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My right testicle is very inflamed!

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  • My right testicle is very inflamed!

    So, I have a very big problem. About two years ago I noticed a big difference on my right testicle. It became bigger and inflamed. My capillaries appeared more dilated and this provoked me an insupportable pain. Now my right testicle has grown very quickly and I started to worry about it. It became a large strange mass. Do you think it could be cancer? I mean I feel my testicle even now perfectly delineated. Some days ago I started to feel pain in my left testicle and I have also noticed that it is changed. It became more widen. What I’m really worried about is my head. I mean I started to feel a strange pain on the right part of my skull, especially when I oppress it. I can say that this could have some relations with my testicles but is very strange that these 2 diseases are connected. Please help me? Do I have to visit my doctor? I tried to talk about this with my parents but I feel very embarrassed. Waiting for your recommendations.

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    I suggest you to keep calm and not to be embarrassed about it. All you have to do is to visit your doctor and he will give you further instructions. This thing should not be doubt because if you have any kind of pains your doctor should be the first who finds out about it. Trust me he is the only one that is be able to tell you precisely if the mass you have is cancerous or not. If it turns out to be cancer (hope God it's not), you should not ignore it or delay the treatment! It won't go away by itself and in this case you need to start your treatment as soon as possible. Cancer is not something you can play with, otherwise it will unstoppable grow. I really wish that it won't be cancer (my aunt is struggling with cancer and I know how hard it can be) and if in the end it's not cancer, than I guess that most likely it is some sort of a testicular infection that it is easier to treat and to deal with but it also needs treatment. So, as you can see, there's no other option than going to a doctor and tell him about your situation. I sincerely hope there's nothing serious. Btw, sorry for being late with a response, maybe by this time you've already been treated. Be healthy.


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      Hi. I am having a lump on what mostly seems to be the end of a tube that it is leading to one of my testicles. The size of it is a little bit smaller than a pea nut and it is very much hurting when I try to squeeze it. I can also say that there is something pretty similar on the exact same place on the opposite tube (I’m not an expert, but I think that this is the sperm duct). The differences are that it is not as big as it is the on the other side (a bit smaller than that) and it is also not hurting so badly as it is hurting on the other side when I’m squeezing it. I have noticed this thing for the first time nearly 3 years ago and since then I have not been feeling ill, or weaken or anything in that regard. I also seem to be able to have a boner and to maintain it. I can ejaculate. I haven’t seen other’s male’s sperms than mine so I can’t compare, but it seems that my sperm is fine. should I be worried? Thanks.