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what actually means anxiety and its description

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    All of us are just so different from one another, however in the same time, we are the same, aren’t we? This is what defines us all I think. Personally, my anxiety is going through stages, so I am going to try explaining what I am going through in each stage. So well, there’s the first one which consists of a general feeling of discomfort and I get it at both levels mentally and physically. I just don’t feel right, don’t feel comfortable etc. I noticed that I get it especially in the back of my neck and I am also getting a slightly faster heartbeat as well. after this I am entering my second stage of anxiety which consists of fear, pure fear, but of and whom or what I just have no idea. Nothing certain, just fear. I am just being completely scared and terrified that there is something awfully wrong. This can be anything and this is why, these are those times when I just get my phone out and I’m calling my beloved ones – my husband and my kids and I ask them whether are they fine. if some of them doesn’t respond to my call – the fear intensifies and it doesn’t go away until they call me back. Then there’s the third and the last stage of mine of anxiety which is emotional wreck, there might be somebody who can tell a dumb joke and I am getting giddy. As an example I can say that I remember being really anxious once, there was my husband and I, we were watching Old School and then there’s Will Farrell at the moment when he started streaking by himself and his wife sees them, oh my god, the way that he backed ass first into those girls faces, I can swear that I laughed at that moment until I just couldn’t anymore because I was short of breathe. You can see all of those beautiful men in those movies who are acting as if it is a big deal in order to show their asses in order to make it more sexy. Oh well… just in my opinion but if you are going to take off clothes while you do know that people are going to laugh at you being naked… at your naked body… that is brave as it gets in acting, again, at least in my opinion. And yeah, now that I remembered about this, there is one more scene in movies which made me laugh until I was not able to breathe was when he has gotten shot with the animal trank gun. These were doubtlessly my favorite scenes. Yeah… I’m sorry that I am going off topic here, all that I try to say is that I am getting very and very giddy when there is something that is funny but I almost hyperventilated.


    I find it to be all the same with all the emotions to be honest… some people that I just don’t know can really really bad hurt my feelings… there is one guy who I have nicely asked him if he had 2 accounts because there is something that has been looking really suspicious… of course he could have responded with a ‘hell no’ why would think that, or if he was really really that much angry and FO don’t talk to me any more again. However, instead he waged war, a few, names, the c word, the b word, some useless POS and in addition to that he also said that he would come to my state in order to find me and that he would call LE on me. all of this has ended up in me being really upset for a few days, however I now do realize that the real (and the only to be honest) problem has been my anxiety alone. But back then I couldn’t realize this… he is currently most likely at home in his under wear while reading granny on granny…. For really anxious people like me this might seem as a big problem, while in fact, it is not.


    The big 4 as I call it – the panic, and they attack, pure horror mentally and physically. These ones are going to hit you whenever they like – either when everything seem to be just perfect in your life, or when everything’s terrible and it only gets even more terrible.


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      I do understand most of what you are saying here since I am having mild to moderate anxiety. This is why I can really sympathize those people who suffer from severe anxiety… that must be really really hard… I imagine… well, I can deal with it cognitively and I personally absolutely do not like to use any drugs like for example Zoloft or such and so… I don’t. I just want to be me as I don’t like at all to live in a ‘fog’ I hate this.


      I am suffering from cancer and there is no cure and this is making this problem to be even worse… as well as 2 teen age boys who are getting into trouble and in addition an enabling wife who is undermining my efforts every single time. what I can say right now is that my solution is NOT to take any responsibility for other people’s actions. We learn and currently I’m able to identify those ‘manipulators’ who are trying to DUMP their really bad decision making on me… oh no, that’s enough – thank you, not anymore.


      I am currently not getting into fights and arguments, I just don’t make any arguments and that’s it. all that I do is ignoring some folks out there, I am blocking their phone numbers or I am simply responding them and telling that I am not able to do their work and I just wish them all the best (this is kind of a passive technique). I try to categorize people and lately I can do it well. like for example, if I am dealing with a nice and good person who is in a jam and they are still treating me well and nicely then I am definitely going to come to their help. As for those ones that have used and have abused me for things then they are going to end up with the polite brush off and I don’t have anything else with them.


      Since doing all of it I am just so so much more happier and that’s how I know that I do the right thing. of course I am still having problems as this doesn’t solve all your life problems, however I get like 80% or so less of them.