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    Oh yeah… I’m sorry but I have forgot to mention about this part:


    Yummy? You find it yummy? I mean… do you actually like the taste of kratom?? There’s something wrong with either you or kratom, no offence but kratom has an awful taste, it just can’t be yummy. I personally am mixing mine with some hot water from water cooler and after that I am just adding a splash of cold, and then I’m trying my best to get it down my throat as fast as I can, before I am throwing up, because of its, as I said, awful taste…. It is just so disgusting… I can’t understand how you are finding it ‘yummy’ there is no person that I ever found to say that they loved the taste of kratom. I did found people saying that they mix kratom with some juices in order to make it ‘less horrible’ but never ‘good tasting’ or anything in this matter.


    I forgot to mention that indeed, that’s true what is said here… the taste of kratom is truly awfully bad, I would say that it is one of the worst thing that I have tasted in my life. YUCK…. It’s very bad. And that’s also true that people try often to mix it with something in order to make it a little bit less awful tasting and I know it because I’m one of those who have tried to do so. I have mixed it with applesauce at first and then I did the toss n wash. However I can tell you now that I do have a bit of experience that it is actually the best done with the orange juice instead (the acid is helping to get your kratom to kick faster) or to use water and to chase with orange juice, but I personally am placing gently on my tongue and then ‘wash it’… as in regards for buying the capsules that you mentioned in the end of your post… you may notice that it says 5 capsules in one dosage… and that is why, if you are looking at what you are paying… I mean the ounces versus the price… it is simply not cost wise… and in addition to that… you just cannot experiment very much with those capsules… in terms of taste, yeah, it does gets better, obviously, but I would still not recommend it. yes you can use the capsules as soon as you learned your sweet spot because as soon as you know whats your sweet spot then you can make your own capsules. You know what’s the dosage that you need and while making your own capsules you are putting exactly that dosage that you know is good for you. However even so, I still don’t recommend capsules as you are losing a lot of money on capsules… too much money that is simply not worth it… I personally am feeling as if it is a loss on amount vs money. but then again, we are all different so if you still prefer to lose some money but not to get that awful taste then that’s your choice… in the end, I recommend you to mix it with orange juice and get it down. Hopefully this would help some one.


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      Wow, I see someone mentioning that for them all strains of kratom are working the same. I definitely can’t say that this applies to me too as they are working very differently. This is the reason why I usually am dosing with different strains depending on what’s the time of the day. Like for example the Maeng Da Kratom is giving me energy and the Thai Kratom is making me relaxed. As you can see, both of them are kratom, but since the strains are differently they are working completely differently. Not sure how both of them being kratom can work completely differently but they do. That’s why, as I said, I use each depending on what’s the time of the day. Since the Maeng Da is giving me energy, I am using it in the morning for its energetic feeling, I am getting kind of uplifting feeling from using it. as for the Thai Kratom, since it relaxes me, I am using it later in the evenings after I have worked and after I have my dinner, so I can relax this way. and in regards to what are my favorites… obviously these 2.


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        rory hunt, thank you very much for your comments, there is absolutely no need to apologize for your rambling, in fact, I really appreciate it! also thanks for the recommendations of Maeng Da Kratom. I have never tried it myself so I guess that I am going to order some of this strain and see how it is going to work for me. i’ve just finished a Roxy bender for the last week and so I am going to need quite a lot of Kratom in order to make me feel normal for the next several days. I have ended up purchasing the capsules already and to be honest, I have to say that they are just so much more convenient, that’s for sure, however that’s also sure thing as you said that they are much more expensive. So I have to think about what you said and understand which is better for me. by the way, I did have already also tried to fill my own capsules, however this is just so so messy and that’s surely a huge PITA. But to order already the capsules also doesn’t seem to be like a very good idea because those capsules I got definitely does not seem to be fully filled up which means that they surely have some more room for more to fill there. quite sure this is done so they can sell more capsules and obviously make some more money.


        by the way… there is everybody talking about hitting that ‘sweet spot’ with the kratom, however I can say that I honestly don’t think I have ever felt or hit that ‘sweet spot’ mentioned. I’m quite sure that I would know/ felt if I ever had it. I think that the cause of this is that my opiate tolerance is just too high (I’ve already taken 2.5 roxies in this morning, and so at least 75 mg of oxy, and I still hardly feel anything… that’s why I think that my tolerance is responsible for the fact that I barely feel anything taking anything). Now I am thinking that what I actually really really need to do (in order to make it all work again) it is to take a very and very long break from using any opiates at all, and generally to stop the abuse on my body of any kind. But I just cannot stand the constipation… and it doesn’t matter how much of fiber I am consuming, that’s unbelievable… it doesn’t make a difference at all when I am using so so much oxy… unfortunately.


        Has anyone out there ever tried the kratom extracts? I once have read that it is not actually worth to purchase the extracts and I would really like to see what do you people, with more experience, think about this. any input would be greatly appreciated in regards to the kratom extracts and maybe even to my situation about how to ‘ameliorate it’ a bit. Thanks in advance for everything!