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Hey there everyone, please help me in regards to Bitcoin… I need Bitcoin information and I would appreciate any of your helpful answers… I am more interested concerning purchasing the Bitcoins. Trust me I have already spent a lot of hours on how to easily do it, I have been searching lots and lots of information in regards to this…. I just need to know some easy ways (or one) on how to buy Bitcoins in UK, with a credit card. Please help me… is here anyone who can recommend me just a simple and easy method that I can do it? That I can buy Bitcoins in the UK… please. Reason I ask is that there are some companies that want you to register and to provide in depth information about your passports and utility bills either. In addition to that, they are also charging very commission rates and I obviously don’t like this. I also want to say… please, just do not refer me to the Google once again as I do know that many are going to do so… that’s not gonna help me because I am just keep on going round in circles without finding out anything new and nothing really helpful for me. And yeah, google it is by far not always your friend, I know for sure, believe this or not…. You just can’t find ANYTHING you need by googling although you can find a lot. So, as a conclusion… I am just search for a simple straightforward, as well as low commission method of purchasing Bitcoins… I thought that it would be easier, but it is just a nightmare finding such information… so please… anyone, can you help with this? Thanks to all in advance who are willing to help me, I appreciate a lot!



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Well… I am not sure how to help you but I just want to say that I am buying my bitcoins from a local bitcoin by bank transfer… I honestly think that it just cannot get any more simpler than this… you don’t have one? Where are you living? In case you are living somewhere in a big city then from as much as I know, there are dealers, and most often they are found in Starbucks, if you do meet one then you can buy cash. Very easy.


I must say that I did have had to verify my identity which I have done with a redacted copy of my passport, what I am trying to say is that I stuck post it’s over the passport number. Then later, they want to confirm you are a real person and that is why, the name on the password there must coincide with the name that the bank transfer is coming from. Not sure if that’s good for you and not sure if you can do it at all but that’s the way I buy bitcoins and that’s what it is for… good luck!



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Hello there OP, have you ever tried coinbase? I assume you have seen this while searching information on it because it is one of the most popular things concerning bitcoins buy/ sell. Anyway… if you don’t know about it then you should know that you can buy bitcoin with a credit card or with a debit card if your card is supporting 3D Secure and it is very easy. However, I can tell you from my experience… you are going to be able to purchase a limited amount only without verifying your identity… it makes me feel like you did have found about coinbase but this is exactly the reason why you’re not happy with it, isn’t it true? But if not then it is generally a good stuff.



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Hi. I would also recommend you coinbase too. That’s because they are not charging you any outrageous amounts (since you are basically getting around 0.90 $ for every $1.00 instead of getting anywhere between like $ 0.70 to about $ 0.80 for every  $1.00 if you are choosing to go anywhere else on other trading sites and plus to that, you really do not need to worry about getting ripped off unlike other trading sites. Coinbase is surely not a rip off but you don’t know about other sites. Especially if they are giving you more than $ 0.90 for a $ 1.00. also I must mention here that from as much as I have noticed, there is everybody who raves about localbitcoins, however, so far, I have already been ripped off 2 times out of the total of 3 times that I have used it. In short I would say that unless you are living somewhere in a big city where you could meet with somebody in person then I would really recommend you to stay only with coinbase or maybe even with Paxful, but not with anything else.


I say about Paxful because it is another site that is indeed charging a lot (it charges a lot, as I have said earlier, for every dollar you get around 70 or 80 cents only), however I still think that it is a really good thing because you can know that you shouldn’t be worried about getting ripped off there either. And yeah… I’ve gotta say that yes.. most of those sites (around 90% or maybe even more) are requiring you to send them a photo of your ID and basically an agreement signed in blood or something like that…


however this is just the way that the bitcoin game is going on… the reason why they need all of that information is because of all those scammers…. If there were not so SO many scammers that have no honesty at all out there, then trust me there wouldn’t be all this hassle with your identity and information. I am selling myself some small amounts of BTC on eBay, and asked for photo ID’s and I have received more than 50-60 messages that were calling me being a scammer who has been trying to get their picture ID in order to steal their identity… I didn’t even had such a thought… in fact, I have even got some negative feedback from 2 persons who were very angry at me when I have not sent their bitcoins and I have refunded back their money! I can tell you that in the comment feedback they said something as: *beware scammers… it is asking for photos and for personal information, it is very possible an identity thief*. However, if they would take at least a few seconds of their precious time and would have read the description then it is very clearly stating that I am going to cancel any transaction to absolutely anyone who is not going to provide a proper ID. I have since started to verify the buyers by matching their information on the eBay to the information on the PayPal and I have them send a message from both the places. It does seems like the buyers are more comfortable with this.


Even though, to be honest, I don’t really understand why because if I really really wanted to steal anybody’s ID, I can get their name, their address as well as phone number right off from the eBay and PayPal when they are making a purchase. And also, nowadays, most of the people are also having a photo of themselves on the PayPal as well! That’s super strange to me because I can’t understand what’s the differences when I am asking for that information or I am just finding that information myself without asking…


anyway… I am going to stop with my rant here… what I am trying to say here is that there is absolutely nothing that it is anonymous on the internet and you will be making a mistake thinking that it actually is. And also… there will always be a lot of scammers out there and that’s especially when you are trying to deal with bitcoin. If you ask me what’s my preferred method: I am looking through the ads on the localbitcoins and I am finding somebody who is close to me that I am able to meet in person. This is and I am sure this will remain the best method! Usually this is gonna cost you anywhere between like 5 or 10%, however, the good thing is that there is virtually no risk being involved which is why it is the best method… however, if you are living somewhere in the middle of NOWHERE as I do then that’s gonna be a little bit problematic. Being in a big city it would be good, but for me, I just end up having to drive around 2 or so hours in order to meet with the closest person to me and that’s just annoying as my entire day is spent on this... 2-3 hours there and back plus an hour there….



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You can buy Bitcoins easily with credit/debit cards or ACH transfers:​

First, Sign up for a Bitcoin Wallet​

Before you buy Bitcoin, you must first download a Bitcoin wallet from a site such as or or localbitcoins. You will be required to fill out an online form with basic details, which should not take more than two minutes.