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  • sinusitus and azithromycin

    Hello all. I am suffering from chronic sinusitis with recurring bouts of bronchitis. There’s my doctor that is always giving me the exact same Z max antibiotic each time when it is recurring and that’s because I have found out some years ago that I am having allergies from penicillin. The last 2 times when I have got sick he has had to refill my script and I have been down for approximately 3 weeks or so. I am honestly thinking right now that the antibiotic is not working for me anymore. I have taken it, and the same antibiotic, way too many times, so I am feeling that my body has grown up tolerance to it and now it doesn’t touch me anymore. I have heard that antibiotics tolerance isn’t a myth and is true and unfortunately for me, I have read that antibiotic tolerance is a bitch! Anyway… I would really like to know if there is anybody else who might be having similar problems as I do or maybe have had any good results with some other non penicillin based antibiotic? I am thinking that there should be some other anitbiotics than azithromycin and penicillin doing a good job for sinusitis, no? if there are some of you who can give me any suggestions I would be very and very thankful to you. I just want to go and make some suggestions to my doctor the next time I am getting sinusitis. I do know that there might be something wrong only now at the moment and maybe later the azithromycin might work later, I am not sure, but if it won’t I want to have that something ‘prepared’ so the next time I could already be using it, not starting to search for it. thanks in advance for everything.

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    Yeah you are right… the streptococcus pneumoniae, which it is the most common cause of the bacterial respiratory tract infections indeed do develop resistance to antibiotics over the time and that’s why it is being recommended to ‘rotate’ the antibiotics if you are getting these infections often. I personally I am such a person, quite like you, as I am getting several bouts a year as well, my doctor was just gradually increasing the dosage but they also could switch to just another antibiotic which I’m pretty sure that it would have worked the exact same way. I just know that the Augmentin is also working very well for me…


    There were some years ago when I have had some very good results with the sulfa drugs and it would be amazing for me if they kept on working the same way… however over the time I have developed an allergy to them so I am not able to take them anymore, sadly for me. anyway, I am not very sure if you are the one who should suggest antibiotics… I mean, when you go to your doctor IMO he should be the one giving you the right antibiotics for sinusitis except for the penicillin since you are allergic to them and except for azithromycin since it is not working for you anymore.


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      Well… I personally would highly recommend you to try out the levaquin in case it is getting all too bad as I know that this is doing an amazing job in killing the bacteria. The reason why you should be careful with it is that it kills more good bacteria too. Generally, you might do a research on it yourself and read. Also ask your doctor what he’s thinking about Levaquin. But make sure that you use it only if it’s confirmed to be bacterial sinusitis. Hopefully this is going to be a bit helpful to you.


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        Hello there OP, I think that you need to look more into Vancomycin as it is a really good antibiotic. Though, don’t use it without your doctor telling you to do so. In addition to that, a steroid inhaler or steroid nose spray may be helpful as well, but then again, firstly talk to your doctor about it and see what he’s thinking. All 3 of us here have already been down this very frustrating path… and by the way… have you ever tried saline rinses? I know that for some people they don’t work, but for others they are doing miracles so I suggest you to try it out.


        And by the way, in regards to the Levaquin, it is in the same class of antibiotics, however just another compound, whichever the case that’s indeed a good call IMO.


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          and by the way… have you ever tried saline rinses? I know that for some people they don’t work, but for others they are doing miracles so I suggest you to try it out.


          hello there and thanks very much for the recommendation, I did have tried the saline rinses already in the past and seemingly I’m from the first catergory of people. I am having a netty pot I am daily using. They have just prescribed me a steroid inhaler and I have started to take the nasonex approximately 2 months ago or so. Ultimately, thank you every one for the information you’ve provided here. I am a strong believer that those people who are not getting these kinds of infections they just do not and they cannot realize how much of an effect it has on your life in general and even on your mental state as well. I don’t want to say that I would wish those people find out what’s like to live with this, but they just can’t understand…the last year, in 2016 I have went through 4 sinus injections and each one of them has caused me bronchitis. The shortest one that I was able to kick it has been 2 weeks (whereas for normal people 2 weeks is the longest), with the longest one which has lasted for approximately 10 weeks or so!


          Yeah, that’s nearly 3 months!!!! That has been when I have went to a specialist. And yeah… the funny stuff (but not quite funny for me) has been that after I have had a CT scan my ENT said I still had some infection in my sinuses left. That’s after 10 weeks of battling with it! that’s just unbelievable. It has been pushing to 12 weeks already!


          Surely I am going to go and talk to my doctor about those other antibiotics out there the next time as I can’t go any more like that… 3 months daily trying to get rid of it. that’s a really big problem now for me because it has got to the point now that every single time when I am sneezing I am really afraid (and that’s a real true fear) that I am going to be down for a month or more once again! I can’t go like this anymore… I am very sorry guys that you have had to deal with this as well… as I said, people who don’t know what’s this they just can’t even imagine what’s like to live with this and hopefully they never will… as for you I’m very sorry that you did battled with it too, however I still gotta say that it feels nice to know that I am not the only one like this… it would make me kind of… strange… depressed… idk.


          But what’s annoying me is that people that are not having any knowledge in this, are not educated this area, they tend to act as if what’s wrong with me is exactly what they have when they are getting the slightest ever cold and are absolutely all good to go in a few days. That’s not anywhere near to what’s I am used to get and so I do try to explain them that a bacterial infection it is not being easy to get rid of and that it can even do quite a some of a bit of damage to your body with each time that it appears. There’s my ENT who has told me that from all my sinus infections that I’ve got (and I guess you’ve realized that I’ve got a lot) my sinus cavities have been already reshaped…


          And trust me I’m trying to do whatever it takes to keep it all away from me… putting in laminate flooring in my house as well as purchasing entire house air purifier and many others things… I do everything that I can do in order to help me to avoid this problem…


          Thanks you all for all your help once again.. if there’s anyone else who has any other suggestions I will gladly listen your opinions and recommendations!


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            To be honest… I would really hesitate to use either Vancomycin or Levaquin for sinusitis and if I would be you I would just keep on searching for other alternatives than these… the reason is that both of these antibiotics can have some awfully bad side effects and that’s why I think that they need to be saved only for some really bad infections… to me these antibiotics are pretty much something like a last resort kind of thing... thinking to use them only if I have bad bad infections such as like MRSA or such.


            I tell you this because I have read a journal article about this which was saying this and I do believe it should be true, I’ve also asked for professional advice on this and it has always been like this. in regards to the tolerance… you are right. But it is not quite tolerance and it is not our body developing tolerance to the antibiotics… it is in fact the bacteria which is getting ‘tolerance’ it gets smarter… in fact I think that our bugs are getting smarter than our drugs and this phenomenon is called resistance and therefore… yes, the drug is getting useless.


            As in regards for the sinusitis, I have been used to be scripted Bactrim, 14 days… that’s just in case you are not being allergic to this stuff… but since you said that you are allergic to penicillin and you haven’t mentioned anything else then I think Bactrim is the way to go for you right now. the sinus infections are very likely virus and that’s why, throwing antibiotics on it is not going to help you anyway…


            And by the way, the saline washes as well as steam they can truly help you a lot… gotta loosen up the gunk. sometimes the natural methods indeed work a lot better than drugs. But you also have the option of doing both of them and that’s what I recommend. Anyway, in the end this is just my opinion and nothing more.


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              Hello there lazarapa.


              First off I should say that I am not a physician and not any medical professional… I am only a person that knows several people who have already experienced some extremely nightmare-ish side effects from using Cipro and Levaquin and that’s why I have to say (to OP and everyone else who is interested in trying Levaquin) that I totally agree with you lazarapa about doing the best to avoid Levaquin for sinusitis and that’s unless there are really no other options available for the reasons that you have already mentioned earlier in your post. Indeed, I do agree with you that it can be viral so I do think as you that antibiotics shouldn’t actually be prescribed until it has been established that an infection is being bacterial and it is not viral, as the antibiotics are having absolutely no effects on the viral infections so that means that you are taking the antibiotics killing your good bacteria and generally (and literally) killing you for no good reason. For those kind of situations you don’t need antibiotics but you need antivirals which are 2 different things but they are having their own profile of side effects – as anything else. This is the reason why before treating whatever you think you might be having, you should first off know for sure what you exactly have. That’s your doctor job but let’s face it that doctors aren’t always actually doing their job properly.


              Since talking about doctors here… I know that there still are some doctor out there who are still using Cipro and Levaquin as the first line treatments antimicrobials against the sinusitis as well as other bacterial infections out there, but there’s more and more information that is coming out about the severe and there are sometimes even PERMANENT effects that these drugs can have on one’s tendons as well as on the central nervous systems too (and I’m talking about such things as tendon ruptures, tendinitis, peripheral neuropathies as well as many other nasties out there). yeah, I do know that there is a big majority of the patients who are being scripted Levaquin who are not actually experiencing any of those effects, as much as I know, however there’s a sizeable minority out there who do and just in case you are one among those that are sizeable minority then the side effects from those drugs can wreak a permanent havoc on your life and that’s going to be much worse than the thing you’ve been having against which you’ve taken the drug.


              As much as I know, there was a story quite a while ago about a band director in Minnesota who, after he has used Levaquin and Prednisone for a persistent sinus infection that he had, he ended up being bound to wheelchair and is not recovering and he might very well never recover anymore. I personally am really afraid of such things… and yeah… this is not the only story like that… there are many similar stories which you can find online and they do shit scare me. and what’s the scariest part here is that many or most of the doctors are not even aware of the frequency of the side effects to this particular class of the antibiotics and to this combination of these drugs. I mean… not sure how do you feel about this people, but when I hear about such a thing and most of the doctors don’t even know anything about this… well, that’s really scary. As for myself… I would only agree to use the Levaquin quite as a last resort for anything… this is just a damn powerful antimicrobial stuff… and since it is so so powerful it obviously can do a lot of good things, however because of the same reason, it can also do a lot of harm as well. pretty much everything in this life is like this… what can do a lot of good, it can also do a lot of harm. At least this is my opinion. Hopefully this would save someone out there… good luck to you people.


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                I totally agree in the fact that Levaquin must be taken as a last resort. I know it from experience as I have tried Levaquin and it has been a total nightmare for me. I one won’t ever use it again.


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                  Hello there. I just can say that not so long ago I have been diagnosed with a sinus infection. I have been thinking that my allergies have been really really bad bad this year. Doctor has told me that even though my eosinophil count has been quite high, he still was not thinking that it had led to bacterial so far.


                  And so I have ended up being scripted a steroid nasal spray. Then later, after I have walked out of the pharmacy while been laughing when they have told me that this spray has been $ 300 ! I have taken a decision of trying the Flonase nasal spray instead of it. I have then called my doctor and I have asked him for something else and then, this Mr. personality has told me that there has been no substitute for it.


                  Anyway, as much as you can guess, I did have still tried the Flonase and I can tell you that it is truly working very well for me. it is an OTC stuff and it is definitely affordable, compared to the steroid nasal spray he recommended me. in addition to that, I’ve also been scripted Claritin (loratadine) pills, however I am really thinking that they are a little bit too weak for me, though this is only my speculation and I can’t say for sure.


                  Now, when I am going to go for my re check, I just hope that they are not going to decide to prescribe me the antibiotics. I think that logically they won’t since I do feel better and that’s why I think they won’t. anyway, what matters is that if I am going to have to see him once again then we are truly going to have some words as he can shove that 300 bucks nasal spray!


                  I’m sorry though about your antibiotic problem/ dilemma and I wish you good luck with it, hopefully you are going to sort it out and whichever the antibiotic you are going to use – hopefully it is going to help you out. I do think that you have gotten some quite good advices above there which I think that many people would benefit. Good luck you all and take care!


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                    Oh my god Lisssa, that sounds so bad… I imagine how bad of an experience you must have to say that it has been a total nightmare and that you won’t ever use it again… that’s really bad I guess :


                    I totally agree in the fact that Levaquin must be taken as a last resort. I know it from experience as I have tried Levaquin and it has been a total nightmare for me. I one won’t ever use it again.


                    Trust me I am very and very sorry that you have had such a bad experience with it. but I guess that you already do know that you are being far from alone in that, even though it is only a club that you would never want to join, nobody would ever want, I know. I personally am feeling so strongly about the fluoroquinolones that I am actually having it on my medical ID card, and whenever I am traveling I am wearing a medical ID bracelet which is saying that I should NOT be given any fluoroquinolones (I am also wearing the bracelet at some other times too, depending on the situation). I one did have had some issues with my knee and shoulder tendinitis and anybody out there who has any of these tendon issues they should not ever use these drugs, other than as a last ditch effort against a bacterial infection that it is trying to kill them. plus, there is one of my kids who is also having some medical problems which is contraindicated fluoroquinolones exactly as my husband does and so, it is on their wallet cards as well. and the other of my child does know very well about not to fill a script for one of those drugs without to ask about the side effects and about asking whether there are any alternatives or not, and if there’s a doctor who is not going to talk about the alternatives (and there also including about explaining what’s the exact reason (WHY?!?!) there is not any alternative in that specific case) then that’s not a doctor that you would want to visit and get treated anyway. quite sure many other people would agree with me.


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                      oh wow, Tanishaa… I never knew or not even heard about it when it has been prescribed. However I did have felt it myself like I have been in some horrible la la land. The complete opposite of wonderland – I guess the horribleland. After using just one single dosage I have already been off. To be honest, I personally never knew of this class of antibiotics. I can guess that we have been just way too engaged in getting a MRSA treatment out ASAP. Anyway, thank you very much Tanishaa for this. that feels really good to know that I am not alone with this, although I’m sorry that there are other people suffering from the same stuff. And now, each time when any doctor is even mentioning this for a bacterial infection, and it doesn’t matter whether for me or for my kid, I am immediately refusing it and I am asking for the alternatives now as I do feel much more safer with alternatives. I really feel as if I need to look up on the structure of the levoquin. But then again. Thanks!


                      Also I would like to ask you Tanishaa… are there some more in that class? I can look it up as well… I should and I must look it up.


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                        As much as I know, the most commonly prescribed one are the Cipro, Avelox as well as the Levaquin. But that’s such… mistake IMO… that’s because all of them must be antimicrobials of last resort and they shouldn’t be first line drugs against the common infections in my opinion as they currently are prescribed. In fact, I can say that the FDA issue guidance approximately one year ago or so (anywhere in summer 2016 as much as I can remember) were recommending that these antibiotics NOT to be prescribed for the ordinary sinus infections, for UTIs and bronchitis if there are other treatment options that are available and that’s due to the risk of those really bad and serious side effects it is just way too high in order to justify their use for ‘simple cases’ and only except for those cases  that can really resist those bugs and there is nothing else out there which can kill them. well, I can quote that new FDA advisory that I have found which I am talking about here if any of you is interested in reading it, so:


                        The U.S. Food and Drug Administration it is advising that the serious side effects which are being associated with the fluoroquinolone antibacterial drugs are generally outweighing the benefits for those patients with acute sinusitis, acute bronchitis as well as uncomplicated urinary tract infections who are having some other treatment options. For those patients with these types of conditions, the fluoroquinolone antibacterial types, should be reserved only for those patients who are not having any alternative treatment options that can deal with their condition.


                        An FDA safety review has shown that the fluoroquinolones when they are being used systematically (like for example the capsules, tablets and injectable) are being associated with disabling as well as potentially permanent serious side effects that can occur together. Those side effects can involve the muscles, the nerves, tendons, joints as well as central nervous system too.


                        As a result of that, we are requiring that the drug labels as well as Medical Guides for all of the fluoroquinolone antibacterial drugs to be updated in order to reflect this new safety information given. We are currently continuing to investigate safety issues with the fluoroquinolones and we are going to update the public with some additional information in case it’s going to become available.


                        Well… I do think that these were some strong words for quite a strong antibiotic/ antimicrobial… which I personally do think that it is indeed a useful one for the most resistant infections, however it is just not appropriate for garden variety infections out there. it’s pretty much like you’re trying to kill a mosquito with an AK 47… if you shoot it long enough you might kill it, but what are the risks? In fact, I know that there are those people who generally believe that drugs in that class are so so dangerous that they need to be pulled out of the market completely, I discussed with people saying that in their opinion, those drugs should be banned… but to be honest I think that this would most likely be a mistake if they would do such a drastic change (from treating every infection with it to completely banning it) as there still are those circumstances and maybe specific people in which only those really really powerful antimicrobials are needed to deal with them. however, there still are a LOT of those people (well, anywhere into the tens of thousands I guess, if online sources are being correct) whose lives have been upended or simply ruined because they have been scripted those kind of drugs (often with prednisone, which is a BIG and double NO – NO!) for a stubborn sinus infection or for a simple urinary tract infection. However, to be honest, I think that the true number of those people that have been really seriously injured by this fluoroquinolones it is most likely underreported, at least in my opinion, and that’s due to the fact (again, according to the online reports as well as the formal testimony) that doctors very often do not believe their patients when those patients are trying to tell them that those problems has started during or maybe shortly after they have started a course with those types of drugs. Very often doctors either can’t accept it or they think that they patients are going nuts. Which is really sad and unfortunate in my opinion.


                        Whichever the case… I personally am neither going to use the fluoroquinolones myself as much as I am not going to allow any member of my immediate family to take them and that’s unless we are going to be dealing with some kind of a very and very big and serious infection which won’t go away and there simply is not going to be any other viable option that we could pick up from. Then again, as I have already mentioned it – I do think that they are necessary for some things out there, however they just should not be prescribed or taken in case there are any other reasonable alternatives available out there because, as I said, I think that these kind of drugs must be LAST resort, but I still think that they should be there, just in case, as they shouldn’t be banned or anything in this matter.


                        Anyway, gotta mention here that all of what I have wrote up there is just my opinion except for the quote I shared as those are the words said by the FDA and not me. anything else is just my opinion, experience and stuff like this. hopefully this is going to be helpful!


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                          That’s quite sad to see that I am not the only one out there who is suffering from the sinus infections several times per year. I’m really sorry that there are other people suffering like this as I do perfectly know what kind of a pain that is, but at least it feels comforting knowing that I’m not dealing with this kind of problem all alone. I’ve got a sinus surgery like 16 months ago. Rhinoplasty as well as deviated septum too. Recovery has been true hell. Three back to back infections. I have only felt some improvement just like half a year or so later! 6 full months! For some kind of reason, I have then slipped back into the sinus problems again. It has not been as bad as pre surgery I can’t complain there.


                          However, with time I have noticed that being proactive really seemed to be as if that’s the key for me to get out of this hell. Also, as soon as I am feeling that it is coming up then I am immediately using the Flonase, Sudafed as well as Mucinex D in order to keep it away. also using saline nasal spray several times per day too. That’s because if I am letting the mucus to settle up for just one single day then I already know that I am going to be living in hell and there is no way out of it, I know it! I just thought about sharing this… maybe there is going to be someone else who is also suffering from several times a year of sinus infections and maybe you’re going to get some help by doing what I’m doing… since I’ve been doing this I was able to keep it away. plus, as I said, being proactive really helps. Good luck people.


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                            Well, not an expert here but there’s one of my friends with whom I discussed about it and he said that he has to stop using it due to some severe stomach pain as well as cramping. He has told me that it has taken him like approximately one month or so in order to get back to the normal state. As he said, he has been suffering all the time continuously, that’s why I should say that I just don’t know whether it is this the best option in your case… considering the fact that it is having a lot of limitations out there…