Cortisone injections in my heel

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Hi all. I am having plantar fasciitis and so I am getting cortisone injections in my heel but these things hurt EXTREMELY much. It feels like I’ve touched the hell. I’m currently due for another shot in my left heel but I’m now getting to the breaking point as, I can nearly feel it. I did have had a nice week off from work after being given a prednisone dosepak for my sciatica problems, however that’s has already worn off and I am currently back to the horrible heel pain once again as I said, I can’t resist it anymore and I start approaching the breaking point.


Is here anybody else who has had chronic plantar fasciitis? Or maybe you know someone who does. I would really like to find out whether is there a light at the end of the tunnel with these problems? What did you (or whoever else who suffers/ suffered from it) has done? Or you are thinking that I am currently looking at a lifetime of these excruciating injections that I will need to get?


Needless to mention that I have tried a lot of other things out there, however they are useless… the NSAIDs right now are like tic tacs, they don’t even touch a bit this pain anymore…



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Oh yeah, I do understand what you’re going through right now because I did have had a really bad case of plantar fasciitis myself after running my very first marathon on what was an less optimal preparation. Even though it has taken me 3 months in order to fully recover from it, I can suppose that it has only been an acute case and that’s it. keeping off my feet as much as it is possible and also rolling my foot on a frozen water bottle really seemed to help me… however the problem is that since you are getting the injections it does sounds like your case it is being more severe than mine and that’s why I am thinking that I might not fully understand through what kind of pains you’re actually getting right now. having this said, I find it hard to offer an advice and that’s why I won’t unfortunately, however I really do wish you all the best of luck in your recovery and I’m having big hopes that you aren’t going to be facing a lifetime of those painful injection. Also, for how long you have been dealing with all of this?


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Hey there and thank you very much for your supportive words and for trying to help, although, as you said, you don’t have much advice to offer. As for answering your question… I am currently (and already and unfortunately) at the one year mark right now… and yeah, as you, I also used to be a runner too, however I have then got a horrible case of shin splits and so, obviously, I stopped to run and so, I kind of let myself go since then. So well, in order to tell you all the long story: I have got married, I have got pregnant and I have got a job, obviously I haven’t actually had the time to run. Right now I am only going to gym as much as I just can. I am currently double jointed, and this is a misnomer for the hypermobile. All of my ligaments are currently super stretchy… they are so stretchy that I am able to bend over my knees straight and to put both of my hands flat on the floor and that’s really easily for me to do. I am able to bend all of my fingers and thumbs back a lot, so much that I am able to touch my wrist with them. and I am able to put both of my feet behind my head with no problem… and by the way, my husband really likes the fact that I am able to put both my feet behind my head, LOL :D


My feet are only taking the tool right now due to the fact that my ligaments are just so so loose, that the plantar fasciitis strain to support my weight and the muscles that are surrounding them are becoming inflamed. And so, this is why I am getting the injections once every 3 months for each of my foot…. Every single injection is lasting like 3 months and the doctor said that he is not going to inject both my feet on the same visit, he said that there needs to be some time in between the injections and there’s approximately a week or so between these foot injections I get… if this is making any sense at all… anyhow… it will have been longer than only 3 months this time thanks to the prednisone that I have been using for sciatica not so long ago… anyway, I am still hoping to get some help and advises here.



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oh wow… you’re also??? I am also double jointed and been thinking there isn’t another one here on the forum. I am still able to put legs over my head. But you know… it comes in handy I tell you what… or at least in order to surprise somebody. You’ve got to get better IMO, you are being double jointed… that is a fine art, honestly, I tell you what.



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Hi OP… first off I must say that I’m very sorry for everything that you had to endure. As you, I’ve got it too compounded with heel spurs on both of my feet and I know about what kind of pain and what kind of hell you are going through first hand from experience… and although I really do not want to discourage you, I still must tell you that I, unfortunately, haven’t found the light at the end of the tunnel either but I have big hopes that we are going to find it together. As I said, I did have had the injections that you are talking about and yeah, I do know very well that they hurt A LOT but you know… they have never actually helped me at all… I did have had customized orthotics which was created for me by my podiatrist back in the time when I have had insurance and I can tell you that these things does helps, however they are only preventing the pain from becoming even more severe and that’s it, I mean, you’re still going to be in pain, sadly… well, I have been said that I am going to need like 3 surgeries in order to repair the damage out there. as for now, everything that I am able to do it is to treat the pain and I think that this is what you’ve got to do either.


The recommendation that you have been given above written by someone else about the frozen water bottle it does help you to give at least a little bit of a relief so you could try it out.. in addition to that I would recommend you to try searching in google the *fit flops*. Start searching and reading. You’re going to see that the soles of this brand are created in order to help those people with this affliction and they are very and very comfortable and very good to the feet… in case you do know of anything else out there that is going to work for you (or maybe you already found some) then please, just let me know about it too. As for now… this is pretty much everything that I can say…


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Pinkmewow, thanks for replying… think of all the money that we could make from a *women specific of online pharmacy reviews forum* calendar, LOL. I am pretty sure that we could make an entire fortune! I don’t actually think that the guys are going to complain about all of that either, LOL. we’re surely some sexy milfs out here :D
Michelle7878 thanks very much for your replying and for trying to help me, I really appreciate every single word and every recommendation that you’ve written up there… so well, based on all of that and everything else :D here we go:


First off: I do have the 400 dollars custom orthotics (the insoles for my tennis shoes) and so I do know what you’re talking about but there’s a big problem… I absolutely hate them…


Secondly: I do love the frozen water bottle trick and I do apply it myself, however you shouldn’t forget that this is only helpful (medium helpful if it’s medium at all) for only at night. That’s because I find it logical that in the morning you want to warm up the muscles and not to make them be cold… but yeah, there’s a sure thing that at the end of an achey and really long day, there’s indeed nothing better than just rolling a frozen water bottle under each foot. Needless to mention that I’m doing it often. However you just need to make sure that you are doing this at the side of the bed or on a chair that’s next to the bed. you surely shouldn’t put weight on the plantar fascia after icing it or you’re definitely going to regret doing it :D


Third thing is… the best trick it is to stretch out your feet before you’re getting out of the bed. I recommend you to sit on the edge of the bed or maybe on a chair right next to the bed and just roll your foot around in order to stretch the ankle and Achilles tendon. After that, with one hand you’ve got to hold your toes back and then with the other hand to massage the ligament all along the bottom of your foot. I suggest you to do this for each foot before you’re going to put absolutely ANY weight on your feet. It is a burden… I do know it very well… but it is still currently a part of my every day morning routine and so I recommend you too because trust me or not but it does makes a very huge difference for me.


Fourth… I am wearing Birkenstock sandals around the house and recommending you too because they are excellent arch support, and plus they also custom mold to your feet after a short period of time so that’s very good. I am not getting out of my bed without putting these things on… I mean, right after messaging my feet I put them on and I put them on just to go to pee… as I said, I don’t step out of bed without them.


Fifth… the injections… you know…. The cortisone injections are, so far, the only stuff out there which is actually making the pain to disappear completely, without any traces of pain. but the problem is that they are not infinite… as I said earlier in my posts, they are only lasting 3 months for each of my foot… at least for me (maybe for someone else they are working shorter/ longer, I don’t know).


Sixth thing is… if presuming that you are not on anything else out there I should say that prescription strength ALEVE is definitely working the best, as far as the OTC medications go. This is anywhere like 500 mg of naproxen sodium. But if I am out of this then I am taking 800 mg of the motrin (which is ibuprofen). Anyhow, right now I am on some other medications for my back problem and that is why, I do not need these right now.


The seventh thing it is the night splints which I have not yet tried and I have to do this… in fact, this was my plan as this is my next step… I’m talking about keeping my foot splinted/ straight, and toes back at night in the time that I’m sleeping. I did have tried, of course, to read what other people are saying about it firstly, however I’ve read that they got mixed results while using them and so I’m actually sure what result I should expect myself…


Last thing here… the surgery… my doc also wants to perform a fascia release surgery either…. However, I am being really concerned about the risk that this is not going to resolve the underlying issue and only the symptom which is surely not enough. But you know… I would honestly consider and think about this more seriously in case I didn’t have to be off my feet for like 5 weeks afterwards but since there IS such a requirement… no thanks… I am having a house, a job and husband and a child. They all need my feet.


So that’s pretty much everything that I wanted to say here. I am sorry if this is too long already and I am sorry if I have missed out something. I probably missed out something as I can feel it but anyway, if I did I am going to come back and update. Maybe this will be of some help for somebody.