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hey there everyone… I know this sounds like a real cruel title but that's what I am going through… my daughter has cancer and my life isn't any less cruel… we are currently in treatment and we are going to be finished shortly. but I still wanted to ask you guys… is there anything out there that it is working other than the treatments that is being administered by the hospital? I mean, I did have heard of some people saying that there are other treatments that are exactly as  helpful for some.


one very important reason why I'm so interested no in this is that there is somebody who has told me about the Stanley brothers and how they had genetically have changed a plant in order to produce fiore gab and so they are having some quite good and positive results while using that plant that I talk about. there is more information about this online. is there anybody else who is having any alternative stuff for me that they know that are being effective in fighting off with cancer? have you or some of your loved ones ever used those methods? what are they are how they helped? side effects? generally, I would like to know as much as possible about any cancer treatments, any little detail… as you can understand, I am a desperate parent who is ready to do anything just to get rid of the cancer that my daughter has… please. there's nothing too risky, too expensive or whatever. if it works, please share. I would do anything! thank you in advance!


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I only wanted to say that I am really really sorry to hear about your daughter fighting with cancer. I really wish she's gonna get rid of it. I only wanted to say this and that's it… unfortunately I am not having any other ideas of what you can do.. no methods or anything… generally I am very sorry that I can't help you with anything because I am not having any answers to your question, however I decided to at least send you some good thoughts if that would make you/ your daughter feel a bit better. definitely gonna pray for her. all I know about cancer is that I have had a friend whose daughter als had cancer and I know that they just fought it a very long time and also using different experimental things too. but I can't remember any details as her cancer type which it has been very rare or what they have been doing about it… as you can understand, I was trying not to really bring this topic up… pretty much as everyone else. but anyway, as I said, I really hope that your daughter is going to be fine, I wish her all the best and I do hope and pray that she is gonna get healed as soon as possible. children with cancer is one of the devil's best creations…



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Strien hi. first and foremost I must say that I am extremely sorry to hear you daughter is having cancer and that she's is undergoing treatment which, I suppose that it is not really effective since you're searching for other methods? which makes me be even more sorry…


I just wanted to ask… I have not been completely sure (couldn't really understand it) from your post if you were referring to the Stanley Brothers of Colorado who were running a Marijuana dispensary or maybe of some other brothers and something else? if that's so, I am going to send you a privately a link (it is against the forum rules to post links here) which I really hope it would be helpful and which MIGHT be what you are trying to refer to in your post.


also wanted to say that you have not mentioned what type of cancer your daughter is being treated for which I assume you know that it is extremely important to know such kind of information before trying to help people on giving advices how to deal with cancer. so, unless you share that information, it is a bit difficult to be specific. also, please you must know that if you are referring to those brothers that I have mentioned above then the genetically modified marijuana that they are producing has been used in order to treat a very rare seizure disorder. well, this product's only possible benefit concerning the cancer might be that it is only alleviating some of the side effects of the chemotherapy or the radiation that is being caused in the time that the patients are undergoing the treatment for cancer. what I am trying to say is that, unfortunately, the Stanley Brothers of Colorado who were running a generally modified Marijuana dispensary were have not found a cure for cancer as their 'plant' is just alleviating the side effects and it is in no way curative…


also… I must say that I cannot even possible imagine how sad, hard and frustrating it must be to watch your child undergo cancer treatment, however… I do work with many patients with terminal cancers and while that's by far not the same, I do have some ideas. first thing here is… I would caution and recommend you very strongly to be very and very skeptical of anyone and anywhere that it is promoting an 'alternative cancer treatment'. sadly… there are a great number of people who are preying on patients and on families desperate for hope when they are facing cancers of absolutely all types who are, in effect, modern day 'snake oil salesmen'. I must tell you that the alternative or the supplemental treatments that are IN ADDITION to the current (nowadays) standards or care for cancer treatments may be beneficial and you also should feel free to explore such complementary protocols, in case it is appropriate to do so. but what's EXTREMELY important to mention is that anyone who is pretending that they are having any kind of an 'unique, magical, 100% proof or whatever' cure for cancer that it is not being available or it is not acceptable to 'western medicine' you must know that it is either a fraud, an incompetent or a liar…


having that said, the National Cancer Institute it is most likely your best resource for finding experimental clinical trials for new treatments as well as a comprehensive resource for all of those things that are being related to cancer. if I would be in your shoes, I would start there and I would use them as a guide for what it is possible and vs what it is hucksterism. I mean, I am pretty sure that you are going to find a lot of very good information there. I really hope that you are going to find the resources, treatment and outcomes that you are in need for throughout this entire process… which I personally do know very well that it can be very scary, it can be really frustrating and overall very depressing! but you must do it and you know it better than others. and you will.


but in the end, I must tell you… please remember the following: if there is somebody, anyone had a 'cure' for cancer, they would be marketing it at some UNBELIEVABLE high prices at the Nations Best Hospitals. anyone who might somehow really have a 'cure' for cancer, National Cancer Institute, Nations Best Hospitals are only very few who would give IMMENSE money for sharing it… so, if they are not, the only reason would be the fact that they understand very well (I mean, they KNOW IT) that what in fact they are peddling it is surely not a cure for cancer, but only some kind of false hope (for big money). in my opinion, it is being morally reprehensible…  in the end I just want to say that I really do wish you well, to both you and your daughter. but I also must say that I hope you will think very carefully before you are going to be making any drastic decisions regarding our daughter's treatment. you understand better than me how much depends on this!


Strien… I'm just so so sorry, that's so sad… my prayers are going out to you and to, of course, your daughter, which I really hope would get God's strength to get through this. I have searched up for some kind of alternative 'possible' treatments and I am going to share the links with your privately if you would tell me to do so (because I can't post here since it is against the forum rules). trust me, I have tried to find the most credible sources. not all type of sh*t! my 24 years old daughter it is currently being tested for a possible cervical cancer and… of course… we are all being horrified and absolutely scared of the possible results… I am really hope a lot that those links might be helpful to you and your daughter or at least they would lead you to that something that will be helpful. whatever the case, once again, my prayers and hugs are all going to your daughter, to you and to your entire family… I imagine how hard and as it is…


but you know… I wanted to say… I do remember reading about a pastor that has cured himself of colon cancer somewhere in the 70s or so by just using carrot juice… I'm sorry… I surely can't remember his name or the entire protocol… can't help you with much… however I just do remember it mainly being carrot juice… this made its way on my head. anyway… I just have read so so much on the possible alternative cures now… all since my daughter has told me what it is going on with her and generally… I am pretty skeptical, however I am still searching due to the fact that I have my reservations about chemo therapy either. but I'm all wish you… I do realize that it is just such a difficult, such a scary, personal choice and trust me… I truly wish your daughter the best… since I think of my daughter that might be suffering from it too… only the thoughts are petrifying… but I imagine the reality is even worse.



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I'm very and very sorry to hear about your daughter… I don't know you, but I just know that no parent should be suffering from this kind of pain knowing that your children is having cancer… unfortunately, I am having no other cures or any other answers than just the natural green plant of the earth that it is being given (provided, better to say) by the Stanley Brother in Colorado, Garofalo, however I just know that it is quite difficult nowadays to search for some doctors to allow that and pain medications at least in my situations, but I am lucky that I do not have cancer myself. anyhow, I must say that I really do believe in the power of prayer myself.


however, what I do know myself very well is that the loss of a child can harden the heart… I know it, unfortunately, from first hand… I wish you all good luck!