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Acute pain to my pelvic area

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  • Acute pain to my pelvic area

    So, dear friends, I have a problem. I have visited my doctor few times for the past 4 months, because I feel a strange acute pain on the left side down to my pelvic area, perhaps it’s from my rib cage. These 4 months I did all kind of exams like ultra sound on my belly area, also I did ct scans on my pelvic area and some exams for blood. So in conclusion my doctor said that I have nothing and everything is ok. The thing is that ten years ago I had cyst on my right ovary and my doctor decided to remove it, also a part of fallopian tube and a part of my right ovary was removed. Probably you have already figured out that this is a very serious thing that will remain with me for all my life. Not long after I did the cyst scan I decide to visit my gynecologist, because I read on the paper exam that there was 1.9 of ovarian cyst on my left ovary. I got worried about it. My gynecologist made a vag ultra sound and other exam that I don’t remember the name. He said that I have nothing and that there isn’t any cyst. So I’m so confused…  He explained that it was just my ovary. I don’t know what to think. So is this a cyst or other thing? This is so strange.. Is there someone that can explain me better this thing?

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    Hi there, I also have severe pain in my left side and I know what are you talking about. I know that I also have PCOS but all this is getting crazy already! I am very concerned about my situation and I’m very frustrated. I am reading your post about the pain you are experiencing and I am shocked how doctors can say that this is nothing. The same thing is happening to my right now and I hardly believe that it is nothing, how can it can be nothing when it is disturbing me. The only thing they said is that they could see is a cyst on my uteran wall, however that is on the right side so my sharp piercing pains aren’t from that cyst. It hurts so bad that I cannot walk normally and I cannot sleep properly. It’s getting very annoying and disturbing and it continues like that for few weeks now. I insist of getting ultrasound and they did it twice (they said that it is bad to have more) so in both of them nothing was showed up. I was hoping that maybe some information I will find on the internet. Can you suggest me anything. I see that you’ve posted that some time ago and I was thinking that you’ve found something? Am I right? Thank you in advance for everything and for your posting. Have my best wishes and I hope that you are feeling normal by now


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      Similar situation is happening to me right now. I have had an emergency surgery to remove my left ovary a little more than a year ago (in January 2014). However, since that surgery I am suffering from very intense and very horrible periods. I am having extremely bad cramping, I am always bloated and I also had multiple periods in only 3 months. I have had 6 periods! All this is crazy and the cramping is unbearable! It is never like it was before. Now I’m very scared but doctors seem not to care about this. I have had some vaginal ultra sound, ct scan, blood work and nothing. They claimed that there’s nothing on my side that should hurt so I’m having this problem due to other thing. I don’t have any more ideas what should I do.


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        Hey everyone. I just registered this forum site and it seemed very interesting for me. I have found your post and I got very interested because I am having similarly the same issue. So, a couple of months ago I have started to have some very sharp pains from my left ovary. I mean, I did not know that this was from my left ovary, I have been told after I got checked by my doc. I am having PCOS and I have had to have my cysts drained and I have had cysts rupture therefore… it was not a new pain for me. I have had one ultra sound as well as an exam done to my pelvic and the only cyst that I have been told I am having was on the right ovary, but the point is that this side was not hurting at all.


        Well, the sharp pains were getting more and more often and more and more frequent and this was not normal for those pains that I have been used to feel in the past, that is why I went back to that doc telling him about that. she has done a CT scan with contrast. After they have told this they found out that the vein that was going from my left kidney to my left ovary was very big, it was HUGE, it was a half inch wide! They said that because of this it was pumping too much blood, more than it should on my ovary as well as into my uterus so they have called it pelvic congestion syndrome. For getting rid of this, a vascular surgeon has embolized that vein (he dumped coils in it that have clogged it up) and after that my sharp and severe pains were gone almost right after that. even so, my uterus was still feeling pretty irritated and heavy.


        Only one month later I was already feeling that I am able to deal with the pains I have and it seemed for me that I got recovered enough in order to come back to my work. I have almost made it half a month before my pelvic pains were way too severe already in order to work or to walk in that matter. My left abdomen also hurts pretty bad as well as my back/side. It hurts in the area where my kidney is.


        The problem is that now, after lots and lots and lots of different tests nothing comes out to be wrong. I have gone through CT scans, through blood tests, ultra sounds etc. etc. everyone shows normal results. I’m now feeling like I’m in a labyrinth and there’s no way out for me. I mean: the vascular surgeon is telling me that he has done everything that he can, there’s nothing left for him to do. my obgyn is telling me that she cannot find anything else and that I need to go back to the vascular surgeon (which I already did a couple of times) and in the end, I have asked for help my family doc who said that she is out of ideas of what this could be or from what and that she does not know what else I need to do.


        It is 2 and a half months now but my pain is not even constant but it is getting worse and worse as time passes while all my docs are clueless of what I need to do, they have no ideas at all and all of this in the time I am left unable to work (due to intense pains) and lately I start thinking that soon I won’t be able to pay my bills anymore.
        A couple of days ago I have had to ask for some anti depressants because I was crying too much, sometimes I could not even stop. I am now so so sick of all these narcotics. I would want so bad to stop taking every thing at once. And in the same time to stop having all these pains too. I hate so much to be dependent on them now. and I also hate this feeling like I am never going to get any better now.


        As I said, I am feeling like I’m in a labyrinth with no way out, I would really appreciate if some of you would point me out the right direction. What this could be else? Somebody ever faced a similar situation? And what’s even more important, did you got out of this problem?? I guess this is the biggest problem that I have ever encountered (and still haven’t solved).