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hello everyone! I am a new member in this forum and i have a concern, i hope that someone can help me in this. What i would like to understand if it is safe or not buying medicine online, wheter people can safely buy online or it is better to go to a local pharmacy. Actually nowadays there are more and more people buying online, but there are a lot of counterfeit medicines around the net. Anyone experienced to get one fake medicine??thanks again!



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Hy Adata34! Welcome to our forum, hope it is a place where you can get useful info. Well, first of all, buying medicines online is like buying anything else over the net, you need to be careful and to make sure you give your money to trustworthy sources. There are good as well as fake sites that sell crap. Best for you to do is a little research and decide which site is more appropriate to you. As you have already seen, there's a top available on our forum with lots of online pharmacies, the good part is that there are lots of reviews that might help you in taking a decision. You could start from there.

Also, you may directly contact the sites for more questions. Hope that will help! Take care:)



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I personally prefer to order from domestic sources, i'm from uk so I always buying from an european pharmacy. before ordering try to find out the name of the medicine you are buying and do a research in google for this type of medicine, i'm sure you'll find some helpful info about that drug.



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i also buy medications online. I have had some negative experience with certain online pharmacies, but that was another era, very few reviews sites etc. Now there's a different story, there are tons of review sites where you just need to do a little research, like the guys says. Even if you think you have already found the perfect store, don't place big orders…there are no perfect businesses… and you could lose a lot. Always place a first small order and see how things work out. Good luck!



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hi adata34! I was scammed two times by online pharmacies. One way to know if an online pharmacy is good you can try to read reviews. I found a reliable online pharmacy BrandRX.to. Anyway, many pharmacies may scam you and I think you should be careful. Good Luck!!