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  • pain lymph nodes

    there are a few problems that happened to me and I don’t know how to react now with this situation. The first thing that happened to me started when I got a really itchy feeling and started to have upper back lung pain. This was really uncomfortable and the pain was insupportable. When it only started, I thought that this was something inconsiderable that’s why I didn’t talk with my doctor about this. After some weeks the itchiness passed away by itself as I haven’ done anything to treat it but the upper back pain didn’t. I was waiting the back pain to pass away because I thought that if the itches passed like that then the upper back pain will pass in the same way. I was waiting 2 or 3 weeks and after this I started to notice a new thing that I never have had before. My lymph nodes in my neck and shoulders started swollen and the pain was really a strong one. When it started I really got nervous and I started to feel that there is something serious and that now it is the right time to do something. After this situation and when I started to notice that the situation is changing I called my doctor and he decided to do some exams in order to see what is going on. I did the chest x-ray, the ultrasound as well as some blood tests. All of them showed that nothing bad is happening with me, just some health rejections but how my doctor explained all of these rejections are not linked with my upper back pain and neither with my lymph nodes that are swollen and create an insupportable pain.


    My blood test showed that I don’t have enough calcium and iron, but I consider that this is not the case either that could provoke such a change in my body. And I can’t understand how the x-ray shoed nothing when I feel this insupportable pain. I started to develop strange symptoms such as fatigue and 2 days ago I noticed that I have a chronic cough. When I talked to my doctor he said that he will search for more info and will try to help me by searching the right drug for me but for now he told me to administrate some pain killer that generally will help me to get rid of the pain in my neck, my upper back pain and also my lymph, however, he warned me that this is won’t treat me, only will kill the pain. However, at the beginning  I considered that it started to help but I was wrong, because I started to develop a tolerance to the pain killer and now it’s getting more and more insupportable.


    I told my doctor about this but he refused to do or to prescribe me something else, until he will find what I really have. I don’t know what to do, the pain is insupportable and I don’t know how to deal with it. This makes me feel very bad, because of this I can’t work normally and I can’t do the things that I normally do every day such as sport and driving, in general I cannot function properly.  I also noticed that I have some headaches and I think that this is because I’m very tired… I can’t sleep normally during the night because of the neck pain and because I feel my lymph… My parents are really worried about me and they don’t want me to drive the car, my mom said that I’m like a zombie and the color of my skin is becoming yellow.  Today I didn’t ate anything.. And I feel weak and really low in energy. I can’t understand why do the biggest parts of my lymph hurt so much? I mean that I have just some swollen lymphs and I understand that it can hurt because it’s swollen but the lymph that are not swollen and that I can’t even feel hurts the same. Maybe there is something wrong with my immune system or it’s something else? Is there somebody who knows something??


    I’m a little bit overweight and I thought that this could be because of this, but I’m not sure. I read somewhere some info about the swollen lymph and what could be the cause for it, but I didn’t find so many coincidences between the symptoms that they wrote and the symptoms that I have. Please, if somebody knows what it could be or maybe you experienced something or if I can find here a normal doctor that can explain to me what to do and where to go I’ll be very happy and thankful.

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    Hey I’m so sorry that you experience such an awful thing and that you have to feel so bad. I’m not a doctor and I really don’t know what it could be and what happens to your body, but I am here due to the fact that I have the same thing but the only difference is that I don’t have a cough. I understand why do you feel perplex, because I can’t understand this too. Why do I feel lymph pain even if they are not swollen? I also can’t understand why do this is linked with my back pain.. Maybe is there something wrong with my lungs? Lately I have thought about a lot of causes, one worse than another…


    At the beginning I have had some thoughts about the immune system as you have had, and I thought that maybe it’s because six months ago I have had a cold and maybe during this period of time my lymph got worse. For me the lymph pain is worse than the back pain. I have one on my neck and I really can’t normally eat without having this pain. It’s worse than when I’m ill and have a sore throat.. Now I started to take vicodin for the pain but I noticed that this helps me more emotionally than physically. In fact I feel this insupportable pain for more than 2 months and during this time I noticed that I started to develop a depression which later can end pretty bad for me. Vicodin helps me to feel better and I’m really glad, but the pain of lymph is still an unsolved problem. I did some exams the past week for my thyroid because now I’m looking for the entire possible thing that can cause this thing, I found a nodule on it and I decided to visit a specialist the next week. I really hope that this is the problem and honestly I consider that after this consultation I’ll find more information. Anyway if you did not the thyroid exam then I recommend you to try it because it could be your problem too and if that’s it then you can start searching for treatments. It’s hard finding a treatment without knowing the cause.


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      Actually I did this exam, I just forgot to wrote about this and now after I read your post I really understand that I have no answers. My thyroid it’s okay, this is what they said to me but I’m a little bit confused and afraid because it seem to me strange that all my tests are clear and that I’m generally okay. I did all the possible exams and they are perfects… total delirium… Now that you said that you have no cough I consider that we have totally different problems but who knows?...