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Hello there all. I would really appreciate if some of you could help. I am a 19 years old guy and I would like to get some of your sex tips. I perfectly know that I am not an expert when it comes to sex and this is the reason why I really wanted to get some recommendations/ advices from you on the best way that I could please a woman. I guess that I have this ‘anxiety’ of how to please a woman because I’m going out with a much older woman than I am and therefore I perfectly know that since she’s more experienced, I have to ‘learn’ faster to please her ‘properly’. I often thought that if I would be with a girl of my age, inexperienced, then I might not be this anxious of finding out how to please her, since she doesn’t know how to do it correctly either. But now, as I said, I am going out with this older woman and it is not a secret at all that she’s a much more experienced person when it comes to sex. And so, as much as you can see, I just really want to know how and what’s the best method of pleasing her in bed. I really want to learn and I will if someone’s willing to help me. I am just afraid that she is going to think she’s going out with some kid like me who has no idea what he’s doing. definitely don’t want this to happen. Anyone who might give me any advice on this, please help. I will appreciate all your responses!



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Oh, I find it so so sweet and generally I really think that she’s lucky to have you… a person who is truly thinking of how to please his partner and not only own persona that’s amazing! well, the first thing that I need to tell you here is that you should remember that every woman is very different so it is impossible to say what your partner preferences are. There are some women who like it to have it gentle, there are some other women who wants and likes it rough but there are others who like it both ways, depending on circumstances, her mood etc. etc. if you truly want to please her in bed then you need to find out first what kind of sex she likes the most. Does she likes it gentle or rough, or maybe you could find out that it depends on the situation what kind of sex she likes at the moment. Every person is different, every woman is different. There are people with different preferences so obviously these preferences are different in bed too. I personally gotta admit that I like it on the kinky side more. For me it is more fun when we are getting to play around in bed for a little bit. However I just told you what I like more, it definitely doesn’t mean that your partner likes it this way too. She might, but she also might be into something else more. Exactly as you discover what her preferences in food are, the same you find out what are her preferences in bed. So if your gf doesn’t like Asian food, you can’t bring her Asian food, you bring her for example European food, the same way here, if your gf doesn’t like it gentle, then you don’t have gentle sex with her. And so on and so forth. you need to find out that firstly and then go from there. I really hope this is going to be helpful a little bit. Best of luck!



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Hey there OP, I am 25 years old and exactly as you, I have also went out with a much older woman so I do know what you are feeling and going through. One thing that I have learned about women and that I know for sure that is true and that it applies to all women is that you need to pay attention to them and their own preferences. I mean, if you met a girl for a year and then you broke up you obviously know her preferences. Then you start meeting another girl – everything starts from the very beginning as they can be different and you shouldn’t apply same ‘methods’ to both those girls. It is very true what has been said that women are very different. So each women you need to ‘discover’ from the very beginning. Now, in my opinion, what you need to do is to pay attention to your woman and discover her own preferences. They really like it when you are treating them well and that you are very attentive to their needs (even if their needs, sometimes, are very strange). and so, the same applies here with sex. There are women who like to dominate in bed and there are women who want to be dominated in bed. There are lots and different situations because there are lots and different women. This is why you need to be thoughtful on what you are doing to them. There is not the ‘best way’ to please women. However there is indeed a ‘best way’ to please A woman. I mean, you can’t find the best way to please all women since they are all different, but you can discover your woman and therefore find what the best way to please her is.


I have to say that it is quite easy to see if they like what you are doing. you need to take notice of that and keep on doing it if she likes it, and maybe just try to improve your technique. The same way it is easy to notice if they don’t like what you are doing and obviously stop doing that. However, one thing that seemingly all of them like (at least all my girlfriends that I have been with) is when I go down on them. All of them seem to like it. I just lick and lick until they are gripping the sheets…. And then later when they are finally reaching their orgasms, that is when I enter in them, and they really seem to love it a lot. That’s just a ‘hit’ as you asked that you could try and see if she loves it or not. And yeah, one sure is that none of them likes to have a one minute sex. They just ‘warm’ up and you already finished. I don’t actually think that there are women who like a ‘one minute’ sex and that’s why you need to try lasting longer during sex. Here I should say that it would help if you would masturbate regularly. Or at very least, I have noticed that this helps me. like for example, if I haven’t had sex in some days and I do not masturbate then I won’t last enough. Don’t overdo it either, as your buddy won’t get up. At least that’s what happened to me. and so far, I haven’t met a woman who loved when my buddy didn’t get up. I hope that this is going to be at least a little bit helpful to you in pleasing your woman. Good luck with it.



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Hello there donnie. I can tell you that I have gone out with different types of women and I can say with certitude that each one of them are having their own preferences when it is coming to sex. As it was said, they are all different, but it seems to me that they are even more different when it comes to sex. You asked for the ‘best way to please a woman’ and to be honest, based on my experience I have, the foreplay it is an very important and big factor when it comes down to please a woman! We all know that to arouse a man it is very easy, all it takes us is to see a naked woman, however unlike us, women need to take some time and some good foreplay to get them aroused and to please them. That is why, when it comes to sex, you really have to be patient if you really want to please her. Fondle her gently and she’s gonna like it. if she won’t she would tell you. Then lick her, and suck her clit, all of them like it. they are going crazy when you are doing that and trust me she’s gonna like it too, if you are doing it right.


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Well… now that I see someone mentioning about the clit… you should know that it is not something that should be sucked too early, or too hard, or too gently or too rough etc. etc. you’ve gotta find the ‘sweet spot’ but you shouldn’t overdo it as it is sensitive down there for us and there are sometimes when too much stimulation can cause some pains so that’s obviously not good at all. being so sensitive you need to be careful because causing pains down there is a complete turn off.


Something interesting to ya’ is that I personally I am not that much into cunnilingus but on the other hand, I do not mind to give head to my man so that might sound strange, but that’s the way I’m into. I really like when my bf is tenderly kissing me on the lips and after that he’s slowly taking my clothes off. I feel super aroused when he does that. In addition to that, I really like a lot when he is gently touching me all over, this arouses me even more. Generally, I’m more like a romantic person or I don’t know… I one do lie gently love with my lover, however this is just me, there are other women who like it the same way I do but there are other women who likes it rough and others even rougher. This is all very different so as it was said, you need to find out what does she likes firstly.



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Oral sex, that’s true, you should do it to her. There are women who love it and there are other women who love it a bit less, but they all love it. just lay her down on the bed gently and gently spread her legs apart. Just start it slowly, give her time to get aroused and be wet. When they are aroused they love it even more. She’s gonna get crazy if you’re gonna do it alright. Move your tongue over the folds of her vagina slowly and gently. It’s like the ultimate thing you’ve gotta do to arouse her. Then you need to use the tip of your tongue in order to stimulate her clitoris, they all love it. we love it! I’m a woman and I do know what I am talking about. In addition to that, you can also try to do it by using your finger in order to stimulate her clitoris in the time your tongue is doing some licking there as most of us like it even more. Anyway, as I said, at least I personally love this way of oral sex and I really do get crazy when my bf is doing it, I love it a lot!



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From my experience I should say that in any relationship, the communication is very and very important! if you are going to have enough communication you are going to discover each other more and more and therefore you are going to find out how you can please each other more and more. That is why, go and ask her what does she likes or if you are not keen on talking to her about it because it is obvious that there are situations in which you just can’t do it (depending on the relationship etc. etc.) then you’ve just got to pay attention to her reaction on the things that you are doing to her and see if she likes them or not and how much does she likes them or not. Expressions and body language are talking a lot you just need to ‘hear’ them. You’ve gotta look very closely at their expression and at their body language and so in this way you are going to know for sure what turns her on and you need to do that and what turns her off and what you should not do! Find out each other by communicating!