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reducing fat around the belly

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  • reducing fat around the belly

    hey people. I am only 21 years old and m height is 5.10. not so long ago I have checked out my weight and it is 80. I have noticed that I am getting fatter from the last few months and I have asked my friends to be sincere with me and to tell me what they really think, if they also think so and if they have noticed it. they approved saying that I am getting fat…. Besides, I have noticed that I have gained pretty much fat around my belly. This is really worrying me pretty much. I’m only 21 years old and if I start putting on fat so fast then what it is going to happen when I am going to be 31 years old? generally I think that I am already too fat. People are trying to support me saying that I look alright. I know very well that this is not true and that I should change something. Honestly I’m pretty afraid of the future because I think that if it is going to go on like that I will be very fat. As you can understand, this is not really what a girl plans to be. is there somebody who can help me on giving me an advice on how should I reduce my over weight and my at especially around my belly. I would appreciate any suggestions, recommendations and tips on some good diets that I should follow in order to achieve my goal. Thank you all in advance.

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    Hello there. I have also been working on my fat that’s around my tummy for the last month or so. I have never been on any diet supplements or anything in this regard, however, since I am in a nutritional business, I have started to use the supplements from this company I am now. they are claiming that this product would help you to maintain your muscles while you are losing your fat. The good news is that yeah, they are really working. I have been skeptical initially but now I see that there are no reasons to be. the point is that I have not lost so much weight, that’s because I my muscles are weighting much more than my fat, however I can surely see that my tummy is getting flatter and flatter and I love to see it this way sooooo freaking much. besides this, I am also trying to do some special tummy exercises on a daily basis. I have been told by a lot of people that there are no magical product that is going to work making you flatter without exercising and having at least some kind of diet for this. if fat around your tummy is worrying you most then you can search for exercises online that would help you for this and by practicing them daily, you will surely see some results. generally, if you are serious about this then you can let me know by writing me and I’m gonna help with everything I can.


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      "I don’t know what’s the fuss with the weight loss. Honestly. For me it seems that it is all so easy. You only need to eat less fat and to walk. That’s it. as simple as it sounds. Trust me. the point is that you have to do it every day. you don’t need such a strict diet so you could die of hungriness. By doing so I have lost weight around my belly as well as everywhere else on my body. I have also been around the same measurements as you are now when I have been your age. But approximately one year or so later I have been super slip. It takes time, yeah, but it is natural and it is permanent. i have been feeling awesome and I have been looking awesome too. I have been walking only one hour or so per day for 6 days in a week (when I was able I have been doing so every day in a week) and I have been following a healthy and low fat diet. As I said, this doesn’t mean that you should die of hungriness or abstain yourself from everything. I was eating 20 to 40 fat grams per day. you can do the same. I have also used the T factor books by applying all of these methods I have been feeling and I was healthier than I have ever been. By following this regimen for most of my life I have been healthy most of my life. the truth is that I have gained a little bit of weight back, but it was only lately (more than 15 year later because of menopause), however, I am gonna get back to that simple and basic plan in a few days and I’m sure that I will have the same results. that’s very easy, very healthy and delicious.


      And yeah, the exercises are really very and very important for losing weight. They are keeping you healthy. Nobody says that you should kill yourself now while doing these exercises. But by doing at least something every day, let’s say for 30 minutes a day and by following that regimen I have shared above, believe me, in one year you’re going to be, feel and look a completely different person.


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        You should not eat more calories than you burn per day and by doing so you need to avoid heavily fat and only foods. Like for example fast foods, sugary foods and so on. Try to eat as healthy as possible and as less as possible. Drink lots of water and run, run run. Doing so, you’ll achieve your goal!