken 5000 or even more pills that are containing NSAIDs during their entire life then they may be at an increased risk of an end stage renal disease. those renal side effects have also included acute renal failure and flank pain. hematuria, oliguria, nephritis, proteinuria, hyperkalemia as well as urinary frequency has also been reported! besides that, ketorolac has also been reported to be implicated in a case of hemolytic uremic syndrome as well.


    there are also hepatic side effects which are pretty common as well, they have included borderline increases in liver function tests in up to approximately 15% or so of the patients in clinical trials. but anyway, some significant increases (which is considered to be like 3 times the normal values) are occurring in less than only 1 % of the patients. liver failure, cholestatic jaundice as well as hepatitis have also been reported in the time of post marketing experience.


    the psychiatric side effects also can occur and among them are: depression, abnormal dreams (vivid dreams, nightmares etc.), insomnia as well as nervousness.


    Cardiovascular side effects: the non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are able to elevate blood pressure and therefore to increase the risk of the initiation of antihypertensive therapy. besides that, the NSAIDs may also antagonize the blood pressure which is lowering effect of antihypertensive medications in those patients that are already being treated with the antihypertensive drugs. among the cardiovascular side effects are included: palpitations, hypotension, edema, pallor, vasodilation as well as syncope. in addition to that, blood pressure also may be elevated by this medication which may have clinical relevance in those patients with the comorbid illnesses.


    Nervous system side effects are common among patients on toradol as well, they are including: headache (approx. 17 %), dizziness (3 % to 9%), drowsiness or somnolence (also between 3% and 9%), tremors, hallucinations, convulsions, vertigo as well as euphoria. besides all of these, there is also reported stupor, hyperkinesia and paresthesias, however the causality it is unknown.


    There are also ocular side effects but they are very rare. ocular side effected are altered or blurred vision and it has occurred in less than 1 % of patients.


    About hypersensitivity side effects they have included: bronchospasm, fever, anaphylaxis and acute angioedema (here including laryngeal as well as tongue edema). in addition to that, there have also been reported the following side effects: bulluous reactions like for example Stevens Johnson syndrome, erythema multiforme, toxic epidermal necrolysis as well as Lyell's syndrome.


    The local side effects that are being associated with intramuscular injection of the toradol are including: local pain, bruising, hematoma, ecchymosis as well as tingling.


    in the end, there are also other side effects which has included very rare reports of hearing loss as well as tinnitus. plus to that, weight gain in the time of the long term usage of toraol has been reported as well.


    I really hope very much that this is going to give you some insight about your situation and it would be helpful. I do understand what you've tried to say when said that you want to know as much as possible about a drug before taking it. I honestly think that this is the best idea. good luck to you and just let us know how things are turning out for you!


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      hi and thank you a lot for your information… I find it pretty funny the fact that I also have been dizzy but I did not attribute it to the toradol, which I guess that I should have from reading your information. I am quite sure that those symptoms are all going to be gone by tomorrow, however I do not need any more aches and pains… and I'm already tired of them. I also can say that I did feel better yesterday after I have had the shot, however I have felt worse and that's what alarmed me a bit. thank you very much once again for all the information you shared here. I honestly appreciate it a lot!


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        I just think that all you have to do is to keep a track of any of unusual symptoms or feeling that to you seem to be out of the normal or they shouldn't be there or they don't have any explanation… and besides that, it is very important to know how long they continued to persist because long term side effects aren't any good for sure. not to mention if they are getting worse since they might get worse and worse until you won't be able to have a normal life because of it… but yeah… I also really hope and I'm even confident that tomorrow you are going to feel alright. I really hope it! plus I want to say that I am very happy that the information I posted here has helped you out! in the end, this is why we are here and what's why we're browsing this forum. once again, just take care of you and also, please, do not forget to keep us to date on how you are feeling and posted on any of the new symptoms that you might have and any changes at all. bye.


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          all I know is that Toradol sucks and that's why I definitely wouldn't recommend anyone to try it! I know that it has been touted by the manufacturer as equivalent to 100 mg Demerol. My doctor has told me the truth a while back, but I have already come to this conclusion of myself before that doctor to tell me anything and in the fact that Toradol is a complete crap. he has only made me be even more confident in that. I don't know, maybe other people benefit out of it, but I'm one of those who surely does not!


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            I do not want to say that you are right or that you are wrong, all I can say is that there might be some chances that it is not for everybody… but talking about this medication from my own point of view and personal experience then I should say that I do agree with you on this… that's because when I have got injured in my back I was having pains and went to doctor to give me something for those pains, he has told me that he would give me toradol injection rather than vicodin… he said that he does it because just one injection would give me relief for several days… I guess there's no need for me to say that it has done absolutely nothing for my pains??


            all I know is that Toradol sucks and that's why I definitely wouldn't recommend anyone to try it! I know that it has been touted by the manufacturer as equivalent to 100 mg Demerol. My doctor has told me the truth a while back, but I have already come to this conclusion of myself before that doctor to tell me anything and in the fact that Toradol is a complete crap. he has only made me be even more confident in that. I don't know, maybe other people benefit out of it, but I'm one of those who surely does not!


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              hi Grapply


              I have to say that I'm honestly sorry for you to hear that toradol has not worked for you, however I still think that it is not a good idea to write it off as crap because as even you said it - it might be helpful for others, and trust me it is REALLY helpful for other people. like for example, one of those other people is me, however I have found it to be so helpful only in some very specific cases, while it can be extremely worthless (like using nothing at all) in other cases. what I am trying to say, for me it can be a miracle pain reliever or it can be, as you said, a crap medication - it depends on why I need it. having this said, we just can't write off Toradol as crap. it is quite as much as saying that a fish is stupid because it can't climb a tree. besides, isn't this the case with most of the medications out there anyway???


              like for example, I can say that the opioid therapy has been completely terrible for my occasional neck, back and headache pains and this is in the time Toradol has been completely worthless for those kinds of pains. since you said that you were having back pains, it is surely no wonders why you thought that it is not working for you. I would say that it is mostly not working for that kind of pains - for back pains.


              now, here are 2 different situations of where toradol it is a complete miracle drug while the opiates are missing the mark completely and are worthless:


              the first one: pleurisy (which is also known as pleuritis): I one have had just 2, but extremely severe and debilitating attacks of pleurisy (pleuritis) in my entire life, the first one I've been feeling like I am having a heart attack…. I have been in just so much agony that I was just laying down on my living room floor and been writhed around for some hours until my son came in and seen me like that, of course has called the ambulance immediately and so I have been transported to our local hospital. the long story short - they were thinking that I have been really having a heart attack and so they have injected me some morphine and MORPHINE did not gave me any effect! then later when I have arrived in the ER I have been given one more shot of morphine (the second one) and by this time I have already been in some great stupor and still in extremely big pains! I remember that I was thinking and fearing that this is the end, that I am going to die there because of all of those pains or either because they dope me up so much! but there's one sure thing… I was really thinking that I am going to die… that's how much and how hideous pains I was getting then…


              so well, then later after what it seemed to be like about a week or 2 have passed (and trust me… with how I was feeling, there's not much of an exaggeration at our local hospital) the emergency room physician has finally seen and determined that I have been having an attack of Pleurisy and so he has put me Toradol into my IV drip. *I KID YOU NOT* during the time it took for the contents of the Toradol in order to finish entering my bloodstream (which has been only a matter of some seconds) and that agonizing, hideous and completely unbearable pain has been, shockingly, completely and TOTALLY gone. I mean… when the doctor has introduced that Toradol shot I was already thinking that it is not going to help (since not even morphine was able to help me), but I was hoping that since he's putting me this, then maybe it would be at least a bit better (that's the maximum I could hope for), however in a matter of seconds after the introduction of that thing - my pain has been COMPLETELY gone, I was all absolutely fine. it was like a miracle. it's like you're in an extremely big pain and seconds later you're absolutely all fine. seems to me too good to be real, but that's the truth. after such kind of thing happened, it is obvious that I would never be able to forget this medication… it is the 'miracle' medication!


              that was my very first attack and it was the worst since I had to endure those pains a lot of time. but then, since that attack, I have had one other debilitating attack of the Pleurisy and this time everybody knew what I need to be administered and so they gave me Toradol immediately and it worked exactly as the first time as in just a matter of second, the pains were gone. the pains are disappearing nearly immediately when the Toradol is given for the pleurisy.


              so that was the first thing which Toradol been doing such a good job, but as I said it earlier, there are 2 of them. the second one is gall stone pain. however I should say that taking Toradol has been an 2 edged sword for me in this instance and it is not because Toradol gave me side effects or didn't worked fine… but that's exactly the case - it worked too well for me this time. let me explain. I have been thinking that I was having a third bout of Pleurisy when it has happened, though I could feel that it is different… anyway, needless to say I have visited my doctor when it has happened and he has quickly said that it is Pleurisy (as I said, I was also thinking that it is Pleurisy, though something felt different) and so he gave me another shot of Toradol. exactly like the first 2 times when it really was Pleurisy, the pains were gone nearly immediately. so, since Toradol has done such a good job again, I have went home feeling great again (and forgetting about it at all, at this point being nearly 100% sure that it was a third bout of Pleurisy) but having no idea that I went home with a very and very sick gallbladder. through those pains my gallbladder was trying to 'communicate' with me saying that it is sick, but I administered Toradol, numbed the pains and went home feeling fine. needless to say that my gallbladder couldn't take more and in less than 2 week later it has flared up once again and due to the fact that I had been misdiagnosed by my doctor who has only treated the pain and not the problem itself, at this point my gallbladder has been kind of 'ready to burst' and that is why this has left me with no other choice than to simply have it removed. this has been a bummer and a half. so well, having that said - Toradol is such a good medication (pain killer) that it numbed those pains I was getting from my very sick gallbladder which, if I would feel them, I wouldn't be able to move.


              so now, as a conclusion to it all I just want to say… if you are going to remember at least anything about my little story then I honestly think that you should remember the following: just in case you're a person like me who suffers from severe attacks of Pleurisy then go right away after the Toradol and administer it as fast as you can because as soon as you would - you're going to get an absolute pain relief! however, remember… you shouldn't do the mistakes that both me and my doctor made. as soon as you take Toradol, go for a full check up and see what is wrong with you. that's because you need to be damn sure that you do not have any serious conditions that the powerful pain relieving qualities of the Toradol is able to hide and so, that serious condition might get even worse. that's why - please do not!


              and yeah, one more thing… I do know that many of you might be wondering right now which was the dosages of Toradol administered to me that they worked so well… unfortunately I can't remember. I'm really sorry for not being able to tell you the dosages that were used on me but it is because I was not really paying attention to all of the goings on in my emergency room visits. however I'm quite sure that if you're going to need it and your doctor would think the same - then your doctor must know the dosage you should be given, so I don't think there should be any problems with this. I wish you all the best people and I hope a lot that this would be helpful


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                well, they have given me one shot of Toradol out on base one day and I have not been able to sleep for at least 3 nights after that shot. I do know that it sound like it is craaaazy! but trust me that was really crazy! I simply could not sleep and I did not sleep for the next 3 nights as I simply never got sleepy at all! besides that, I have also got some kind of a burning or stabbing like stomach ache. it was weird but most importantly is that it was an ache.. any kind of ache is annoying. I mean… I say this because it was not severe or anything like that, plus it did not lasted extremely and awfully long, however as I said, - I got aches and any aches are really annoying! as for those pains that I was having (which is why I took Toradol), it did the job and it has knock a bit down some of those pains, however I cannot say that it worked so good… definitely didn't got me rid completely of those pains and it definitely was not as good as I was thinking that it would be. just wondering why is that??? either way, I just can say in the end of it that it has been quite a bit of disappointing drug for me… didn't worked the way I was hoping that it would plus it gave me those side effects… like the thing that I had no sleep for days was a bit OUT there I thought…


                to be honest, I have not realized that it has been an NSAID just until later on. and the thing here is that I'm such a person that is not doing well on those… I've never done well on any of them. after I found out that it has been an NSAID it was no wonder why I got that stomach ache… but I just can't understand… are some NSAID's supposed to be a bit different for you?? aren't they all quite the same with only slight differences? the reason why I ask it is because they already knew that I am not doing very well with any NSAID's and they still gave me this one.  I'm not doing well because they rip my stomach up pretty well… and since my one grandmother had almost bled to hear death and my other grandmother has been down up to about 30% or so kidney function from using them, I have to say that I'm pretty much leery of them anyway. it does seem that the thing that I can't do well on them is genetic - it seems that nobody in this family can take NSAID's… that's our genetics so I doubt I can do anything about it except just to accept it.


                later, there was my new neuro who wasn't aware of all of this and she has asked me if I wanted to try out Cambia to see how it would work on me. I didn't thought that it is an NSAID either and I said that I surely would try it out, at least to see how it works. again… I had no idea it was an NSAID because if I knew I wouldn't agree. anyway, what I am trying to say is that oah… that Cambia it is one really really hard thing to stomach, at least to my stomach… this is a powder and you need to mix it in the water and then do drink it like that. I do remember that my neuro did told me that I shouldn't drink that on an empty stomach… that I need to have at least something in my stomach when I am taking it… so I've done quite a bit of mistake that I have not speak up and say: hey… you know, me and mr migraine, we just can't get anything into our stomach, as a matter of fact it is very often just opposite to that. besides, that thing it is awfully strong peppermint as well! I mean, I chewed gums and other stuff with strong peppermint, but nothing as strong as this one. oah… if you do like some strong peppermint menthol taste stuff then I guess you're going to love this thing, but I'm not one of those who likes it either and this is just a thing that gags me pretty well… in short, that's a thing with double negatives for me. but again, for me - maybe for others stuff aren't hard on stomach and you like peppermint, then Cambia might be for you. I have only tried it once and still only because I have said that I would, otherwise I guess I wouldn't take it. whatever the case I've seen that it is not a very good stuff for me.


                and yeah, another thing… I really do not think that I hit it at the beginning of the attack and when I did have had the bad attack, I knew that there was no way on this earth that I could drink this stuff for anything at all. I just was so so so darn sick! but anyway, as I have said it earlier.. for those people who are able to tolerate such kind of things then it might be good for you, at least maybe worth the try. I'm currently trying to prepare to take another one.. I think about trying it once again and that’s mostly because I am having 9 packages that I have already paid for and I have paid more for due to the fact that it turned out they were non formulary… oh yaah… but I am sure that it is not going to be my medication though. anyway, I do know that I am never going to have enough luck to put food (especially enough food) in my stomach when I am having a migraine - it would be amazing if someday I would be able but… that it is just an oxymoron. however, the very best thing for me it is if there is one that is bad is to be knocked out.  like for example I am using a medication zomig. that one is not knocking me out, however it knocks me down. that medication makes me swim around… it is that you either lie down or fall down… that's just your choice. -er my choice. anyway, I am not very sure how this stuff is affecting other people, of course, but I just say how it works for me. anyway… in 3 weeks I have another appointment with my doctor and I am really hoping that then she's going to recommend me something differently that is not going to give me such side effects and it would work… though I know that finding such kind of a medication for me is near to impossible. so well, for horrid nausea I am going to use a phenergan and this thing is knocking me for a loop to the lala land but still… when I am being hurt really badly - that is very good for me so I can accept that!


                anyway, in the end I just want to say that I'm really glad there are people who find Toradol to work well for some of you. I knew that there must be people who really benefit out of using it. but unfortunately I can't be one of them… but in the end, all of this is only showing how different we all are. and also how it seems that it works well for different kinds of pains. human body is full of mystery even nowadays!


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                  MargareT, thanks for posting.. that's an really well informed post… I'm very sorry to hear about your grandmother and what happened… shame on those doctors that are responsible for this! I hope you haven't left it like that…


                  also, this is only my opinion and nothing more, however I really think that Toradol it is a very and very crappy drug that often is not even worth trying… instead of it I would suggest ketorolac. but then again, this is only my opinion and my experience because I have had much more success with ketorolac in a serious situation… I also should say that my favorite NSAID is Arthrotec (which is basically Diclofenac with a stomach buffer). plus to that, something that might be useful for other people with the stomach issues… I have found that eating a good portion of yogurt about half before is really helping with the stomach issues… either it helps only some people or all, I don't know, but I do know that it is really worth a try, no? hope it would be helpful to you guys.


                  and yeah, one more thing that I have nearly forgot to say here which I think is quite important… that buffer ingredient that I was talking about, named 'misoprostol' is contraindicated for pregnant women so take big care. I do know that there are women who are against NSAIDs at all during pregnancies, but there are other women who are not and might take them, that's why take care not to take the misoprostol if you're pregnant. good luck and best wishes!


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                    hi Summy, thank you very much for your kind words. yes.. my grandmother with that has developed the kidney failure has really been put through the hell on earth… obvious thing is that I have been pretty much upset about all of this.. we all were. in the beginning they were extremely quick and fully adamant about constantly giving her the ibuprofen for all of her terrible back and leg pains. they gave it to her without thinking too much. but then later they were like… 'oh no… you should not use that thing any more' (that was when they have tested here and they've seen that her kidneys were functioning at only 30%!).


                    and then there's my other grandmother she had been on, Coumadin, that blood thinner when they gave her that stuff. as I said it earlier, this thing has made her bleed and she nearly bled to her death… in fact, the doctors said that it is a miracle that she pulled through… that's how much blood she lost. I remember them saying that she went through something like 32 units or so of blood. that's a lot… and that's especially in her age. I have no idea how she has made it, the doctors say the same, but we're all happy that she did it somehow!


                    and yeah, please try to understand me correctly… by saying that I have no intention to scare anybody, and generally I don't mean to make anybody being afraid to take this stuff… however I still feel that it is under appreciation the damage that the NSAIDs can do. they are really bad and they are really dangerous… below I am going to post some of the statistics that I have found during the time that I was searching information for my grandmother's kidney issues. in fact, that was the time when I have firstly started to search information about it all and to learn. and I'm really glad that I did because now I know a lot much more. thanks to my grandmother… at first she has been given a prescription pain medication, given by a neurosurgeon because of her injury she had (along with a birth defect, he has said that he could not perform the surgery, with the birth defect he could not fix it). she has used the pain medication only in some mornings and only in those mornings when it has been near to impossible for her to get out of bed and to get going for her day on because of that pain she had. but even so, then later when she has asked the doctor to give her some more of those since they help her… she has gotten torn up right away with a lecture! and that's also taking in consideration the thing that she has been 84 years old during that time. I mean… they must have been kidding with that!!! and after only one prescription and not even using one every single day but only when the pains were worse?? when she told us about this we thought that it is some kind of a joke or something… but anyway, they have told her to use ibuprofen only since they are not going to give her nothing more. so since she had no other option she did used it but I guess it is obvious that it has not really worked well for her. (if at all…)


                    and so… you know.. the worst is that she is still suffering from those horrible pains she has and besides that with a kidney failure!! that's amazing and all of it thanks to 'amazing' doctors who knows what the patients need. who CARE about patients… it is obvious that I have tried to get her to go back to the neuro and discuss but most importantly to get herself another pain doctor.


                    but yeah… I also can remember that when I was using some NSAID's myself in the past… I have found out that I am not able to tolerate those myself very well either, as I said, I guess it is genetic (I can't take them because of my tummy) and then the nurse have been kept telling me that I need to drink A LOT of water due to the fact that they are extremely hard on the kidneys. yeah they are… I do know it very well… and I do know that they have their own place, their own needs and so on and so forth, exactly as all of the other medications, but exactly as with the other medications - you need to be very careful.


                    and yeah, I've said about one article earlier… just go on healthsentinel and search for keywords: more hospitalized. you'll see the second article titled: 'More Hospitalized from NSAID Bleeding than All American War Casualties'. I guess the title says it all but still… I think it might be really worth a read. Thank you Summy once again and thanks each one of you for everything! best wishes!


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                      thanks guys for this thread. I've gotta say that I have been given this toradol injection myself, I've got it several times over some years. not once has it worked in the slightest and I've gotta say that most recently… which is about 2 months ago or so, I have started to work out once again. on my first day when I've got back out there I have done 6 miles of walking. this has been approximately one month and a half or so after I had been involved in a car accident in which my neck and my back have been injured quite badly. then later I have came back home from my second walk (which was only 2 miles this time) and I simply was not able to sit down without having an extremely extremely big pain which I couldn't bear with. after about an hour of dealing with this - I couldn't take it anymore and I have taken myself to the doctor asking him to help me because I can't deal with that anymore. I've been all in pains by the time that I have got there and besides that - my left side of my neck has been all swollen u pretty badly. also, each time that I am in pain (and especially then when I was in bad pain) my blood pressure is going sky high and they do have this charted. when I've got in there they checked my BP which has been 150/100 (whereas, normally I am at 120/70).


                      the doctor was able to feel my neck muscle bulging and has told me (literally)… 'normally, I am only giving narcotics when an accident first is happening, so now I do not want to give you any of them due to the fact that I would want you to avoid to over do it. that is why, I am now going to give you a shot of toradol'. so well… after this… what I have understood that he meant was simply that he does not want to give me anything that is actually going to work for me and that is actually going to get me rid of the pains that I have. I do know my drugs very well and I do understand that the toradol he was so up to give me, is an NSAID. but I am supposed to never use any NSAID due to the fact that I have a history of stomach ulcers and NSAIDs can be dangerous and maybe even life threatening for me but even so… they are still giving them to me whenever I am in pain. to make you guys understand… I have never asked a doctor for narcotics, he just assumed I can guess… and I am not having any history with drug addiction. again, they just don't want to give me what actually helps (and even though they are narcotics, I still think that they are safer for me than NSAIDs because of my history of stomach ulcers…). and so, I am now thinking that they simply do not want the hassle of giving you any opiates and that is why they are giving you toradol as it is much safer, easier and better for THEM! and again, I am not tryin' to suggest that toradol is useless, dangerous or whatever else. I do think that it may be very well a good medication for some other people, however surely not for me… it may as well be a placebo.


                      thank you guys for letting me share my story. I really hope that for you it would work differently than how it is for me…