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  • experience I have with phentermine

    My phentermine experience started some months ago and I still don’t know with it is worth to use it.


    My situation was really bad and I couldn’t fit in anything, I used to be scared about my weight and thought that it will never get better. My blood was so infected, I was close to become a diabetic and I used to eat so many snacks and other types of things that I should avoid. For a little period of time I was able to limit a little bit the volume of stacks and passed to a diet coke. Sound really little but you have to believe me it was really difficult to pass from a normal coke to a diet one. Some couple of weeks I felt like I was dying without any sweets and snacks, and I thought that at the beginning it will be hard but after some time it will become much better. Anyway after some months of starving and angry mood, I checked my weight and this was the biggest mistakes, as I have observed that I have lost just a few pounds. This put me on a depression which converted me in a snack eater again.


    This time I put more on weight than I have had before. The xxl t-shirts big jeans and so on were my best friends ever, as at that time I couldn’t fit even in my old stuff.


    Things started to go on as I found out about the phentermine, it was like a miracle for me, I was really excited even if I yet tried it. Next couple of months I decided to try again, to raise all my willpower and to try it again. I thought that this time it will be different, as I have a new friend that will help me to manage my mood and overall situation. The first week I observed that my hunger started to disappear and it started to be easier to manager my day, I forgot about the snacks, started to eat much better and healthier and I totally quit my soda habits. In additional to all of this I decided to plan my day and to add some healthy habits that I couldn’t add before, like walking more and moving as much as I could.


    After just 2 weeks I have lost 17 lbs and I felt much better, my old t-shirts started to feel and my mood improved.  I couldn’t be happier than I was, I thought I found my salvation and that soon I’ll see better results and I would be able to finish my struggles. After another 2 weeks everything started bad feelings and some strange side effects, nausea, headaches and so on. At the beginning I didn’t took it seriously as I totally eliminated the fact that it could be because of the drug. When it got worst I decided to check myself, and my doctor recommended me to quit, and to continue my plan and habits without it. I couldn’t do it, I was so into it that even if I felt bad I didn’t wanted to quit, my mother thought that it was an addition but it was just the fact that I wanted so much the results that I totally forgot about my health. My generally health situation was really bad, and the thing that I continued to use the drug got me worse. Fortunately after some days I decided to quit, I arrived at the point that I wasn’t able to do anything else, except lying down in my bad and waiting for my symptoms to pass, the pain was terrible, and the mood was … couldn’t be worst.


    Now I’m trying to continue my habits as I did with phentermine, and I’m trying to eat as healthier as I can. I can’t say that I’m doing bad, there are some days that I really need a snack and I can’t neglecting it but the overall situation is okay.
    I’m trying to move as I did with phentermine usage but I can’t. I don’t know what the problem is. I don’t think that phentermine added me additional energy I think that it is because I consider that without that drug I’m not able to go ahead.


    I would like to find something else to use instead of phentermine, as I’m not totally sure that it will be the best idea, but I feel like I have to use something. Can you recommend me something?

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    Thank you very much for the story, and I think that it could happen to anyone. You did well to quit it and it’s amazing that you found the courage to quit it and to understand that you can’t go on with it anymore. Anyway this is my own opinion but I consider that you have to go on without any other additional drugs. You said that your health condition isn’t that good, and that with phentermine it became worse. You have to understand that you can receive the same result with another drug and that actually your health wouldn’t improve. Of course when you use a drug it suppresses some of your hormones that you can’t control by your own but actually I think that you’ll be able to go ahead without it. Generally the drug helped you because psychologically you programmed yourself that this is the drug that helped you. You have to rise up your own confidence and to understand that you can have the same result without any other drug. Anyway, it will take much more time to lose the weight and to achieve your own goal, but believe that it is worth it, you’ll become healthier and it will become easier to control your weight. Keep doing the things that you were supposed to do, as walking, moving a so on. If you feel that you’re able you can improve and high your movements and to try something new, every movement is appreciated. Remember that much healthier you become, much better and easier it becomes to manage your weight and you feel much better. I have struggled with my weight may years, and at the end after I tried a lot of drugs and things that people recommended me I understood that nothing will help me better than a healthy journey. Healthy eating, good sleep, movements and self improvements. Now I’m on a half way to be the one that I want to be and it took me 2 years to achieve this goal, but I’m really happy about it and I feel much more healthier than before. When I used to use drugs I was able to lose the weight that I have lost now in 2 years just in 5 6 months, and I was so happy about that but with zero energy and zero desire to live. Now I know that it was a mistake and I really hope that you’ll understand it now and you’ll manage to choose it right!


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      I really understand what you want to say, and I would like to be able to do this. I don’t deny that it’s all psychological and that I actually can do it by myself, but I think I don’t have that much self-confidence to do it. I’m that kind of person that sometimes wake up with a big desire to do it right and with the possibility to improve it, and these days are really amazing I like them and I feel like I’m doing right. The next day can be totally different for such a person like I am, as I can woke up thinking totally negative and nobody can help me to change it through the day, in these days I eat everything that I want in a big amount. There are those days when the amount of sweets and bad snacks that I eat surpasses the dosage for a week and late at night after such an awful day I’m going in my bad full of tears thinking about all the things that I did and I feel helpless.


      I didn’t had the same thing while using phentermine, no bad days, no snack days and just self confidence. It’s normal that I’m here begging you to share with me another drug that could help me to go ahead and to improve my situation.


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        Girlfriend you need a psychological help in this situation. I know what you feel and at the beginning I felt the same, I have exactly the same bad days and good ones. I think you have to talk with your doctor and instead of using another drug, or instead of returning to phentermine try to ask your doctor to provide you a good psychologist, I don’t know if you’re okay with this, but if not, you have to understand that they actually are really able to help you. My mother is a psychologist, and I understand very well that in my situation she was so necessary and decisive to put me on the right way for my future health and weight loss. I really hope that after some years you’ll return here, with good news about your weight and about your health situation, telling us your story again with a happy ending and with a big smile on your face. And in additional to all of this


        I really hope that your story will include a healthy eating and “no drugs”. Good luck!


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          Oh thank you, you’re really sweet and thank you for all your advices. I definitely will talk with my doctor about a psychologist. No, I’m not that kind of person that is scared about this word. I know that psychologists can really help. Now I understand why you have achieved such a good goals. I’m really glad that I have found you and I’m really happy about you. I think you’re right and I’m totally sure that someday I’ll come back here full of joy and happiness.