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  • I need more info on weight loss

    Kinda of a weird question, but I would like to know if there is something better than phentermine.  I know that lots of you will tell me that it’s quite impossible to use phentermine without any effect, but this is what happened to me. First of all I have used phentermine for a long time and I have lost a really inappropriate weight for such a powerful drug. I’m here because I would like to understand that I really need a drug that will help me because my situation is really a serious one. I would like to know if there is any possibility that another drug could help me better than phentermine. I’m expecting that the drug that I will use will be able to help me to lose at least a part of my weight, it will make me feel more confident  and I know that I’ll be able to go ahead in losing the lasted weight. Please help me! Thank you

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    In my opinion in phentermine didn’t helped you means that you’re doing something wrong. I truly believe than actually phentermine help everyone but if you take it correctly. Some years ago, about 15 years ago, I have used phentermine because I was a little bit overweight and I decided same as you to use it as I thought that if I’ll start to lose weight at least some of it till I’ll see visible results, than it will become much easier for me to take it undercontrol. I was totally wrong. The thing is that I have used phentermine for some months than when I have seen my results and stopped using it I started to put on weight again, and I’ve become the same as I was before I started to take phentermine.  Then I decided to take it again and again. After some years I understood that it doesn’t work on me as I put on weight again and again. The real problem was that actually I forgot about changing my lifestyle. A lot of people like me that decided to start using phentermine actually forget about one important thing as putting some of your own striving decision to make it work. After I spoke with my doctor, my family and some of my friends that have used phetermine before me I understood what was my really problem, and that it was actually “me”. You have to do the same thing, as soon as you are trying to make it work. A lot of people do the same thing and fail, because you have to put on mind the thing that losing weight is not just about using drugs. The part of exercising and eating in the correct way is the most important part, and it doesn’t matter if you are on weight loss pills or not, you have to go on with it all over your life. Even after you lose your weight and see that you feel great and all your kilos are gone, you have to remember that it’s not for your entire life, and that every kilo can came back as it was before. Just a correct lifestyle and healthy food will help you to maintain. If you want to make phentermine work on you the most important thing that you should do know is to start your diet, and to start exercising a lot.


    Back on 15 years ago, when I started to use phentermine, i started to exercises a lot, it become my life and I understood that I have to do this all the time if I want to feel like this and to look like this. Of course there are some days when I feel really lazy and I start to think that I can compensate my lazy days when I decided to skip working out or when I eat all the bad stuff that I should use some additional phentermine and that it will cover all the bad things that I have done during this day, but suddenly I realized that this is wrong and I have to do the right thing.


    I really hope that you understand me, and that you’ll take all of it in consideration. I recommend you to talk with your doctor about this, because I’m sure that he will be able to provide you the best advice that you’ll ever had.


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      I have had the same situation as you have, and I understand you. I think that you don’t have to switch to another drug. I’m quite sure that another drug wouldn’t help you, it will be worse than phentermine.


      If you would like what helped me, this was “running”. I know that for people like us, who are overweight it’s really hard to run or to do high intensive exercises. It was for me too. But every day I tried to run as much as I could, just for a few minutes and after this I continued walking, for some minutes and again running. After some months I was able to run 20 minutes without stopping and I have lost a lot of weight. I started to go to gym, and to do exercises. It’s really hard for me to exercises because I become tired very quickly, but I’m sure that after some months I’ll be able to do this without being so confused and exhausted as I’m now. I think you should go ahead and try to do the things that I have described here. Trust me if it helped me this mean that it will help you too. I was sure that in my situation nothing will be able to fix it, but it worked for me and it will work for you too. If you need to talk about this I’m always available for you or for anyone else. Good luck. Stay strong.


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        I was sure at 95% that I’ll find here phentermine to be the best drug, even if it didn’t help me. I really hope that you are right and that actually I can change my situation and that soon if I’ll start to change my entire lifestyle it will help me. The thing is that I know some people that have used phentermine without exercises or changing something in their lives and they have lost their weight without any


        other problems. I thought that it actually work for everybody like this.. I think that I was wrong.


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          This is the point, that actually it can help you to lose weight without changing your lifestyle and without exercising , but trust me if those people will continue to eat like they eat and to have the life of a lazy people they will put on weight again. You have to understand that it is much better to lose weight really hard, than to lose it fast and after this to have it again. I really hope that soon will achieve your goals and you’ll understand how cool is to see results that will always rest.


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            Hello there. I can recommend you to use a drug that I have used before. Actually I started to use Topiramate for my migraines but it actually helped me to lose weight.  I have lost 30 pounds without changing anything. I’m not sure that it will work on you in the same way but at least you can ask your doctor about this one. I would like to add, that I have heard about the same results from many other people, and I think that it’s one of the most interesting drugs that I have ever used in my life.


            I never thought that a drugs that it is supposed to treat my migraines, is able to solve my weight problems. I have been over weight all my entire life. But migraines were more serious than my weight situation and that’s why I put the weight problem aside and I decided to treat my migraines. After 2 months I have seen the results, for my weight and of course for my migraines problem.


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              Well thank you, it’s really interesting and I think that I’ll ask my doctor about this. I’m still not sure about phentermine and I don’t know what to do, but I think and I’ll continue to think positively about my situation, hopping that soon I’ll find the solution. I’m asking you to continue writing about you experience and about the drugs that you have used to lose weight, it will help me to decided what to try and what will be better for me!