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lump on the head

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  • lump on the head

    I have had a lump on my head for a few weeks now. I cannot remember when I saw it for the first time but for me this was a very strange thing. This lump was on the right side of my skull and was large enough to notice it easily. Since I first noticed this lump, it didn’t grow anymore. I don’t have any symptoms or pain, there are days that I forget about it, I mean it doesn’t create me discomfort at all but I’m worried. I don’t know what kind of thing is it, really no idea. I hope is nothing serious. Can anybody help me?


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    Hi. Maybe this is exocytosis? This is a kind of bone tumor, no cancerous so no worries. It is like you have a growth on your top bone. Like you said this bone can be painless but sometime it can lead to some pains. I don’t know for sure why it appeared, but this could be caused by osteoarthritis or some infections, also by a trauma or injury. I think that you have to visit your doctor, and to do some exams to see what exactly this lump is, I’m sure that is nothing to worry about but you have to go to the doctor, maybe he will make you do a radiological exam and you will find out what’s that. So write back when you’ll find out something about this. Good luck and best wishes, 




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      Yeah, I am having the exact same thing,  I am talking about having approximately one inch above my forehead / hairline on the top left side of my head. It is round, it is hard, and it is like a small marble and I don’t know (of course) but it is feeling like it is fixed to the bone. To be honest, it does not hurt me but, it is now making me wonder if it does each time I am having a brief headache or something in this regard. Maybe it is because of this thing??


      I have been discussing with my doc about this thing, I have asked him what this could be. it was nearly half a year ago and he has required to do an Xray. The point is that he cannot see it on my head on the X ray. After that he said that it can be a calcified bone or maybe even a hard tissue deposit after I have bumped my head on a pipe in my basement or also on my car trunk lid. He doesn’t know what I should do about that and he said that I need to let him know in case it is not going away in a couple of months. I guess that it is the right time now to go and visit him again telling him that it has not moved and has not made any changes so far. but even so, it scares me…


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        I am also having the same thing on my head but I am not sure if I need to go to check it to my doc because.. I am afraid. I have noticed it some months ago but I decided to let you know about it because I see that here there are some other people who has it too. mine it is located on the front and below my hairline. It has been noticed by my cousin when she was massaging me on my forehead and found it. I don’t know for how much time it has been there since then. But it has been some months now since she discovered it and I have noticed only a little growing in there. I am having no pains at all, even when I touch it, I also have no headaches. I know that I need to see a doc about it but I am scared and I’m not even sure that he might help because I see that your doctors can’t do anything about that. plus, as I said – it does not hurt.