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  • Leukemia?

    Hello everyone, here’s a question I would like to clarify and to put some light onto some things regarding my health. First of all, I would like to make you understand that I’m very worried about my situation and I truly believe that there is something wrong with me, otherwise I wouldn’t be here trying to make this thread and beg you for help. I started to observe it some months ago, maybe a year not more. So the thing is that I feel very tired, I have some bad headaches and a strange ache and bruise all over my body, nearly all over my body. At the beginning I thought that this is because I have changed my regime and that I started to become more and more stressed, most of the times because of my new job. I thought that it will pass away after some days and then I’ll be okay again as my body and mind would get used to this.


    Of course this didn’t happen to me, and now after all this time I’m here looking for help and similar situations like this, for some people that are having pretty much the same what I do and we could talk about it more. I have talked one week ago with my doctor and he was ready to help me and to explain everything about my health. Everything changed after I have had some exams done and the results came.  The test showed that my thyroid and kidneys are okay, the ANA was negative and the blood situation almost near the norm. Anyway he told me at the end that I feel okay and that he can’t assume the responsibility to prescribe me something if he couldn’t find anything.


    Some weeks ago I started to think that maybe I have leukemia; it was something that I couldn’t deny so easily and even if I was thinking positively and even if I hoped and still hope that I’m okay I’m worried and I pray not to have such a terrible illness. I don’t know what to do now, I was ready to accept everything just not this situation when a doctor can’t help me. is there a possibility that doctor could overlook this? I mean, maybe finding out that a patient is suffering from leukemia requires a special test?? Can anyone explain what is this? Do I have to be worried or not? please, anything regarding this would be deeply appreciated.

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    My father have had something like this some time ago, but he is such a kind of man that the is never worried about anything and each time when he start to feel bad he is trying to do something in order to forget about the issue, about the pain and generally everything bad. He also hates doctors and he thinks that they are just doing this job for money and that none of them REALLY wants to help people out.


    So talking about this particular situation, he was suffering from something similar for 2 years; my mom was very worried because it was very difficult to understand how he was feeling. All the time that we asked him how he feels he responded as “fine” or “I’m okay”. We knew that it was a lie. His skin was full of scars because of the itching all the time, and now that he really feels okay he still has those scars all over on his body, my mom thinks that they will never go away. During these 2 years he was always nervous and stressed, I knew that this was because of this bad issue that he has but I couldn’t help him. At the end after long long conversations and quarrels we decided to talk with our doctor and the situation was the same as yours that he found nothing wrong and he couldn’t help us. We were so nervous and scared.


    Everything changed after one month. I just observed that he feels better when he did not drink milk or dairy and so he decided to try to quit consuming dairy products anymore. After one month he started to feel much better and the itching passed away.


    We were surprised that this happened to him because of the dairy but this is a fact! I think that my father have had something similar to an allergic reaction to dairy foods. I would like to mention that he consumed a lot of dairy everyday and I think that this was the cause. Besides, he is an elder man who have not had this issue for his entire life which means that this allergy “broke out” only now.


    I can’t assure that you have the same thing, but I would like to mention that your situation is very similar to my father’s and I think that you have to search for more information on google, maybe there is something that you can’t even expect. I don’t think you have such an illness like leukemia, because I’m sure that your doctor would find something during your blood tests. Although I’m not a doctor but I am pretty sure that a doctor would notice something wrong in your blood test if having such an terrible disease.


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      Hey I’m sorry for your situation and I don’t want to scary you more than you are now but it can be true. My mom passed through such a situation and has had a lot of your symptoms. I really hope that you don’t have such a thing but keep searching for new information. IF you’re not sure about this doctor then you always have an opportunity to switch to another one, to somebody who could help.  At least you can be sure that they tell you the truth. I can recommend you to talk again with your doctor and try to ask him to explain you better and to prove you that you’re okay and that there is nothing to worry about. I’m just trying to say that it is better to be safe than sorry…