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  • wanna lose weight without phentermine

    Hi there everybody, could you help me please with my weight loss problem? I would really love very much to hear from you guys, more experienced than me, what you could suggest me for losing weight? I must firstly mention here that I do like some of the stimulants out there like for example ephedrine, however the phentermine it is just awfully working for me and it is giving me the phen rage so I don’t want to take it. plus to that, it is getting harder and harder to get your hands on phentermine so I would like to get something else. And so, I would like to get your suggestions based on this, please. Not sure how true this is, but I have heard that they are having some kind of a new med right now which is working on the reward part of your brain and so, this is giving you’re the weight loss effect. To be honest, I would really love to get this, I truly would. What I try to say is that the medication is telling your brain that you’re not hungry so you don’t eat. Cutting my appetite would be awesome. Telling my brain that everything is fine and that I am not hungry and also some ephedrine like product for getting some extra energy that would be awesome, can’t be sure but I think that this combo should do wonders. Anyway, could you please tell me… what does works for you? maybe there are other combinations or single medications taken that are working extremely well? maybe some ‘magic’ methods? Does some of you have recommendations for me? please? Anything would be appreciated. And yeah also I can say that I already have lost like 40, however I am currently stuck so I truly need help if that’s possible. Thanks for everything!

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    Well, look, the EC stack it is being tried, tested and proved to be true (which is ephedrine in addition with caffeine). And it’s not me who says this – there are some medical studies which backs up my words, just read online more about EC stack and you’re gonna see what I’m talking about. What I truly love the most about it is that the longer you are running it then the better it is getting as well and that’s just awesome. I think so because it is not like other stuff out there that stop from working after you use them for a period of time.


    Also I can tell you that I personally am a fan of sibutrimine. This one is working really really well and so I suggest you to take a look at this one either.
    I also can tell you… there is always the T3 which has been proved to work well too… however it doesn’t discriminate in regard to what weight you are losing. Another minus of it is that you are also going lose your muscle mass along with the fat so that’s not a good thing at all for nobody. Especially for me… losing muscle mass it is a complete deal breaker for me when I am cutting down as I want to lean out – what’s the point if losing muscle mass?


    Plus to that, you must make sure that you are pausing on your diet from time to time on occasions, you need to reset your metabolism and you do not want to go into starvation mode because that’s not going to be helpful for you. this is because if you are going to stay in the caloric deficient for way too long that is going to be really unhealthy and therefore your body is going to go ‘into crazy mode’ which might make you gain weight out of nothing. And generally, not being healthy is never a good idea, no? I will even suppress your HPTA to be honest. And plus to that, I would recommend you to be sure that you are eating a lot (or at least sufficient, but usually the more – the better) proteins, that’s in order to maintain the muscle mass and plus to that – protein is essential in losing fat as well. that’s the reason why bodybuilders and binge eating chicken breast. From many resources that I have found and read I saw a lot of them recommending at least one gram (of protein) per pound of bodyweight a day. You know your weight – so you know how much proteins you must daily eat. Try to accomplish this. as much proteins with as low calories (and of course carbohydrates) is usually the key.


    You need to make sure that you are doing strength training as well (not talking about cardio when you are losing weight – obviously cardio is essential). But I am talking about lifting weights because this is going to build muscle mass… you might be a girl (I haven’t found out your gender) but this doesn’t matter. you might think why you would need to build muscle mass? Well, this in turn is going to raise your metabolism and is going to make you burn fat. Improved metabolism allows you to eat more and put less fat. More muscles makes you burn fat. Therefore you are going to end up with more muscles, less fat and allowed to eat more while putting less. Hopefully this is going to be helpful to ya. Good luck.


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      Oh my god! I expected to get amazing information but this is super amazing information that you posted up there so I just want to share some really big and honest thanks for that! I appreciate it a lot, that you posted it, I appreciate that you’ve taken your time in order to post all of that! and I really think that it is going to be very helpful! Also thanks a lot for the recommendations. I got 2 different recommendations and great advices into one single post! I’m still shocked. Thanks for everything again. I am going to look into both your suggestions of those you shared right after posting this. and yeah, in regards to protein – I knew that it is important but with your help I realized it even better and so I definitely agree on the protein. Plus to that – yeah I’m a woman but I did got your point and so I’m gonna look into adding the weights along to my cardio (which of course I’ve been doing for a while now). I must also add here that I am using genepro powder in all of my stuff that I am using… starting from coffee to yogurt. I knew that it has a lots of benefits and beneficial ingredients but since you were talking about protein I looked at how much proteins it has and they say that is has 30 grams of it per serving!!! That’s amazing IMO. I don’t even know why but I am now just so excited to get to the next level in my weight loss journey and especially in my health. That’s because I got some amazing recommendations from you I guess. I honestly think that those are all some amazing ideas which are going to help me! I’m gonna try improving my searching skill to find a good source which would sell me good stuff.


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        It is near to impossible to get ephedrine right now… where do you get yours? I mean, you can get ephedrine but only coupled with gualefesin, but I am asking about how and where to get ephedrine without gualefesin? Is there someone who can help? Or at least that’s from the research I’ve done. That’s what I got.


        But as you can see, I am currently looking into all those as well.. I just need to read more about the and to decide which is going to be the best for me personally. I am completely idealess about the weight loss medications to be honest. All I know is from the research I recently have done… but I still realize that I need some extra help in regards to this! as much as I can see I just need a weight loss buddy, LOL.


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          Oh well.. the real medication which is truly helps in dropping your weight and that’s indeed helping to control your appetite AND also is giving you extra energy that is didrex. Plus to that it doesn’t give you side effects. or at least it didn’t for me. I have tried phentermine and it gave me side effects, didrex didn’t gave me any side effects. I have also had some side effects from tenuate… in fact I have had multiple side effects from both tenuate and phentermine… none of them I had with didrex. But I did got a lot of help. Therefore, what I truly recommend you to try out is didrex because it helps with 3 most important things – weight loss, appetite control and energy. Hopefully it’s going to work well for you as well.


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            oh well, I really find this to be a very interesting question if you ask me. phentermine it is generally, as much as you can see, a hot topic in this forum (and generally I think anywhere else where people are talking about weight loss products). But although it is considered to be one of the best things on the market for losing weight, there are still lots of people who don’t quite like it and so, for those people there are alternative medications like for example the orlistat (which is a fat blocker)… but there are many others as well which I think that you’ve got to find what it is working for you? to be honest, the a ECA stack it is currently out of the twilight zone, at least in my opinion. This stuff is indeed effective, however it is very short loved with regard to results and the caffeine without proper water intake is going to give you lots of headaches that you definitely do not want or need.


            As in regards to the didrex – that’s indeed a very good option which I can suggest as well. if you can get your hands on it then get it and try it (just make sure you are not getting fakes as I heard that there are fakes floating on the market). However there’s a problem – it is very hard to find it. I am not sure where you are living, however I am in the UK and this is really a hard find!


            Also, be sure that you are going to reach your body goals… but for reaching them you need to stay strong and to be focused… also IMO you need to calculate macros as well… but it is all rewarding and worth it if you ask me so please do it. plus I think that it gets easier later.


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              Umm… I am thinking that there is a common misperception in regards to the EC Stack (not including the aspirin is preferred). That is, maybe, because people are thinking that this stack has stopped from working after using it for a few weeks due to the fact that they are not able to feel any more the small energy lift that they have got when they have started to use it in the beginning or also the mild appetite suppression either. However the problem is that neither of these is what the EC stack it is actually about.
              People should know that EC stack is having thermogenic effects on the body which is causing your body to burn the fat off. And if anything… you must know that in fact, this thermogenic effect is only getting stronger over a long term use which means that EC stack is getting more effective after a long period of using it, instead of the misconception that it is getting weaker after a long time use.


              In addition to that, people should also remember the important fact that the EC stack is amazing for those people who is already having fairly low body fat % due to the fact that its effects are mild, therefore people who have a lot of body fat % might not be happy with it, unlike those who have a fairly low % as I said. And I am only talking about some extra 4 – 5 extra pounds on top of what a caloric deficient would provide over a couple of months time. however, for somebody who is already having a 10 % body fat % then this is already a truly big difference in there. and lastly I would say that this is definitely too bad taken in consideration that it is something which can be obtained over the counter in both the US and Canada at any given pharmacy, again, unlike compared to other weight loss medicines out there.


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                I personally have been taking the Nicotinamide Riboside, this is a derivative of the vitamin B3. Initially I have started to use it for the health benefits that it has but then I noticed that it greatly helps with losing weight. It is supposed to do an amazing job for you so I suggest to at least give it a try. One of the things that I have noticed which is truly helping to lose weight is that my appetite has went down since I use it. and so, since I do not want to eat any more that much, it is now a lot much more easier to stay on a diet and I am currently losing weight very well… I think that if you are going to use it – you stand good chances that it would curb your appetite too and therefore, of course, much easier to lose the weight. I just have had to make some new holes in my belt – that’s how much weight I have lost since I have been on it. I don’t want to eat so much and I don’t even think about food so much. And IMO the most amazing part is that this is not a stimulant which I can cause harm as well, this is a vitamin, or as I said, a slight variation on B3, and that’s amazing as you are losing weight and controlling appetite in a natural way. I honestly think that you should be doing a research on it and see what I am talking about. The only downside of it is that it is a bit expensive as it is approximately 30 to 50 cents per cap, however there are many pluses. One thing is that it is not more expensive than others out there, plus it doesn’t give me side effects like other stuff does, like for example, stimulants that I have been used to take in the past when attempting to lose weight – they were greatly interfering with my sleep and I was nearly insomniac. These ones does not have this awful effect and I feel fine – sleeping well. so you use something completely natural without side effect which helps, a great deal if you ask me.


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                  Great recommendations you got here which can help. I wanted just to add something that has not been said here yet – l carnitine liquid supplement. I think you heard of it but I just tell you that it is truly helpful. I personally am using it and provides good results. I use just 2 tablespoons every day before I am having the breakfast (I try to use it like 30 minutes before my breakfast). Also I have a few more spoonful before I am going to work out. again, I think that you heard of it but if you didn’t – do some research on it and I think that you’re going to like it – that’s an great stuff! Be sure that it is totally going  to help you to boost the fat loss process an extra bit more than that which is happening from doing exercising and from good diet eating. I have big hopes that this is going to help you a little bit.


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                    hi there, the best drug for me (I mean the drug that has worked the best way) for the weight loss has been (and continues to me) Strattera (atomoxetine). Basically, this is a non stimulant alternative for the ADHD condition, however it has proven to be great in curbing down the appetite and therefore controlling the weight. I can remember that I read somewhere (not sure where so can’t share source but I’m sure a bit of google research would lead to it) that it is also having the weight loss as a side effect even when you are accounting for this loss of appetite effect. And no, I haven’t started to take it for the weight loss effect, I started using it because I am suffering from ADHD, and yeah, it does works very well for this condition too. This drug has basically made my life 100x more better because it controls and greatly helps me with 2 of my biggest health problems: weight and ADHD. It’s amazing for me. it is basically increasing my focus and alertness and it does not have very much side effects and those few ones that I have are definitely bearable. With a side effect of weight loss which is, as you can see – amazing for me. this stuff it is a SNRI (if you are going to use it make a research on it and you’re going to see) which means that it is increasing the amount of epinephrine and norepinephrine (or also adrenaline and noradrenaline either) and that is why you are going to feel a little bit ‘different’ than usually you do, however, to be honest, to me this is not bad at all.


                    It is not that this is necessarily what you will want to do, however I could only use 2 pills per day and my appetite went away completely because I simply did not wanted to eat… I mean, was eating nearly nothing at all and that’s even if I wanted to. I mean… it is obvious that you just don’t really want to starve yourself… however it is going to completely take out any appetite at all and you would barely feel any hunger. You are going to eat only because you know that you have to, pretty much as I do now. basically… I am able to wake up, to eat only a small healthy meal (because I don’t want to eat so I eat a bit and I try the food to be healthy) then take a pill approximately 6 or so hours later or when I am going to start to get hungry for the first time during the day (but it happens like 6 hours later or so) and so, then later I just don’t have absolutely any appetite and any wish to eat any food for the rest of the day until just the late during at night when the effects of the second pill start to wear off and after that I am eating another smaller meal just because I know I have to eat something. And yeah… obviously there are some other and different ways and methods to do all of this, however this is just the way that I have been doing it most recently and it is the way that works the best, or at very least it works the best for me which is why I recommend this method for everyone, but you obviously might disagree with me and do your own way. whatever the case, I love the most because the way I have done it – I have already lost and still losing a decent amount of weight. And I’m really happy. Being able to focus and concentrate with alertness in the time I feel and look better. Awesomeness if you ask me.