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    Hey girls out there, I would like to ask you something about spironolactone. I actually tried it some months ago for the first time, and my doctor prescribed it to me for a high blood pressure, I was really happy to hear it and I knew that it is going to help me, especially because I have really huge problems with my pressure… the thing is that since the first month that I started to use it, I started to have a really big changes in my periods, and this is disturbing me really bad. I used to have my periods all my life about 32 days, but not I have my menstrual period every 20-24 days. Besides the fact that this is really very uncomfortable because I feel like I just got rid of my period and it starts again, but in addition to this I started to feel some really high pain during my periods. I have always had some pain, but not this way. Any thoughts ladies?

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    Hey don’t worry I have had this too you’re not the only one. To explain it right my cycle didn’t changed as yours, it completely skipped for some months and then after some other time comes back again and after some months skips again. My doctor told me that this is something normal and that usually after some time your body gets used with the med and just starts to regulate itself.  I used to take them because I have had a huge dermatological problem, and this was primarily to me to get rid of my acne. Now I’m happy, acne free as well as having my periods well regulated. So, relax, everything will be fine!


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      Oh, I remember those days when I used to take this drug and my cycle was all messed up. I used to take it with other drugs and one of them was furosemide that has a lot of potasium. My cycle was messed up to, and I remember that this made me so pissed off about this entire situation. Unfortunately I can’t tell you if it is going to pass way or not, because I have had a hysterectomy and after this I forget about periods problems. I hope that you’ll be ok, at least you know that you are not the only one that can have something like this…


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        I use it and I just thank those people that created such a drug. This is the only thing that keeps my skin clear, and I really feel so good about this, and I even don’t care about the thing that my cycle is messed up. The only thing that I asked my doctor at the begging when I have seen that there is something wrong with my periods was if this is going to pass way, he told me that this is something normal, and nothing else mattered to me. So I think that if this really helps you, then you have to be relaxed and to enjoy the results, the problems with periods will be solved. The only thing that you can ask your doctor is to help you with pain if the pain isn’t supportable,


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          Oh girls, thank you very much, this was so important for me actually to hear that I’m not the only one. I’m really glad that everything is okay, and that actually this will pass away, thank you for the information and thank you for advices.