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    Hi guys I would like to ask you some questions about Xenical.


    Some time ago I started to read some information about “body fat storing”. As you know the excess of fat introduced while eating become stored by our body, that why we become overweight and start to feel so bad. It is also known that in order to help our body to destroy the fat that our body receives the enzymes in our digestive system are the ones who are able to do this. They help to digest and to break down the fat. As I have read recently the Xenical taken during the meal together with the enzymes are able to block some fat and to eliminate it from your body. As I understood the blocked fat is not absorbed by the body and it’s eliminated in the natural way.


    I have never tried Xenical, but it interested me, and I would like to hear about your own experience with Xenical. I have used phentermine before and it is really great but I would like to know if the information that I have found about this drug are real or not. It is worth to use this drug?


    Talking about my situation I do a lot of exercises and I eat right. But I would like to use something that I able to push me to work better. There are some days when I have a lot of cravings and I can’t do anything about it, I would like to have such a drugs that will be able to block the fat eaten.

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    I have used Xenical and phentermine together, and there is no drug interaction. It worked really well on me, and I loved the fact that I could use them both at the same time. First of all phentermine helped me to lose the weight that I have already had but Xenical was real cool because I usually used it during my cheat days. I love it because before using Xenical it was really hard for me to eat during the cheat days; I always thought that all the things that I have eaten during the cheat day stayed in my body. After I started to use Xenical it becomes much easier and I started to enjoy my cheat days. I think you can try it.


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      I don’t think that Xenical is really good, for me phentermine is the best drug. I have used Xenical and it didn’t help me. I have heard that some people used both together but actually I’m afraid to try it, I don’t think that it is such a great idea. If you really what to lose weight use phentermine. I may be wrong, and you can do everything you want but I think that is better to try them separately. As for me I always repeat that you are what you eat and it doesn’t matter if you use something to lose weight or you just try to lose it without additional help. Keep doing the best for your body.  If you want to lose some weight and if you don’t have any critical situation I suggest you to avoid fruits and nuts for some months and you’ll definitely see the results. I think that if a person can lose the weight naturally than he completely have to avoid using some additional drugs, let your body work by itself and I’m sure you’ll see very good results. Good luck and let us know how it is going!