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Hi I am new and uncertain to this. Purchasing "precription drugs" on-line. I have been taking Xannax (Alprazolam) 10 mg a day for about 27 years. Yes I know it is addicting, but I DO NOT even want to consider dropping it. Scince my "regular doctor" retired 2 years ago, I have been "fighting" with these new doctors in the dosage they wll subscribe for me. They will ONLY prescribe  4-5 mg a day. Not close to what I had been taking or need (I use it to help with SEVERRE TINNITUS) Before, it was presctibed to me 28 years ago, I was on the verge of suicide. Xaanx gave IMMEDIATE RELIEF and bascically eliminated the tinnitus, so that I was able to lead a nomal life.  (I know that it what most people do not take it for, but for me it is a "cure" instrad of the "learn to live with it" I hear for a number of years.   Now, it has been a struggle for the last two years. Is it safe to order supplimental suppies on-line???  Any help would be much appreciated.