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Daily headache for a year - very afraid

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  • Daily headache for a year - very afraid

    Hello, I’m 17 years old, and I have a big problem. I have had headaches every day for about 1 year. These pains usually occur in my forehead and sometimes in the top of my head. They are either a dull pain or throbbing. Some days I feel like this pain is able to destroy me. Those days usually are worse than others. There are moments when I bend down to pick up something and I feel a sharp pain. Not so long I started to think that I have a brain tumor. Please, can somebody help me??? Sometimes I feel like I’m in a daze, like I’m not really here. It’s seems to be like I’m always in a dream.  I really don’t know what to think. I’m worried and also scared to go to the doctor. What do you think is this?

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    Oh, that’s crazy man, I have the same problem. The same thing is happening to me too. But in my case this has been going on for 4 years and I have big problems in overcoming this .I can’t afford to get it checked out  because I have 4 children, and  honestly I have no money and no time for any special test. So please do me a favor; if you’ll find out something about this please let me know. The pain that you described it’s exactly alike mine. I do have the same headaches and you described exactly what I feel. To encourage you, I can tell you that I can’t even lay on my stomach without my head hurting. I never met someone with the same symptoms. So if you have the opportunity to discover what this is, just do it. I think is very important to consult a doctor, but unfortunately I just can’t.


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      Hey there everyone! I have this problem too and I know you can be very concerned about it! I have daily chronic headaches and this is very disturbing. However, there are very much causes of headaches and it’s not only because of a brain tumor. I think you have thought about the most worse scenario but you should think a little bit more positive. Causes of chronic headaches include migraines, prolonged stress which can lead to headaches, cluster headaches and tension headaches which in my opinion are most frequent and don’t forget that there are many other things that can be included in this list. I would really insist to you into looking for the triggers of your issue. If you will find out that trigger you can make them (headaches) all stop or at least to avoid making it worse. Here are some recommendations I can give you: 


      You could try to go for a massage therapy, if you have muscle tension causing your headache (which I said that is most frequent) this therapy should help you.


      The second thing you can try to improve your situation (which can help you a little bit regardless of your trigger) is to look at what you are eating or what are you touching, hearing, smelling and so on. This is because you could have some allergies to them that comes along with the headaches. (Allergies is not only blisters, rashes and so on..


      Another thing is to think positive! Don’t think that you have a brain tumor because a this disease comes along with many other symptoms. Don’t think about negative things because there are many other things responsible for chronic headaches.


      It depends on many things, you just need to find out what is causing it and then to eliminate is (obviously). I’m doing a little bit improvement and I hope that soon I’m gonna be alright! I wish you exactly the same thing and I really hope that this information will help you. Good luck.


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        Well, that’s really crazy, I am having the exact same thing, this is happening to me too and it has been like that for nearly 3 years now and I don’t know how much I can support it. unfortunately, I can’t afford to get it checked out because I am having 2 children and I have absolutely no extra money for all those special tests in order to find out what's wrong. When I saw your post I thought that maybe here I will get some answers but unfortunately I see that there are none so I would really like to ask you to let me know if some of you will ever find the answer to this question and how to get rid of it. I do know very well that not all headaches are exactly the same every time, but I am feeling the exact same way as you described and I can’t lay on my stomach for a while now without my head to hurt like hell. I have never ever met somebody that would complain about this so it seems that I am the only one with these symptoms in my local area. I can’t believe that I have found somebody here but I would really like to know how to get rid of these headaches, it’s getting very hard on living like that, especially when you are always running out of money and you have children to feed.


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          yeah, it seems that I am having the exact same thing, same frequent headaches with a low and dull throbbing pains inside of my brain that also seem to affect my right eye (I have noticed this a couple of months ago). I have also noticed that this can be forgotten in case I am focusing on something else than this. also, when I am flashing my head from right to left and left to right a couple of times it seem to smooth a bit, it seems similar like I am getting an internal massage or something and the throbbing pain seem to lessen a bit. I am a bit worried because I am wondering whether I am having a slow developing brain tumor..? really hope that it is not, but I do realize that it can be so. I’m not sure when I am going to check this out (also because of very slow money income) but lately I am thinking more and more seriously about it so I think that sooner or later I’m going to do it and when I do I will post what I have found (in case I will find something…).


          By the way, one important note here (maybe there are somebody else who have had something similar): I got hit in the head pretty hard a couple of years ago. I got checked back then and I have been told that everything is alright, but… maybe they missed something? What’s more worryingly is that it seems that I have been hit on that exact side of my head. I have been searching information about this and I found out that tumors really can develop from a hard hit to the head, similar to the one I had and due to the fact that i was not EXTREMELY hard hit in the head, the tumor is developing with a slow speed. Or who knows? I have also found out that they can be treated if caught in time, this is the main reason why I am thinking more and more seriously about checking it out.


          I would suggest you all to think about it, have you ever gotten hit in your head pretty hard? If yes then it might be tumors. But even if you haven’t tumors can develop without being hit in the head (I have also read this information there). hope this help.