beard growth with medications?


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Hi there everyone. I have a rather strange question but I would really appreciate if someone could take it seriously an answer me… I am just curious if there is any of those medications out there that can lead to an increase in the facial hair growth? Again, I know is strange, but I am now 33 years old and I am still not able to grow a proper, full beard. This is annoying and it truly feels awkward… of course I do have a bit of facial hair, however only some patchy nonsense on my cheeks/ side burns. Plus to that, I am also suspecting that I might be having some low testosterone levels that may be at play here… I have never tried to check my T levels, but nearly everywhere I read something in regards to why I can’t grow a fully and proper beard at my age, I often see that low testosterone might be at play as testosterone is so important (the reason why men have facial hair – they have a lot of testosterone, and the reason why women do not – they are having only a bit of testosterone, and the reason why some men [like me] and some women [like I saw myself] do have a bit of facial hair – those men [like me] have too little T as a man and those women [like I saw myself] have too much T as a woman). Do you have any thoughts? Should I firstly go and check my T or there are meds that can help me with my beard growth? Thanks!



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hey there… you should know that medications that help to grow hair (on head) can actually stop/ reduce the growth of facial hair. Like for example, finasteride is known to help men to grow their head hair… however using finasteride may reduce the facial hair and that’s due to the fact that it is inhibiting the formation of the DHT, which is a powerful form of testosterone. That is why, please, before deciding what you take make a vast research because as you can see, what you might take, might reduce your facial hair and not helping it to grow. You may see finasteride a lot on hair loss drugs discussions and this may make you think that it would help you. So please don’t make mistakes. You should know that it is the reason men in rare cases are losing their libido or are increasing the increased breast size – finasteride, inhibiting the DHT is making them to grow hair, but also makes losing libido and increased breast size. In addition to that, in the hair loss drugs discussions all over the internet you might also often see a drug named Finasteride, this one does not increase or it does not promote more hair growth than you naturally are having. This one is just blocking the chemistry that is causing male pattern hair loss in the scalp. As for medications specifically designed to help with beard growth… I personally never heard of such… not sure if this means that it doesn’t exist or simply I haven’t heard of it. whichever the case, if you do have low testosterone then this can cause much more and much bigger health issues than just reduced facial hair (such as no sex drive, depression, unable to gain muscles, no manliness etc. etc.) that is why, if you suspect suffering from low testosterone levels then that’s going to be a good idea to go to a doctor and check it (and if you do have it, to try to elevate your testosterone levels to normal levels under the doctor’s supervision as this might give you beard growth but most importantly, it might save you from those other serious health issues). I wish you good luck and hopefully this is going to be helpful for you.



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In fact, I think that this is a good question… I do think that there might be a few of the ladies that would really like to find an answer to this question as well… so in this way to know what NOT to take in order to make them grow a beard! And yeah… AnxietyHate, please, no offence meant to you (no sarcasm or stupid jokes), as I said, I do think that it is actually a good question.



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I’ve reached a moment where I got really tired of shaving so I stopped doing it for a few months and so I obviously grew quite a big beard in this time… I have noticed that no medications are making my beard grow any more or any less than it usually does, generally I haven’t noticed any changes in my beard growth regardless of what I take/ eat/ do etc. it is just something independent from everything rest, lol. the only thing I notice is that it has only changed color down the years (I guess as every other men notices, lol). however, what’s really annoying me is the hairs that growing out of my nose, this kind of hair really annoys me and I would like to make it stop, but I know I can’t.



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Hello there OP, if you’ve truly made a research about this online I guess you already read that beard growth patterns are usually hereditary so it all depends on your genetics. does your father or, if you have any brothers, have thick stubble?


You should know that there are testosterone supplements that are available out there and they may increase your beard’s potential because as you know and as you said in your post, testosterone makes your beard grow, however I am wary of things like this, but that’s just me… in case you are being genetically pre disposed to hair loss on your head then such kind of supplements if taken may speed this up making you lose your hair sooner. Of course I don’t know what’s your situation, however I just think that this might very well be a case of ‘robbing Peter in order to pay Paul’…


But anyway, on the upside (and as an analogy) my brother is the same age as you are and as you, he also cannot grow a proper beard. All he has are just a few straggly bits on the chin and sideburns – quite the same as you. The good news is that it gives an outlook of youthfulness, I mean when men like you have such thing it purveys a certain youthfulness and this is making my brother look a lot more years younger than he really is so this is often good, if you ask me.


Think about this for a second… maybe it is having the exact same effect for you but you don’t actually realize it? sometimes this is very good because looking much younger than you actually are IMO is something amazing and it’s always good.



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Well, I one did have heard of some men out there that were (or still are, of course I am not sure) using Rogaine in order to help with their beards to grow bigger (maybe faster too, not sure). As for the Finasteride I haven’t actually heard to be used for this purpose, only Rogaine and I guess the reason why only Rogaine and not Finasteride was explained earlier by someone else here. Let’s assume that Rogaine does works in order to make you grow a full beard (not trying to say that it will help you, I’m just assuming) would you still think about using it? I mean, the obvious and big problem with these medications is that you just have to keep on using them more and more for them to work as you are going to lose all your progress in case you are gonna stop them so what’s the point? And not to mention their side effects either… the money you lose and I am not sure how about the permanent damages it might have on you. Even if you find out that Rogaine does works to grow your beard, please think about it again.



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In fact, there are a lot of channels and videos and etc. on YouTube about using the Rogaine (minoxidil) as the main ingredient for the facial hair growth… I personally can grow hair only on my neck, chin and jawline for the most part, however I am missing the lower part of the check so that’s not the ‘full beard’. Yeah, I do realize very well that it is not anything horrible and after a year it looks somewhat passable. However, there’s my twin that can grow a full beard, pretty much like a Viking beard, something I’ve never been able to. So, I guess there is no need for me to mention that I am a little bit of jealous on him for being able to grow that Viking beard, but I guess that most likely I’m jealous because of my lack of ‘manhood’. At this point right now, to be honest, I am not actually sure at all how did the genetics have worked that out. and so, of course there was one day when I got really curious about finding out answers…. I have googled beard serums then and then later I have came across this minoxidil stuff which, from as much as I could read, it has been used to be a blood pressure medication in the past. from doing that research I have seen that the outstanding side effect has been the hair growth. didn’t take long for creams and whatnot to be produced. I am not actually sure if I am going to go through with it or no, however I think that I am most likely going to shave my facial hair down in the summer and I am going to give it a shot. What’s the worst that could happen at all… I am not very sure but I can guess that you can find minoxidil products for some super cheap prices. However, the only problem that so far I seem to have is the length of application which should be longer than half a year as much as I know… it is depending on who you are talking to but at least that’s what I’ve read online. And yeah, one last thing that I’ve gotta say here is that from as much as I have read is that in case it is not being tapered down then you are going to lose the gains so better be careful when trying to discontinue.



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Well, I one have been using Rogaine 2 times per day on my eyebrows and I’ve been doing this hoping and trying of thickening them. I have started doing it roughly in the beginning of this year (8 months ago) and in all these months I’ve been following the instructions exactly the way that I have been recommended to do and always tried to do it exactly the way it should… however my eyebrows still does not seem to get any thicker yet… not sure if this is something that I want to see or there may be some new hairs, but even if there truly are some, there’s absolutely nothing significant at all so this makes me wonder if it’s ever going to work. Gotta mention here that I have been used to have thick eyebrows in the past, however after I have been diagnosed to have hypothyroid, my eyebrows have thinned out and that’s super annoying, that’s why I would like to get them the way they used to be in the past.


As for the rogaine for beard growth this could be pretty much tricky due to the fact that you must apply it 2 times per day and you are being supposed, as much as I know, to let it stay on your skin for a while. This is the reason why most likely, as much as I can see it, you are going to need to apply it after washing your face, and just in case you are going to wash your face more than just 2 times a day then, as much as I think of it, you are going to most likely need to reapply it every single time you’ve washed your face. Not trying to say that this is such a terrible problem but I think that it can be a little bit annoying.



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I wouldn’t actually go for any medications that supposedly can make your beard grow. I am not even sure if there are such kind of medications but even if there are, I imagine they should be full of side effects and risks. So better, in my opinion, to stay out. but anyway, first of all I should have said that you need to know that there are several factors that are influencing the facial hair growth speed and the amounts of it. as you have already been said, I also think that it can be up to your genes, however there are a lot of other things. Like other diseases, illnesses, do you exercise or not and in fact, it could be even the consequence of simply a bad diet. Again, there are a lot of things which should be ruled out. but resorting to meds is a bad idea in my opinion.