Erectile dysfunction due to kidney stones?


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Hello. Want to ask you something. Not so long ago I’ve had a lithotripsy (or sp?) so now, I’m in the process of passing few stones but this is a prbl for me. Docs said that I have a 5mm stone, another 3 mm stone and maybe some others more but smaller. Also, docs said that these stones are now moving through my ureter to my bladder. From time to time I have some intense pains and I’m having big troubles achieved and even maintaining an erection which makes me depressed lately. I’m currently 49 years old and I’ve never had any erection troubles before this. I never found it difficult to achieve or to maintain an erection especially when my wife is near that still looks sexy. I really doubt that this is due to my age or something like this and I really hope that this is a result of these kidney stones I have. I’m also thinking that this is associated with pains I have due to the movement of these stones. I would like to know if my thoughts are veridical or I really have these erection troubles due to my age? I would appreciate very much if somebody would share their knowledge upon this. I keep disappointing my wife and I’m feeling very low lately. I would like to know something. Please help!



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Hello, I am suffering from the same situation as you and I’m only 26 years old. I used to have a really active sexual life before and I never, ever had any erection troubles. Not so long ago I’ve been told that I have a kidney stone that it is around 2mm or bigger. I first felt the pain about 2 weeks ago and went to the doc few days later. After that I’ve noticed that I no longer can have erections. The stone (or stone as I didn’t understood very well) are passing from the ureter to the bladder and I’m getting very and very depressed lately since it is causing very much problems to my relationship with this girlfriend I love. I already don’t have erections and soon I won’t have any girlfriend and relationships. I’ve tried Viagra few days ago and it works but this definitely won’t cure my problem and I definitely don’t want to be on ed medications all my life. I’m too young. It’s not a good thing just ignoring this problem. As you, I also think that there is a connection between my erectile dysfunction and the kidney stone in my bladder. Another thing I’m thinking about it is that it might be caused by the pain killer I that I was prescribed to take for the pain I have from the stone. Either way, kidney stone is the main problem of our ed troubles and I’m sure about that. I called the doc who said that I have the stone and told him my problem and he said that we should check that out with a test or two. I have an appointment in few days and I really hope that I’ll get back my “natural” erections!


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Haven’t you found anything yet? My husband who is only 30 years old is also having a kidney stone and initially it seemed a simple problem that can be easily cured but now I see that it’s not that simple. This is leading to so many problems… not so long ago he has developed big pains in his kidneys and whenever he’s peeing some little things that look alike stones comes out. We don’t have to be doctors to understand that his pains are cause by these things that looks like little stones. I’m just very worried because the pains he has are very and very severe, they are even making his knees to buckle sometimes. When he doesn’t have these pains then he has the same problem as you mentioned: troubles with erections. When we have sex everything’s alright but suddenly, right in the middle of all this he can lose his erection and there’s nothing we can do to keep it because he says like he feels it completely numb. I see him struggling in pains and I see that all this problem is making him depressed because we’re trying to have a baby but…. This is all so frustrating and it is hard to watch him this way. I’ve decided to ask for help because, obviously, we’ve asked some doctors for help but they think that we’re crazy. Each time when we asked them if there’s a connection between the kidney stones and pain with the erectile dysfunction they are telling us that there’s nothing. In fact, they’re looking at us like we’re crazy. I really hope we would get some help or these doctors to help us a little bit…



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hi everyone, yes there is a connection between kidney stones and erectile dysfunction. Usually, most of the patients that are suffering from kidney disease or stones have narrowed blood vessels of all body, which make problems for blood vessels in the penis too. The penis does not get enough blood to achieve an erection. You should cure kidney disease and will stop erectile issues too. Good luck !!