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hi all. I am not very sure if this is the proper thread to post this question in but if the mods think that it is not I have ask them that this thread be moved where it is the right place. so anyway, my question is about the ambien, zolpid zolpidem, is here somebody who has ever heard about this stuff from India? I am usually not trying to get the answers I need simply by coming and answering and waiting for the results… I did have tried to search about it myself so I have done all sorts of researches all over the web, however I am just not able to find anything and that's because the zolpid I am specifically talking about it is the short form of zolpidem so I am giving information only about zolpidem and not zolpid I need. and that's why I was hoping that maybe somebody can help and trying to see if these things I am talking about are real or if they are worth it to try over the zolfresh. of course the reason I ask this is that I want to place an order to and try them out, see if they are working well for me, but prior to thati want to know more info about it. thanks in advance for everything and I hope I will get something helpful.



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I am not very sure but all I can say is that there are a lot of places online where you can get the zolpidem even including brand name and that is why, if I would be you then I would not risk it… who knows what kind of thing you are going to get? you really think that it might be worth it?



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well, here's just a rule of thumb that applies to any drug out there… just listen to your gut… and by this I am trying to say: if you don't know anything about it, then simply do not attempt it. it is often not worth it.



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all I can tell you is that most of that zolpidem I have tried which I have got from India (because I was really curious to see how Indian one is going to work for me) did not worked well so I gave up on it. that stuff has given me some nasty gastritis as well as bad stomach pains the next morning which I did not liked at all. I am not very sure how it is going to work for you, but for me personally is surely is not worth it… but anyway, you can do as you wish…



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Wiferston said:
</p><p>all I can tell you is that most of that zolpidem I have tried which I have got from India (because I was really curious to see how Indian one is going to work for me) did not worked well so I gave up on it. that stuff has given me some nasty gastritis as well as bad stomach pains the next morning which I did not liked at all. I am not very sure how it is going to work for you, but for me personally is surely is not worth it… but anyway, you can do as you wish…</p><p>
</p><p> </p><p>oh wow! really?! that is  horrible, I am so sorry that such thing has happened to you… but mostly why I ask this is that I have never been able to find anything else than the Indian based IOPs and that is why I really want to know what country are you usually using yourself? I should say that I have been lucky enough to find a really really good one… in all the time that I have used it - I've got only one single problem one time, and even then it has been reshipped by them so in the end everything turned to be well on my side. but even so, I am still really interested in finding out what is good for you, I mean from which country you are ordering? I am wondering about this and interested in finding out about other options besides India due to the fact that I have often heard about lots of people who were complaining that they were having pretty bad experiences with the stuff that they were getting from India so I just want to have a plan B just in case to see which one is better. thanks in advance!</p>


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that's very strange that you can't find any other options than Indian based IOPs with zolpidem… I mean, you either have not searched it or I don't know and the reason why I tell you this is that a very simple search on google about zolpidem I have found at least 6 different sites, some of them Indian indeed, however there are some who are not. plus to that, I wouldn’t say that Indian IOPs are as bad as many people indeed talk about it. having one bad experience with one single IOP from a country you can't say that the entire country is not worth ordering from. you can have a bad experience from any other country IOP based. and I tell you this because I did have ordered ambien from India in the past with absolutely no problems so I do think that it can be worth it, just watch out for the IOP to be a trusted one.


what I can recommend you is to use the search function in different ways and in creative ways either. I why tell you this is that it can't be just handed to you, that's against the forum rules and that's for good reason, but even so, you are going to get there if you do it, I promise, you will!



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I do agree with the previous poster saying that Indian based IOPs are by far not as bad as people use to think about them. I tell you this from experience,  have ordered on a regular basis from an Indian site and I have never had absolutely no bad experiences or any issues with them, not with the payment, not with the delivery and surely never had any issues with the quality of the tablets either. in short, I've had only good experiences with the Indian based IOPs overall so finding a good reputable vendor is really worth it and I'm sure about that! I can say that yes, indeed, they may be a little bit less potent and strong than the branded Zimovane (but also let's take in consideration the prices for both), hwoever that is also the case if, as sometimes it has happened too, my Gp has prescribed the generic ones, so that's pretty much the same.


I have refused to have them from the pharmacy when I have been getting the prescription so they woud always give me the Zimovane now, and labeled me as a troublemaker most likely, but that's not such a big problem for me if you ask me.


re the indian ones though, surely they have been as good as the generic ones that I have had from the UK so I wouldn't doubt these things, I've experienced them myself and I know what I talk about. just check the prices, whenever you see something that it is most likely to good to be true then it is most likely to good to be true :D



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hey people, it seems to me that I am in the 'middle'. what I try to say is that I do agree with those who say that indian stuff can be really good (just as good as anywhere else online) but I do also agree with the other people who say that it can be risky in terms that you can get a sh*tty quality product. let me explain… the Indian stuff seems to be easier counterfeited these days (I have no idea, but there, they are not really controlling them very closely) and it seems that they start giving lots of problems to lots of people. having all of that said, I really have used to have some really good indian products in the past, but the problem is that it seems that I am not getting these 'good things' lately so that might be a problem. not trying to say that there isn't good products anymore, all I try to say is that it can be problematic to find that good stuff now.



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well, look… usually with the Indian vendors I personally am trying to stick only with Abbott and the other ones which do seemed their top 2. I mean, even the Old Timers are saying that they have been good and legit. unfortunately, I have forgot their names and I'm sorry about this, however I do believe that one of them has been called zolfresh? I've seen this zolfresh being mentioned here. but anyway, I completely agree with the previous poster and what he said… I mean, indeed, there are sometimes when fakes come out right away as well nowadays so it is a problem!


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well look, I am not going to try to tell you what you should do or what you shouldn't do, all I want to do is to share my experience with you… and my experience is that the last 3 times that I have ordered from India all of them has turned out to be… pretty bad, however they were in a quite strange way. I did have had 2 orders that have been counterfeit zolfresh (I do know it for sure) and then some strange brand which has been called zolt nite 10 in which there has been absolutely no zolpidem at all in it (which is why I strongly recommend to absolutely everybody to stay as far away from zolt nite 10 as possible). and then, the other fake zolfresh out there are in fact counterfeit, however at least, those ones do have at least some sort of zolpidem or mix of the who knows what in them, but they are at least able to mimic the approximate effects of the real zolpidem. that's because these ones actually do still have at least a similar action, as I said, to the true zolfresh out there, however they were not made by the Abbott. I mean… the exact same markings and packaging, however no 'film coating' as well as some different other discrepancies too, but anyway… at least something :D


as in regards for the very first question (main question, from as much as I have understood), no, unfortunately I personally have never even heard of the Zolpid and indeed, when searching for 'zolpid' I'm given zolpidem… however I did have tried to go more with it and to do an more extensive search as well with it and I did found something, something that isn't really good for you… what I am trying to say is that I would be really really wary of going through with that stuff. I would say that this 'zolpid' it is pretty much like the zolt nite 10 mg I described above.. a fake company which sell fake medication. stay away and stay safe, I would say… generally, this is a really big problem in India right now with all of this.



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Zolpid is fake and I am sure about this because I've seen it about half a year ago on and indian site which I've never heard of but it seemed to have good prices and it seemed to be 'reputable'. unfortunately I was wrong. I mean, I've placed my order with my cheap zolpidem - zolpid, and it did have got it, however when I've tried it I didn't got any experiences. I mean, absolutely nothing at all. that was the first night, then the second night I've tried 2 of them and still nothing. on the third night I said that I should do something for it to work so I have taken 5 pills (yes, 5 of them) at once and I've got absolutely no effect at all. and that should be taken in consideration that I am not having nearly any tolerance to zolpidem at all. I ended up with the conclusion that this, most likely, is chalk.