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    Hello there everybody, I have to start by saying that I am a newbie on this forum site, I just have registered because I wanted to share this information, to make this thread. I decided to do so because I have been reading a lot of posts here on this forum (I have to confess that I am a lurker here for a while no) but I have never seen anybody mentioning anything about Terfamex as well as here is not very much information about the Acxion either. I found it pretty strange and I have been thinking that this forum should have one. anyway, maybe I may just have missed it and I’m sorry if that’s so, however I just thought that it would be a good idea to give some of my feed back on these 2 weight loss drugs, especially since these 2 are much more easier to get than the American Phen. Plus, they are really working amazingly. Not sure if there are other people who have used them (but I assume that must be) but I personally have been going back and forth between these 2 for approximately 3 years or so and to be honest I have had the most amazing weight loss results ever. these are really some good stuff that does what it should. And yeah, gotta say that I am a veteran to the good old phentermine I am used to get it by prescription and obviously, there is nothing that can be on top of it, however, from as much as I know from my personal experience, the Acxion as well as the Terfamex (and especially the Terfamex) are surely, no doubts, the second best after the Phentermine.


    That’s why it is a shock for me seeing nothing about them. really good products, that are working really well, and nothing. I’ve got to admit here that I have had to work with the dosage and to adjust to what has worked that well for me which has been 2 around 5 am and if I felt that I needed it, I have used one here and there in the afternoon. I have been having weight issues, I was overweight and I did not liked how I looked, at all. but then I have actually lost too much weight, so much that I have had to gain back about 12 lbs (I could not think that I would ever need to get back some weight). they are really a god send to those who are looking to lose weight, or at least they are for me. I really cannot find enough words to explain on how amazing the Mexican thing has worked personally for me. anyway, you have to pay attention that the acxion and the terfamex are working differently, a lot much more differently. And I know it not only from personal experience, but from what have other people said. yeah, both of them are serving for the same purpose, but we all know that it does not mean that they are having the exact same effect that is why the Terfs are having a tendency to elevate your moods very well, but the acxion it is more tending to give you a boost of energy, which are 2 different things, if you’re going to take them then you’re going to understand what I am talking about and feel the difference yourself. Anyway, it has been a long time now since I have had the American phen, so much that I cannot even remember what I use to pay for it. however, the good news is that the Mexican phentermine is running approximately 60 bucks or so for a 30 day supply. When I have used them I have paid as little as about $45 only. And there are really a lot, and I mean A LOT of very and very good and reliable sources out there for getting it. I personally am having 4 different that I have been using for the 3 years I have been using the Mexican Phen.


    What I am doing here is really trying to help other people who do need this help. I have been there, I have been overweight, not loving myself and the way I look, and so I do know how important this is, how hard it is etc. And I say this because I do know how Acxion and Terfamex are working and so I hope a lot that this is going to be helpful to anybody that is not familiar with these 2 weight loss drugs. To be honest, I really don’t think that I could even go back to the American Phen and I did have taken them all, trust me. this is only from my experience, from what I have seen, read, felt etc. etc. and I just hope that this is going to give someone an alternative.


    As I have said, I have been following you guys for a while and gotta say that I am feeling glad being with such a friendly group of people here!

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    Amazing information! I really thank you for posting it! I personally have been searching information about this on the forum and I have noticed that there has been very little about it. thanks again for sharing it with us! I was unsure whether I should order it or not. I did have found sources of it but I was skeptical whether they would work or not so I haven’t ordered anything, but now, thanks to you, I just ordered this and it is very nice to hear somebody reassuring that they would work. But I have to be honest, I was really surprised on the fact of how little I have been able to find about them, I am not really sure why there is so little information about them even though they are working so well.


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      Oh wow, you are having 4 difference sources? Man, that’s amazing, I have got only 2 for the fentermina and I am jelous about this, you’re very lucky I think. thanks for all. either way, I also know that the Mexican drugs are really so cheap. Thanks God for the Mexico, I would say I did have used both of them either and I have to say that it seems to me like the Acxion is the weakest of them. also, I can tell that the disepsin really works to work better, but even so I am preferring to use rimonbant. To whoever who doesn’t know anything about them, I suggest to look for them.


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        Hey there, thanks to both of your for replying, it makes me feel like I have helped someone anyway, I see that you have mentioned up there rimonbant drug and to be honest I have never heard of it in the past and that’s why I would really like to get a little bit of some feedback about it. that would be really nice if you would do it for me and for this community in general. I’ve got to say that I have been on and off phentermine for more than 10 years and exactly as for all medications out there… I developed tolerance to it. besides, I also have tried some other American Phens as well as Mex Fen, some of them has been very successfully working while other have not. but I have still never heard of rimonbant. A bit of info would be nice. Anyway, I am thinking that I may have ran my course through all of the Phentermine which just sucks badly. I think that there is no other way to put it. thanks again for mentioning rimonbant, I going to search for it and I will see. but a bit of your experience is worth a lot more.


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          Hello OP, I also want to join other people thanking you for posting something new and most likely, informative and helpful to people who are looking for weight loss drug options. I have to say that after I have read your first post I have been seriously thinking on how you have been using phentermine for so long, for years, and not building a tolerance to it. I started to think that maybe there’s a trick on how you can trick the tolerance and avoid it. silly me but then I have read your last post and I have seen that you have developed it but oh my god… more than 10 years? that’s still a triple win for you! that’s a really good run with it as I have heard people using it only for a year and they said that it already went useless. And no, they were not using it for an entire year, of course they were cycling, but it seems to me that they either developed a quicker tolerance to the drug because of their body chemistry or they were doing something wrong that’s why I want to ask you: how did you cycle with it?


          And yeah, regarding the rimonbant, I have never heard about it either. I made a 2 mins research on it now and I have read that it is no longer available in Europe and I have got interested as to why is that? there must be a reason why they have banned its use. Although I have noticed that they are banning a lot of weight loss drugs without any specific serious reasons so… anyway, could anyone tell me whether is it a stimulant or no? it is very hard to find it? it is really that good? thank you.


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            Hey guys, I was just reading up about this, about the rimonbant, and I have found something, there is a suggested site I have found that is selling it, however it is being called accomplia. As much as it seems, I have seen that it is helping to lose about 10 % of your weight in a year, however I have seen that it has given those people that were having absolutely no history of depression and suicidal those these type of tendencies. And this is pretty much why the drug is no longer available and banned. Or at least that’s what I think. but anyway, we can never find out if this is really true or it is only some over reaction to the drug which are completely 2 different things. anyway, apparently this is the reason why this is not approved in the USA. I would call it a big mistake to ban it if those has been tendencies as a result of over usages and not a simple, responsible use because as much as I have found, it is supposed to be the best for those people that are having belly fat (one of the biggest issue for all people) and those who are having diabetes type 2. I read that it is working on the same receptors of cannabis. And that’s why, as cannabis tends to work – it is making you not hungry after you are smoking it, getting paranoid and getting depressed whatever. pretty much the same action. I think. however, I think that they are just trying to scare the people by claiming that it is causing suicidal thoughts in those people who have ever had them in the past. Anyway, I would be really glad to have such a drug. so, if there’s anybody who can really share their experience with this drug it would be worth gold since I am among those people who are having issues with belly fat. I did have had a history of depression and food is mainly my joy. I would like to give a try to this drug, but I do not want to take anything that’s really dangerous. Thanks.


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              Hello popo, in fact, it is not a stimulant but it is true that it is working on your cannabinoid receptors, it is the same area where is the THC is working (which is the active ingredient that is found in the cannabis). However, unlike the THC (that, by the way, it is an agonist of those receptors), accomplia is, actually, an inverse agonist and by saying this I am trying to say that it is triggering the opposite or the inverse response of the agonist. That is why, when people are smoking cannabis, it is not true that they are not getting hungry, their hungry feeling is not blocked but in fact, it is getting more intense. This means that when people are smoking cannabis their cravings for food is getting bigger, however the accomplia it is triggering the opposite response of this and that’s why it is acting by reducing the food cravings. Of course even so you are still going to be hungry, however, you would just eat a little bit less. this is why, the weight loss is not going to occur exactly as fast as you would get by using phentermine, however, you are also not going to build a tolerance to it like you are going to do with the phentermine. Rather the opposite, this is taking a little while in order to build up into your system and to finally, work fully. What I am trying to say is that your statement about the cannabis use is false as people DO get hungry even more when smoking it and another thing is that everything has good sides and bad sides (like in this case, phentermine works amazingly well and fast but you build up tolerance to it as fast as it works, but accomplia is working slowly and not as good, however you’re also very slowly building tolerance to it).


              Either way, the manufacturer (which is Sanofi Aventis) has actually suspended the drug, that’s due to the fact that the incidence of the side effects has been actually much higher in the market use than was experienced in the trial uses (error mark was too high) to be accepted. But even so, even in their trials, the withdrawal rate because of the side effects has been 15 already which is a lot. now, the drug has has been licensed only in Europe for some high risk situations (like for example, it is not that you have to be an obese patient, but also you had to have, like for instance, diabetes or maybe some other risk factors as well) however, the very high incidence of the mental health issues led to its withdrawal from the market not very long after it has been launched, some of those mental health issues were: psychosis, suicidal ideation, self harming, depression and so on. at least in my personal opinion, all of those mental health issues really outweigh those negative effects that obesity has (but then again, this is just my opinion, but since it has been removed from the market, I guess lots of other people also agree with me). besides, another factor that played a very big role in withdrawing the drug from the market has been that it has worked pretty well in some patients, but by far not very well in other patients (if not taking in consideration the side effects) but plus to it all, even those who reported having good effects from the drug, as soon as they came off it, most of those people have reported and crazy increased appetite after that and they have, obviously, regained very fast all that weight that they have lost during the time of using that drug.


              Even though the drug has been discontinued to be legally obtained, I do know that it is still easily available online (or at least I know that it has been anywhere in 2012 – 2013 due to the fact that there has been an excess stocks that could no longer be sold legally, however I am not very sure whether it is so easily obtained to this day). but anyway, even though there still might be a lot of those people who does not have side effects… those possible side effects that might occur to you people in case you do decide to give it a try – are really bad. and the worst is that you’re not going to get any help from any doctor since they cannot advice on a drug that it is illegal to obtain. If you do have side effects such as depression and suicidal thoughts, there would be no one to help you, but you. unfortunately, many people do not understand how actually bad it is to have depression and that’s why they don’t take it seriously, but as I said it above – in my opinion, depression and all its consequences is worse than obese consequences. Good luck!


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                As much as I can understand Anniand wants to say that it is not worth to try it as there is no happy ending for this – you can have side effects, even if you won’t then it might not work, even if it does work then in the end you’re still getting the previous weight and so – no good ending. That is why, I totally do agree with her and I say that she’s definitely right about that. that’s because I did have tried it myself and I’m saying all of that from my personal experience. that’s because I did have tried it a couple of years ago and it was really that horrible to use. Of course I can’t be sure but I am thinking that it has been under the brand name of Slimona back then but it was the same thing. I remember that it has been a little green pills that originated from India and that’s where I have got it from. I got it from a place that started with the word Tops from as much as I can remember and if you do see something similar – avoid. I am sorry that I can’t say with certitude, but it was a long time ago and I can’t remember.


                Besides the fact that it was not working for me, but it also ffffed up with my mind and my thoughts. I was feeling… not myself. and I remember that it was giving me extremely vivid and horrible nightmares those nightmares were really that awful as I was waving my arms and I was kicking all around and I was yelling like somebody was cutting me. but it is because of those extremely vivid nightmares. I remember that my husband was waking me up, being scared that there’s something wrong with me. there was a night when I was sleeping along and I have wake up the next morning next to my bed. It seems that I fell out of my bed. In fact, I wasn’t even getting restful sleep. Those side effects were not bearable at all, it was really that ridiculous and that’s especially since I have lost approximately 2 or maybe 3 pounds in that over a month that I have been taking it. of course I don’t know how it works for others, but assuming from how it worked for me – I definitely recommend you all to stay away from it.


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                  Hey there op, can you please help me a bit? you have mentioned above that you are having 4 different and good sources for getting your good Mexican acxion and terfamex… could you please be that nice and share those sources with me? or maybe at least only one of them that you know that they are really that good. I would really need some recommendations from people who already used some sources because I really do not want to purchase anything blindly anymore… that’s because I did have tried to research it myself and I have purchased something in the past and I have completely scammed… I am angry even now. I don’t want to get through that once again, so I want to get a source from somebody that is 100% that they are not scammers. I’ve got to say that I did have had some really good success with the American phentermine and I did have heard about that acxion and I’ve heard that it can be a pretty good alternative to the phentermine, even though, yeah, as I’ve read here – it is not as strong as phentermine but still, sounds good to me. besides, it does sounds to me like you really prefer more the terfamex  over the acxion and to be honest I am really wondering as to why is that and how the acxion is really differing from the terfamex. i honestly have never heard of terfamex prior to read your post but since I know that acxion is a good alternative to phentermine but it seems that terfmaex is even better then I assume that it must be something really good. any information regarding this and some sources (regarding the sources, you could pm me) would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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                    hey there everybody, I just have registered this site because of this post. I have seen it and I just wanted to reply here. so I am a new member and this is my first post (most of the time I’m only a lurker). But anyway, I did have received my order for the Terfamex 15 mg from an international pharmacy a few days ago and to be honest this Terfamex it is much more weaker than the Lannett that I have used to take. I have to use 2 capsules of Terfamex in order to equal the potency of a 30 mg Lannett phentermine capsule that I have been using so for those who are interested in Terfamex I wouldn’t recommend to have too big expectances from it.


                    I am currently interested in trying out Axcion as well as some other weight loss medications from Mexico in near future and comparing them all. if there would be some people who can share a good source (as I have never had ordered anything from Mexico) that would be amazing. I have heard that Mexico weight loss products are really fine, that’s why I am searching for it. thanks.


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                      Hello there PuritySupreme and welcome on the forum. I just wanted to ask you whether is Lannett stuff a slow release or immediate release? I’m asking this due to the fact that Terfamex it is a slow release and I was just thinking that maybe this would be responsible for feeling it weaker (but it lasts much longer compared to an immediate release). These things must be taken in consideration.


                      I really hope that you’re going to get whatever you need and that you’re going to have some really good results with it. best of luck.


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                        hello there and thanks for asking. The Lannett 30 mg capsule that I have been using and the Terfamex are having both the same active ingredient of phentermine hcl in them and I have seen that both brands are claiming to be effective for approximately 10 to 12 hours. The phentermine resin it is better absorbed. The Duromine is resin based also Lannett years ago has started to make a resin based pill. I personally am not having any experience with the phentermine resin based pills. The Duromne it is made in Australia but I am living in US and that’s why I can’t buy an Duromine. But I have been thinking that maybe here is somebody who is having some experience of using both forms of phentermine, if there are some people who do, then I would be really glad to hear about it. thank you in advance for everything.


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                          Hello Purity, I did have used Duromine and I just wanted to share here a bit about it hoping that it would help you. for me personally, duromine it is only keeping me awake and it does not do anything with my appetite in the afternoons, it is definitely not working long enough in order to suppress my appetite in the afternoon and this is why  I am ending up to open one more capsule and to use approximately a half of it or so. I guess that’s why it was keeping me awake. Besides, I also did have ordered some Terfamex either and from as much as I know, they should arrive tomorrow and I really hope a lot that they are going to work exactly the same as American Phentermine. They were really working on me. Purity, I am also living in the US but I have been having absolutely no problems at all purchasing some Duromine online. so I’m just trying to say that if you’re really interested in getting some then I do not think that you would have any problems purchasing it online. you’ve just got to search for it. indeed there is not very much of the on the American pharmacies, but look up on the Australian ones, there must be some.